Reincarnated-Start of My Happy Lesbian Life!

By Alice Hills All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


I was killed and reincarnated into another world due to a faulty god. As recompense I was given everything I could wish for and cheat like skills, and like a typical reincarnation story heroine all the guys end up falling for me. But I'm a total lesbian! I want the adorable princess or the hot female adventurer in my harem, not a bunch of weird dudes!!!!! I'll do everything I can to have a harem full of hot girls and live a perfectly happy gay life, no matter what the obstacles are. I'll fight against the curse that no-brained god gave me! (Wrote this just cuz There's a bunch of reincarnation stories with some boring dude with a harem and I always wanted one with a lesbian MC and harem since I couldn't find one I decided to make one. It's going to be absolutely horrible but I'll try my best. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for my terrible writing)

Dead, not just on the inside but in RL too

Blinding light, the screeching of tires, and utter darkness are what jolted me awake. My heart which was on the verge of bursting out of my chest, needed quite a while to calm down. As I tried to gather my bearings, the truth finally hit me. I was dead.

What was even worse was that I died in the typical manner that most protagonists of reincarnation stories do.

Sh*t I groaned internally,

Couldn't I have died in a more original and peaceful manner at least? I just had to be run over by a truck.

Reluctantly I slowly sat up, I didnt know what effect death had on me so I decided to keep sitting until I was sure my body was working normally. The last thing I need was to stand up, lose my balance or something, smash my head open and die all over again.

Could I even die again if I'm already dead?

I figured that I probably wouldn't find any answers and that at the moment it didn't matter anyway, so I sighed in defeat as I thought back on how I died.

On my way to work, I had noticed a poor injured dog had been desperately trying to drag itself to the other side of the street to no avail. And despite being the horrible person that I am, well was, I couldnt just do nothing and let it suffer. So I checked that there was no oncoming cars and rushed over to help it. I guess I somehow managed to miss an entire truck racing down the road towards me.

I panicked for a moment.

Did the dog survive?

I remember having my face licked as I slowly bled out on the pavement so I'm hoping it did, unless it was some creep that had a fetish for licking off blood of dying people. Shivering, I shook the horrid thought from my head as I finally had the confidence to stand up. It's totally unlikely but it was just like me to think of the worst possible scenario despite already being dead.

Looking around, I finally noticed that everything around me was just an empty white space which made me groan yet again. After all, if it took me this long to realize something this blanently obvious, I was undoubtedly left dumb from the accident.

"Umm,excuse me? don't worry you're perfectly fine, it just takes a while for humans to fully regain their senses in this place" a voice timidly called out to me.

Startled, I whirled around to see who had spoken since the last time I checked a moment ago I was completely alone. My head made sure I immediately regretted my decision by hammering my poor brain with a killer headache.

"Take it easy, please sit down" the owner of the voice urged me as he gently guided me to a chair.

How did these table and chairs get here out of nowhere? I wondered but another shot of pain quickly blasted the thought from my mind.

All I could do was cradle my head and squeeze it to stop me from screaming.

Even the worst hangover I ever had couldn't compare to the pain I'm feeling, and this is way too extreme for a migraine, so wtf is wrong with me? Is this Hell? I don't remember Dante mentioning this!

Somehow the voice seemed to understand I was in immense pain and suddenly placed his hand on my head. The pain disappeared. I could finally raise my head to see to who the voice that helped me belonged to.

He had the type of face that would make almost any straight girl's eyes turn into saucers and their mouth drop open and leak drool, but as far as I was concerned all dudes looked like blurry blobs, including this one. I quickly realized how rude I was being since judging from past interactions this person could easy read minds and not only did I just call him a blurry blob but I have also neglected to thank him for helping me. Holding back my train thought, I thanked him purfusly.

"Oh no! It's the least I could do after killing you, in fact owe you a serious apology and an explanation" he replied quickly.

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