Linwae's Journal

By Dennis Ruiz Jr. All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


In the age of fairies, Linwae of Nen brings you a romantic fairy tale about Princess Ethinia of the ice fairies and Prince Ardian of the fire fairies. Linwae is the sole survivor of a lost water fairy race and she narrates you through an extraordinary journey of how Ethinia and Ardian find each other, fall in love and then learn that their two opposite worlds can coexist; but they also realize that their love will also cause a war between the ice and fire fairies. All the while, both discover a new world outside of their troubled kingdoms. Linwae has envisioned this fairy tale in a dream and she writes down her visions in this book that accurately shows the future. Since these visions haven’t all happened yet, she can only call this her story about two fairies who will determine the fate of their races. They have the power to recreate a lost race of water fairies, but at what cost? Hopefully, they won’t suffer the same fate that the water fairies did and will make the right decision. They will have to make the biggest choice of their young lives… love for each other or life for their civilizations?



My name is Linwae of Nen, and this is my journal filled with all of my thoughts, dreams and visions. I live in a grand lake located in the middle of the Forest of Taure. I stay here alone solely because I’m the last water fairy left in this entire world. This sad story begins with the beginning of time, when the world was born into this grand universe. Consumed in complete darkness and cold, the sphere was awakened by a spark in space that grew into a beautiful star, which kept the sphere warm in the cold abyss. The sphere was in a comatose state and was not fully alive, until the fire from the star melted the ice covering the sphere, which turned into water and gave the sphere life. With the sphere fully warm and covered with water, it started to grow. The surface of the sphere started to become covered with millions of various plants and trees, which gave the sphere the power to finally create life. When the sphere finally stopped growing, it became a beautiful world known to us as Malina Amar (blue world). Malina Amar was ready to start its own life in this massive universe, but the blue world found that it was alone and lonely, because there were no other worlds or life anywhere to be found. So Malina Amar did something miraculous…it created first life in the form of fairies!

We water fairies were the first of many species to be created, and were given the task to keep this beautiful blue world full of life. All that Malina Amar asked of us was to keep the waters pure and to filter out any poisons or debris that may have found its way into the water, so that any living creature that drank our pure water would live and stay young forever. In return for our hard work, Malina Amar gave us the gift to see into the future and the ability to change it. We water fairies were told only to change the course of the future if any life that the blue world had created was on the verge of extinction. We did what our creator told us to do and let the future be, but there were those of us who used this gift for selfish reasons.

Some water fairies used their visions of the future to become powerful and rule over other water fairies. Slowly building their armies to invade and conquer nearby water fairy tribes. Many wars were fought over ponds, lakes, rivers and even oceans. One water fairy, named Amarsidion, almost conquered every source of water on this blue world. He was determined to rule the entire blue world and to be King of the fairies! We watched our blue world slowly change from good to evil. The future was veering off into a bad direction. Around all the flowers, trees, and water, we started to see darkness grow all around them. The beautiful, vibrant lands that we’d all come to admire were turning ugly and dull. The colorful flowers were turning black, and the trees were turning gray, which caused them to lose all their leaves.

Even the luminescent waters of the blue world started to turn murky, because of those water fairies that had chosen to ignore Malina Amar’s one task to keep all the waters of this blue world pure. Under Amarsidion’s rule, the enslaved water fairies were forced to leave their homes in the various waters of the blue world, and were told to venture out into dry land to start expanding Amarsidion’s dark kingdom. Those water fairy slaves that were forced to leave and live on dry land began to change over time. The sun dried out the moisture in their body, turning their blue skin pale gray and their sparkly wings gray and crackly. Instead of getting their nourishment from the waters of the blue world, they began to hunt various bugs and small animals, tearing into their body with yellow, razor sharp teeth. The water fairies perfect blue eyes turned bloody red, which allowed them to see at night; they would wake with the moon and sleep with the sun.

The peaceful water fairies that gave innocence to blue world, started to turn into dark fairies that brought such evil. This act of defiance from the water fairies angered Malina Amar. The blue world watched itself being transformed into a monster by these dark fairies for too long, and there was only one solution to this problem…wipe them all out from existence. One morning came and I remember the star in the sky was bigger and hotter than it had ever been before. All of the water on blue world started to almost instantaneously disappear. The star raised that one morning and never set. It was as if it was frozen in time in the middle of the clear sky.

The clouds would come and pass on that day, forgetting to drop rain, and all the oceans, lakes, ponds, and rivers all over blue world began to dry up. That day never ended and there was a drought in all the lands of the blue world. With the water gone all plant life around us died, and protection from the star’s heat was now no more, and with that the race of water fairies started to disappear. We water fairies can only survive in water and without it we are not able to nourish ourselves or keep our skin wet to protect us from the star’s heat.

