Mated to the Beast

By ljstacy All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Diane Blankenship didn't know a simple town would change her way of life as she knew it. Nor did she know the secret that was hidden within the blood of the people in the town. She wouldn't have believed werewolves existed. Until him. Until she met her Alpha mate, Xavier Scott.

Chapter 1

- Diane’s pov -

- December 13th, Tuesday, 6:42 pm -

I drove along the darkened road, nodding my head along to the background music I listened to while on the phone with my mother. I know it was rude to ignore her like this, but she was being too protective. I was moving into another town, not far from hers, and she didn’t like that. I couldn’t help it, I was being offered a better job with higher pay. I’m not sure I knew anyone who would give that up.

“ won’t even know anyone there, you will be all alone baby girl,” she told me in her thick southern drawl. As a kid I had the same drawl, but as I got over I had moved on from it. I rolled my eyes at her pathetic attempts to keep me home. I wouldn’t stay home. My family was made to work on a farm and expected their daughter to do the same. Well, I most certainly would not be doing that.

“Mom, just calm down. Betty and Edith are there with you to handle the animals and Kenneth can help dad out with the farming. You have enough kids with you, let me be free.” I told her in an exasperated tone. It was really getting on my nerves that her persistence wasn’t quitting. “I’ll call everyday so that you don’t worry too much. And, I’ll visit often.” I tell her lightly, trying to get her to agree.

“Diane Marie Blankenship, I will not tolerate you to treat me like I am a child-“ she was cut off by my scream as I watched something large dart in front of my car before I collided with it. I slammed on my breaks, slamming my head on the steering wheel because the stop was so sudden.

I let out grunt, knowing that I would be bruised. My mind was on high alert and I had soon hit the end button on my phone before I put my car into park and hurried out to see what I had hit. My eyes widened as I caught a glimpse of the unmoving body of a wolf in front of my car. I was stiff for a momenment before I slowly made my way over to the body.

“Oh god,” I breathed out, feeling completely terrible. I had always had a soft spot for animals, which is why I was a vet in training. What kind of vet am I, now that I hit a poor wolf? I shook those thoughts away before I leaned down to the animal and moved my hand through the soft, orange fur. After finding a pulse, I checked the body for any serious injuries. All I found was a possibly break in one of the back legs.

I went back to my car to fix a spot I the back seat for her before I picked up her body and put it into my car. She was pretty light for a wolf, but I only expected her to be in her late years of a pup. Once I made sure she was secure in the seat, I was quick to get back into my drivers seat and I began speeding down the small country backroads.

- December 13th, Tuesday, 7:26 pm -

My car came to a screeching halt in front of the small and decorative vet’s office. I got out and hurried to get the wolf out of my car before I was quick to pull her to the entrance of the animal hospital. I noticed that not many people were here, only one car was in the parking lot. Pushing that away, I opened the front door with my elbow and walked in. There was a beautiful middle aged woman sitting at the front desk. “I’m so sorry, but we close soon-” she looked up and her eyes widened at the sight of what was in my arms. “Oh my god, Molly, what happened?”

She was by my side in no time and grabbed the wolf from me before she made her way to the back into a room that resembled a hospital room. I followed behind her, wondering why she had called the wolf Molly. Unless… it was hers. I felt even worse at that thought. “I was driving and she came out in front of my car. I didn’t find anything life threatening, although she seems to have a break in the low right leg. I fixed a makeshift splint to keep it into place before I got here.” I tell her quickly as my eyes go over her hands as she checks the wolf. By now, luckily, the wolf is beginning to stir awake.

“Thank you, dear, can I have you sit in the waiting room?” She said, not looking back at me as she kept inspecting the wolf. I nod and make my way back to the opening room and I sit down in one of the cushion seats and lean back, trying to get comfortable. I knew I wouldn’t be completely comfortable until I knew for certain that the wolf was safe.

My mind was going over numerous things, knowing I would have to pay for the wolf’s surgery. That would put a damper in my apartment funds, but I could live without internet and cable for a month. I wasn’t not going to pay, that would make me a monster in my own opinion. I pull out my phone to set up a way to part my saved up money, but was greeted by numerous notifications.

11 missed calls from Mom. 7 missed calls from Dad. 3 missed calls from Kenny. 5 missed calls from Edith. 13 new voicemails. 16 messages from Betty.

I groaned out of lowly before I hit the button to call my mom. I knew by now she was calling the police in this small town to try and locate me. My family were unbelievably protective. It was crazy sometimes. It didn’t even finish the first ring before she was on the phone, sobbing quietly. I decided not to be rough on her, I probably scared her to death. “Hey mom, I’m sorry for the scare-”

“Don’t you dare act like nothing happened. What the hell happened? How are you not going to call me or your father or your siblings after hanging up on me? I heard you scream and hang up! How do you think that affects me? I thought you were murdered! I thought you got into a car wreck!” She practically yelled through the phone and I winced, pulling the phone away from being so close to my ear. “Poor Edith was so terrified-”

“Momma stop lying, I knew she was fine,” I heard Edith call from the back and I couldn’t help the small smile come onto my face at the sound of my twin sister’s voice. I would definitely miss her. There was a small pause and a somewhat of a rustle before my sister had taken the phone and was talking to me. “Hey there Di, so what happened sis?”

