Time's Game

By Angelus All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery


(Originally a Filipino story, now translated into English) Michaelis Fuentes Delgado is the 17-year old son of a millionare who's a pinch close to being bankrupt and ruined because of bad decisions. The 'perfect family' image that got everybody hooked is a facade. The miracle heartbeat of Michael years ago made him a ticking timebomb that put paranormal experts to shame. All questions will be answered. But more questions followed. Time plays its game with two chances of winning. The present will be pulled because the past has awakened. "Time really had other plans in mind huh?" "Outcomes don't change. But the flow does." Tick. Tock. Tick...

Chapter 1

"Hurry up Ella!"

"Wait! Damn it wait!"

The door slammed shut as she occupied the backseat. I have no time to comment on how unfair it is that she gets to sit there like a damn boss while I have to look like a driver. But hell I have time to look at the rear-view mirror.

"You look like shit sis. Just saying." I said as I started the engine and drove with a safe pace. We may be late but I won't risk my life for school.

"Yeah of course. What other purpose do you have as a younger brother except that?"

"Well for one, I waited 15 minutes. All the time you wasted for supposedly your ultimate makeover turned you into an ugglier monster."

"Oh yes. Definitely something a 17-year old virgin would say."

"I'm driving. Just saying."

The conversation suddenly ended with both our laughs echoing inside the car. I turned the music's volume up and sang along without knowing the right lyrics. This is how we cope up with our frowns everyday. We're both practically considered as young adults but we insult each other or sometimes even curse each other.

Like kids. That's how we show we're alright. This is how we make our bond as siblings stronger.

And I wouldn't complain. My sister is the only family I have left. From a bloodline of selfish and manipulative people, we somehow managed to escape. Probably the best choice we ever made in our entire life.

"Anthony? The school's in the west side."

"Oh right, sorry."

"Michael? Wake up hun. You'll be late for school."

My eyes fluttered open and my mom's face is the first thing I see. She was looking as beautiful as ever and of course I couldn't be prouder that my soft features came from her. Something I'd never call a shame to my masculinity.

"Mom. I've set my alarm clock." She put her hands on both sides of her waist and did that intimidating stance all women seem to do.

"Well it's gonna ring in 5 minutes. Alarm clocks are supposed to teach you to discipline yourself. Not serve as an excuse for you to get lazy for another 5 minutes." She opened the curtains and there was no light from the window. So much for cliché morning scenes. It probably wasn't morning yet.

"Okay fine, mom. Thanks. I'll get ready." I stood up and she smiled as she exited my room. The pile of textbooks on my table suddenly looking so exasperating. It really is true that I only gather so much interest in reading textbooks when it's required.

Inside the bathroom, I took my time on staring at the mirror. And when I say staring, I mean I literally just stared at my reflection. At my eyes most specifically. Most wouldn't have noticed but my right eye was colored a darker shade of brown.

As they say, the eyes are the windows to one's soul. As for me, I have two. It could have been heterochromia or something but no. It had to be some weird paranormal shit.

'Stop being so melodramatic, Michael.' The voice in my head suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh yeah. Says the guy who emotionally told his story in first person's point-of-view."

'You do know you're talking to yourself right?'

"Your memories appear in my dreams. You live in my body. But I, am not, you. You're merely borrowing my existence for your selfish reasons."

I quietly interjected as I comb my hair backwards. I can't risk having my mom think I'm crazy when she hears me talking to myself. It's already enough she thinks I have a weird liking for masturbation with all my time suspiciously overconsumed inside the bathroom.

'It's not selfish as you say Mike. You know I need your help. You play a big part in this messed up game.'

"That's what I hate the most. It had to be a game. I'm risking my life for a game!"

'We risked our lives too. Look, I've explained this for years and I'll do it again. What happened to me---to us in the past was supposed to be just a shallow misunderstanding. But some retarded assholes made it worse. I'm one of the assholes. And oh there was one bitch too. Now it may seem like old news. History burried by the past but no, Mike. It's still going on. And for some reason you became my vessel. Then it must mean you're involved."

I let him ramble on as I ate my breakfast. After eating, I took my stuff and went to the living room. I sat down on the sofa and watched TV as I wait for the clock to strike seven. This is why I always wake up early.

To make time for procrastinating.

"You know, it would really be helpful if you tell me the names of the other asshole and that one bitch. You expect me to do something I have no clue about? You can't keep the names of these suspects behind 'bitch' and 'asshole' forever. You gotta give me solid leads."

'You think I don't know that? Mike, I can't even tell you who I was. All I know is that I was human too. And I had shit happen to me with these demons in disguise yada yada that's it! It's been seven years since I last introduced myself and explained all of these to you.'

"That's the point! It's been seven years! And I still have no clue what this is all about! You still can't remember shit! And I have to suffer more years of embarrassment knowing I have another pair of eyes seeing me do all my private stuff!"

'It's like a ticking timebomb. It probably won't start until something triggers it-----'

"Michael what are you shouting about over there?" My mom suddenly interrupted as she entered the living room with a book in her hand.

"Oh sorry mom. I tried mimicking the guy from the movie.."

My mom soon went up to her room and I was once again alone----well not really alone.

'Something is bound to happen Mike. I can't be stuck in here forever. You'll never know, time must have been set today.'

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