Always Ever-changing - D.I.D. - You notice the masks? -

By Shadelore All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama


Having a loving family, wealth and everything at your feet does not mean happiness if your health condition starts to deteriorate. Valentine Charleston struggles with herself ever since she finished high-school due to her condition. A little before finishing her final year, mysterious whispers started to make their way into her mind and were shun aside, blaming the stress of the exams. Later, Valentine found herself in the middle of doing various things, but did not recall when she started doing them. Questions from her family rose up, due to her behavior change, which led Val to tell them what was troubling her, afraid that it would lead to more unwanted actions, if the condition is left unchecked. Worried about his daughter's mental breakdown, her father, James, calls in a specialist in order to analyze Valentine's condition; while not convinced that she suffers from "Multiple personality disorder", he recommends an appropriate treatment. Things seem to be stable, for now... Notes: The story is "WIP". I can't say what amount of time will be between chapters, but I will do my best to keep it constant. Feel free to share your opinions, either good or bad, any are welcomed.


The lack of people that care about the ill ones, are a very small percentage compared to the ones that do not give a damn about them, thinking that they would only be a nuisance in their lives. This applies for family, friends and of course, strangers.

In most cases, the mentally ill are regarded like individuals that deserve to be taken far away, sedated or worse. Sometimes, this is for the best, depending on their mental state and if they are capable of hurting others, without realizing what are they doing.

Then, there is the case of the ones that are aware of their illness, but can’t ask for help, or sometimes they don’t want to. Let’s take look at a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder) affected individual that is caught in a chaotic whirl of thoughts. Those around look with pity, indifference or straight up see him/her as a loose animal that needs to be put in a locked cage.

How is such treatment affecting that person? Will he/she wake up from that nightmare, stay the same or succumb even further down the rabbit hole? Best case scenario, DID is just a fruit of that person’s imagination and nothing bad is going to happen... Worst case scenario, it is real and that would be uncharted territory, even by modern medicine standards.

Hoping that this is not a bad prank, played by our protagonist, let’s see with our own eyes what reality has to offer.

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