“I accidentally hit a wolf,” I tell her with a sigh and she tsks through the phone. “How many belt spankings will that be? Four of five?” I ask in a teasing tone in reference to when our aunts and uncles would threaten their kids. Mom and dad never did that us, though so we were pretty lucky.

“I’d say that deserves at least six, miss Diane.” She says and we both laugh lightly at out talk. Out of all the hicks, she was my favorite. “Well, you have fun with your new lifestyle and remember to call us everyday. If you don’t, momma won’t be the only one hunting you down in that fancy new town.”

“Let me have the phone-” the line went dead before she even gave the phone back to mom. I smiled sadly at that before I put my phone down. I totally forgot I was going to go through my money and just leaned back in my seat to relax a bit. Well, as best I could anyway. I hadn’t slept in awhile and needed to sleep.

After a few minutes of dozing off, I was woken by the door being open roughly and a man’s low voice. The voice was deep and handsome, making me eager to see who it belonged to. I lifted my head up and saw a gorgeous man standing in the entrance, “Who did it to Molly? I’m going to kill whoever-” his head flicked to my direction and his eyes caught onto mine. I froze for a second, taking in his features, but not his words.

After his words processed through my mind, I broke off our gaze and looked down at my hands. He was angry at me. I’m guessing Molly was his wolf and I had hit her. “It was me, sir. I accidentally hit Molly. But I promise to pay all of her expenses, so you won’t have to worry about any of that.” I told him and brought my head up to look back at him. He looked a bit more calm now as he stared down at me.

To my surprise, a smile graced his face and he walked over to me. “There’s no need to pay for anything if it were an accident, I completely understand.” I was confused to say the least, but wasn’t allowed to question it as he leaned down and offered his hand to me. “I’m Xavier Scott, and what is your name, beautiful?”

I blushed at his compliment and slowly placed my hand in his, shaking up and down. Shocks spread through my body like electricity from his touch and I wondered what was wrong with me. “Diane Blankenship. I’m Diane Blankenship.” I tell him politely with a small smile of my own before I pull my hand from his. “I’d feel bad if I didn’t pay you back in some way. I feel absolutely terrible for hitting that poor animal. I will never forgive myself.”

He seemed thoughtful for a moment before he nodded. “Ahh, you’re right. And I believe I have the perfect way you can repay me.” He said and I nodded for him to go on. “You have to repay me in your company on a date. I know the perfect little restaurant in town that would look even better with you in it.” His compliments were just throwing themselves at me and I loved it. No man back in Arkanville was ever this polite. They were usually terrible with flirting. I’m not sure what women found romantic in it.

“That sounds like a plan to me,” I reply with a nod and give him a small smile. I wanted to jump up and down in a happy dance, but I held my composure. Back in my hometown I was considered an oddity because I wasn’t like the others. I wasn’t interested in being stuck to that small town with the few attractions it here. Here it were still a small town, but at least it were different. I’m sure I won’t be living here forever and will move to larger cities. Baby steps.

“Here, give me your number and we can decide what time tomorrow,” he said and handed me his phone. I instantly noticed that his phone was such a nice and new phone while mine was an old version of the Apple Iphone. I wasn’t gifted with a wealthy family, but I made what I had work. I put number into his phone before I sent myself text.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to do it tomorrow, I’ve got a few boxes to unbox still at my apartment.” I tell him with a shrug. “But I’m sure I’ll be free sometime after work this week-”

“I can help with unboxing,” he offered to me, making me raise an eyebrow. As I began to protest, he simply put his hand up to stop me. “Don’t worry, I like to help. Plus, if you want, I can take my shirt off.” He winked to me in a teasing tone and I blushed and laughed lightly at that although I couldn’t deny that I would love to see him shirtless.

I wasn’t able to reply before the door to the back rooms opened and I turned to see the woman walking out with a seemingly fixed Molly. She didn’t even look like she had been hit. “Everything seems to look fine. She didn’t break her leg like you had thought, her body had simply went into a shock and her muscles had tightened oddly.” The woman said lightly and Molly trotted to Xavier and I.

Xavier moved his hand down and rubbed her fur, but she backed up and growled lowly at him. I shifted back a bit, not at all trusting that. “She’s friendly, she just doesn’t like to be rubbed right there.” Xavier tired to assure me, but I still wasn’t so sure. However, she seemed civil enough, not at all attacking us.

“Xavier, sweetheart, take Molly home please. Make sure she doesn’t get out again,” the woman said and I watched as her and Xavier stared at each other a moment before her eyes turned to me. Instantly her calm and kind eyes lit up with extreme happiness and she smiled excitedly. “From that handy work on Molly, I’m assuming you’re miss Blankenship, here for the vet internship?” I nodded to her. “Well it is so nice to meet you. I’m Marissa Scott, Xavier’s mother and the local vet.”

Well, now I knew they were family. “Yes ma’am, it is so nice meeting you. I look forward to start working with you on Friday.” I tell her with a polite smile and I see Xavier shift from my peripheral vision to stand straight up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Diane. And don’t expect me to not help you,” he told me and I turned to see him wink at me before he walked out of the front door with Molly trailing behind him. I smiled slightly before turning to Mrs. Scott.

“Dear, he won’t stop giving up. He gets his stubbornness from his father,” she warned me with a knowing look and I chuckle at that. I think I’ll like this place.

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