Made For You

By lanadelshey All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


From the moment you and your soul mate are born, there is an invisible bond between to the two of you no matter where in the world you are. When one is hurt the other will feel it; what one does to his or her body, the other will know because it will show up on their body for a short amount of time. Everyone is brought up to believe that they have a mate because no one can really tell if you have one or not until you turn 21. Samuel Scar believes with her full heart and mind that she doesn't have a soulmate. She's never felt anything from him or her. Rye Brenton knows with his heart and soul that his soul mate is in trouble wherever they might be. He can't go one day without feeling the pain that is inflicted upon their body. When Sam crashes into Rye, quite literally, both their worlds get turned upside down. While Sam and Rye grow closer, a darker force threatens to tear them both apart forever. In order for the two of them to stay together, no matter what hits them, they must be able to complete the soulmate bonding before its too late. If they don't, they run the risk of losing the other and severing the soulmate bond between them for good.

Part 1

Part I:

The Calm

It’s not a silly little moment

It’s not the storm before the calm

This is the deep and dying breath of

This love we’ve been working’ on.

—John Mayer, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

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