The Darkness

By Hekate Sinclair All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror


In this world there are more than just humans. Every fairytale creature, everything kids are taught goes bump in the night and then some exists. They are known as the Fae. Death's hand has grasped the Fae of Hel, leaving a mark in its wake and the Queen in fear. She will do anything to protect her people but at what costs? Will she let herself fall into the mark's hand or defeat the darkness with in her before it takes hold?


She looked around at the surrounding mess Bodies laid strewn across the alleyway like liquor bottles in a drunkard’s room. She looked down at her bloody hands and back at the mess she had caused. She felt nothing, no regret, no shame, nothing. And that scared her more than anything.

She could hear feet slapping against the wet pavement as they got closer to the alley that she was in. A man she once knew came into view, stopping in horror when he saw the mess.

“Tell me you had to do it. Tell me it was them against you,” He whispered, his voice shaking a little as he took a small step towards her. She didn’t answer. She couldn’t.

“Tell me!” He shouted at her.

She looked up at him, her pale green eyes giving it away. He stepped back in shock and fear. Her eyes turned blood-red, and she lifted her hand in the air.

“I’m so sorry.” She whimpered, standing up and revealing the bloodied white dress.

He stepped back, preparing to run from the girl- no the monster.

“Don’t do this.” He ordered.

She shook her head and sniffed as a single tear streamed down her face. “It has to be done. It’s the only way.” She chanted. He ran, and she froze him, making him turn to face her.

He pleaded with her to let him go; that they would find a way for her to get better.

“There is no way!” She shouted at him, “There is only death.”

She moved his arm and made him grab the gun that hid in the inside of his coat. He shook his head and tried to fight her as she made him click the safety off. She lifted her arm-lifting his arm which acted as a mirror, and pointed the imaginary gun in her hand.

“Don’t make me do this! Please,” He cried, his tears mingling with the rain that poured down around them.

“I’m sorry,” She mouthed and pulled her trigger. A gunshot rang out around them and blood splattered on a wall as a body fell to the floor with a bullet lodged in its heart.

Blood stained her white dress and her pale green eyes no longer held that light everyone knew them for.

She was dead.

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