A small Girls Thoughts

By jiminxjungkook1419 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Poetry


what is a blurb?

Chapter 1

Falling asleep is the easiest thing ...but waking up is always a mystery.......

My dad hit me...I think I said to much....I ran away..feeling the storms liquid fall on me ..I run like a lost child looking for her parents...but totally opposite...I end up at a cave ...I think about how I’m gonna go back ...will I?...I wish that I was small again...to where everything was perfect .... I keep thinking but it turns black ........I wake up but feel weird...what’s wrong with me?...hmm? Something doesn’t feel right....I feel light as a feather...as if I could be able to fly with the wind...I wonder about this feeling....it feels irregular....supernatural...like I’m different...I open my eyes to see big objects around me...the cave walls...so far away.....the rocks around me ....so big....why??..I feel a very slight breeze come past me....I shiver as I put my hands on my arms to warm up....but feel cold bare skin...I look down .... I have nothing on.....covering myself up with both hands I sit up looking around ...as I look down I see clothes....big clothes....my clothes...I think to myself....‘how does ones clothes get so big...yet..you feel so small?’
i stand up....but as I look around i see a dog with its owner....its looking at me while barking....i yell...as I finally realized.........′ my wish came true ...i’m small’ I never expected a wish to be taken the wrong way...but mine did...

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