The last body of water to go was the first body of water that formed on the blue world. It was a small lake full of indescribable magic, and this wonderful lake was my home. The lake vanished like the rest and without water we water fairies of this lake would surely die or be forced to turn into dark fairies. My father, Camlione of Nen, rested the night before the lake disappeared and had a vision of a land made of fire and ice. When he awoke the next day he told me all about his dream in full detail. My father kept mentioning that a day would come when fire would meet ice to make water, just like the star melted the ice into water, on blue world, and brought it to life. That event would then eventually lead to bringing back the water fairies from extinction.

My father told me that we must fly to this land, because I would be our last hope to bring back the water fairies. When I asked him how I would bring back the water fairies from extinction, the only answer he ever gave me was to use the gift that Malina Amar gave me to guide fire towards ice. I would have them meet so that their love would create water. I was scared and confused about what my farther told me, and it was a lot for a little fairy child to be burdened with. There was nothing I could do, but to trust my father’s words and accept this destiny that was chosen for me.

My father and I left the dried lake that morning in search for this land made of fire and ice. He knew the exact paths to take, so it didn’t take us long to arrive at our destination. When we finally found it, we gazed in awe for what seemed like forever at this vast land. To the north of us was a massive mountain filled with ice and snow. Deep in the south I gazed at another mountain that was filled with gray sand and fire. In the middle of the two mountains, where we were standing, there was a grand illuminating lake filled with a diamond like glitter, which made the water sparkle so beautifully. There is some kind of unknown magic surrounding this lake and I could feel it all around me. I could only guess that’s the reason it may have survived the drought. It almost feels like the forest that surrounds the lake is alive, and is guarding the lake from all harm. I look up to my father and asked him, “What should we call this new land?”

My father pauses for a few seconds, then kneels down and touches the glowing water with his hands. He scoops up the sparkling water and places it my hand, and then looks me in the eyes and answers, “We will call this new land Sien Estel,” which means “A New Hope.”

For a thousand years my father and I lived at this lake, and made it our home. We continued to do what Malina Amar asked us to do when she created us. We kept this lake clean and pure so that life could continue to flourish, and it did. During the thousand years after the drought, the blue world started to rebuild itself. Rain started to fall from the clouds again and all of the rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans around the blue world started to come back. So did the plants, trees and eventually every type of life.

Malina Amar never created water fairies again, but she did create all other types of different fairies, elves, humans, animals, and mystical creatures. My father and I witnessed our own land of Sien Estel grow into what it is today. On the north side of Sien Estel, where the ice and snow-covered mountain is located, we watched a race of ice fairies turn this icy world into their home. On the very top of the mountain they built their kingdom, which they named the Kingdom of Heleg. What stood out to me the most was this massive wall made of solid ice, which stretched all around the mountaintop’s edge, separating the outside world from the Kingdom of Heleg. In the middle of this massive ice wall there stood a sparkling ice gate, which had words carved into it that read: “In the end, ice will freeze forever and fire will burn out.”

I also noticed that gray clouds always hovered over that ice mountain, constantly dropping snowflakes over the Kingdom of Heleg. The thick gray clouds kept the stars heat from ever reaching the snow-covered ground, which is why the ice never melted anywhere on that mountain. I have never been able to see what’s on the other side of the ice wall, but I can only imagine it can only be a freezing wonderland.

The south side of Sien Estel is the complete opposite from the north side. The sky above the mountain is filled with black clouds of smoke, which drop ash down and covers the mountain floor with gray

sand. The mountain has fire and lava spewing out of the rocks, which would make its way all the way down to the mountains base. Here, the trees are burnt black from the heat coming off the lava. This is what the race of fire fairies call their home and they named it the Kingdom of Nar. Just like the ice fairies built their massive ice wall to keep out intruders from entering their kingdom, the fire fairies did the same thing, except they built their wall out of gigantic boulders. These boulders stretch all around the mountaintop’s edge. In the middle of the boulder wall there stood a massive stone door, and carved into the rock are these words that read: “Where there is fire, ice will melt into water and then evaporate forever.”

I can’t understand how and why the fire fairies would live in such a harsh environment, because no other life could survive in this land, especially not a water fairy. I keep my distance from this mountain, because the only thing I can imagine is on the other side of this rocky wall is a burning wasteland. I’ve never met any ice or fire fairies since I’ve lived here at the lake; I don’t think I ever will.

I’m sorry I couldn’t go into much detail about these two kingdoms, but there is one place that I can describe to the last detail, and this place is my home, the Forest of Taure. It is the center of Sien Estel and is made up of trees, various plants, and water! Let me begin with the magical forest that guards the lake. The trees grow tall and shade the land from the burning star, but the trees allow some light to seep through to keep the temperature just right for life to flourish. The trees in the forest have more purpose than just shading the land or guarding the lake, they’re also mothers to the forest fairies.

Each tree has little shells in the shape of walnuts that grow on them, and some will have twenty to hundred shells on their branches. I’ve spent plenty of time counting them from tree to tree. Inside these shells are the tiny baby forest fairies, which are growing inside. Every third spring since the day my farther and I discovered the lake, the trees would open up the shells and the baby forest fairies would be born into this blue world. From that day on, the tree becomes the forest fairies’ mother and she protects them from all harm, keeps them nourished and educates them about the forest.

The trees can’t speak like we fairies can, but they have there own ways to communicate with the forest fairies, by shaking their branches and leaves in unique rhythms in order to say different things. To everyone else that walks through these forest, the shaking of the branches and the swaying of the leaves just sounds like something the heavy wind has caused; but to the forest fairies the sound is as clear as you and I speaking to each other. Forest fairies will live in the same tree that they were born in for as long as they live, and they will tend to the tree and care for the other walnut like shells that haven’t opened yet.

When I first laid eyes on these forest fairies, I couldn’t believe how adorable they were! They’re half the size of any regular fairy out there in the blue world, although we regular fairies are extraordinarily small compared to elves and humans; but the forest fairies are tiny. The forest fairies have a light green skin with big floppy ears and wide smiles. The only types of clothing they wear are shoes made out of leaves, but I do know two very special forest fairies that wear helmets as well. Those two forest fairies, cleverly, took the shell they were born in and carved little helmets for their heads, so that if any object were to fall out of the trees and hit them in the head, they wouldn’t get hurt.

The forest fairies stay as kids from birth until the day they pass away, which is because they drink from my pure lake that keeps them young forever. The only responsibility they have is to tend to their trees; other then that all they do is have fun for every second of the day. The Forest of Taure is filled with tall trees, vibrant flowers, colorful mushrooms and all kinds of different plant life, but the Toog flower is the most desirable for forest fairies. The Toog flower has pink petals that form a shape of a bowl, and inside of the flower is the sweetest nectar found anywhere in blue world. It’s the only source of food that the forest fairies will eat, but the flowers are scarce and the forest fairies will venture off in every direction to find the Toog flower.

So that’s the land of Sien Estel, as my father and I have come to know it for years we have lived here in the lake. Sadly, my father no longer lives with me here in the lake, because his life was taken from him a hundred years ago. The dark fairy lord, Amarsidion, survived the drought by finding a source of dark flowers, which filled his body with magic and power. He grew into this massive devilish creature and created this evil place called the land of Morrock. This evil land is filled with dark fairies, goblins and dark spirits! They obey every command Lord Amarsidion gives them, especially when he told them to venture out and search for the last of the pure water left in the blue world.

A dark fairy had discovered the land of Sien Estel and found the sparkling lake. My father knew if the dark fairy were to return to the land of Morrock, and tell Lord Amarsidion the whereabouts of the last pure water left in blue world, he would come and conquer the land, destroying everything we have come to love. My father couldn’t let our new home be destroyed by Lord Amarsidion, so he and the dark fairy fought until they both lay lifeless on the teal grass. I buried my father deep down in the farthest depths of the lake, so that he could become one with the blue world. I vowed to him that I would do everything to bring forth his vision of bringing back the water fairies from extinction, so that we could build an army to stop Lord Amarsidion and the dark fairies!

Now I’m the only water fairy left in this blue world, the only survivor of our race. The water fairies suffered a fate that none of us ever saw coming in any vision or dream. Some of the visions we have become true, and then there are other visions that don’t. Last night, I had the strongest vision I have ever had in my dreams! I saw pure love bring happiness and pure love bring pain. I saw a sacrifice that could ultimately save the races of ice and fire fairies forever. The future is decided by the decisions we make now. I’m writing down in this journal, for you to read, everything that I’ve witnessed in my vision. I want to make sure that this dream does come true. Since these visions haven’t happened yet, I can only call this my story about Princess Ethinia of the ice fairies and Prince Ardian of the fire fairies.

These are two fairies who come from completely opposite worlds, but who will control the fate of their two races. They have the power to recreate the lost race of water fairies. Hopefully, they won’t suffer the same fate that we water fairies did and choose the right path to take. They will both have to make the biggest choice of their lives… love or life?

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