Finley- The Lost Prince

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Fantasy / Action


Even if I told you that I was probably one of the most privileged existences in more than one world. Even if I told you that I could grant any wish you could think of, or eliminate any negative aspect in your life. Would you believe me? Clip art link:

Chapter 1: You mean me?

Finley Cai Aies Hall: January 1st, 20XX

We looked at each other from across the table with a business card and an unexplained letter in between us.

The man and I stared each other down with contrasting expressions. Mine was probably a mixture of confusion and annoyance while his was a sort of cocky confidence that could seem either incredibly charming to some or extremely irritating to others, namely me.

He was rather young for a lawyer, but it was obvious by the large amounts of certificates on his wall and amount of work on his desk that he was an experienced one.

He finally realized that I was waiting for him to begin and gave me a smile I could only assume was supposed to be comforting then ruffled through his desk for the right documents and began to ask me his pre-prepared questions.

“ Finley, was it?”

“ Yes.”

“ You’re emancipated?”

“ Yes”

“ do you have an adults you are close to or depend on for emergencies?”

I shook my head in response.

“No. there was no one to ask so I could only go for complete emancipation.”

“ Have you read the letter we sent last week?”

“ yeah.”

He looked uncomfortable with my one to no word responses but being called to a lawyer’s office after a full school day had put me in a less than pleasant mood.

“ I’m William Truman , the lawyer in charge of your case… you’re going into your last year of school right? in the Business management course?”


He reshuffled his papers and pushed forward the business card on the table.

“ You found out about your mother last year, correct?”

I once again nodded, but sat up in my seat with new found interest.

What does this have to do with my mother?

“ Ill assume you already know about her passing a few years ago ..”

William looked at me expectantly for a grieved expression but I didn’t even bother trying pull one up. I didn’t even know her name until a few months ago so it would be ridiculous to even try to summon any emotion over her.

He coughed uncomfortably and quickly moved on to the next topic, his hand brought the business card into my line of vision.

“ Have you ever heard of this company?”

The unnecessarily ornamented card glared at me with a single word in the center of its golden gilded edge,


I knew that it was a rather large multi-media company but I was unsure what it had to do with this meeting. I nodded to his question as a reply,

“ I do.”

Once again uncomfortable with my short replies he hurried through the rest of what he had to say. despite my curtness I didn’t dislike him , he had a kind face and honest eyes.

“ Her will was found not too long ago, and this-”

He raised the card once again,

“ Is one of the belongings listed.”

I took it from him and looked it over, wondering what was so significant about a single business card that she would leave it in her will.

“ Is there someone at this company that she wants me to meet?”

He raised an eyebrow, both at the comment and the fact that I replied with more than a single word but didn’t comment and continued on with his information dump.

I decided to take a sip of the drink given to me, a decision I regretted upon hearing the next sentence. Will brought out multiple deeds and other sheets of paper and laid them in front of me.

The company and all possessions of Belphoebe Hall have been transferred into the belongings of her only child and heir, Finley Cai Aies Hall.

William read along with the large black letters against the stark white background but stopped as I began to choke on the drink. He quickly ran around the table and began to pat me on the back to clear my airway.

“ Are you okay?”

I nodded and took another another drink as William sat me back down. After making sure I was okay he continued down the list of her possessions which for some reason seemed to go on forever. When he finally finished he put the paper back down and gave me a comforting smile that made his brown eyes twinkle with the reflection of the light,

“ It’s a bit much to process at once isn’t it? Do you want to take a break?”

I loosened the necktie on my uniform which had started to feel like it was strangling me but shook my head,

“ Let’s just get this over with.”

He nodded and heeded my request,

“ Thankfully you’re old enough to inherit these without too many complications and hoops, you being emancipated helps as well.”

He paused to make sure was listening then kept going.

“ As for the signing of the contracts and documents you’ll have to go down to city hall with your official lawyer, you will also need one to sort out the shares that are owned in the company.”

Before I could fully process what was going on, he had brought out a bunch of profiles of people I could only assume were lawyers.

“ These are some good corporate lawyers I can recommend as well as a few that specialize in estate planning and a couple general lawyers as well”

He pushed out three lawyer’s profiles.

“ These guys personalities might fit with yours well , they aren’t big talkers and get the job done quickly, but they are prone to concessions so you might get a few losses in getting the properties”

He brought out another five profiles from what seemed like thin air,

“ These guys personalities would definitely with yours as they get a bit wild at times but I would recommend them because they never let a case go and they’ll get you as much as you deserve and then some.”

He finally looked up at me and noticed my sick expression. William slowed down to a stop and asked once again,

“ Are you okay? I know this is a bit much to handle but it has to be done”

I took a deep breath to calm down and started to focus. As I looked over the profiles of the lawyers and considered them all, a thought occurred to me,

“ Have you handled everything so far?”

He gave me a vaguely surprised expression at the sudden question but nodded all the same,

“ Yes, but why do you ask?”

“ May I ask you to continue then? I would like to make this as quick and stressless as possible and it looks like you are the most informed on this case”

“ Personally I wouldn’t mind, but you shouldn’t make your decision because I’m the first lawyer you’ve met, I would suggest meeting with the oth-”

Keeping my tone as calm but insistent as possible I interrupted him.

“ With what’s gone on so far I have no problems entrusting this to you.”

He stared me down with an amused expression, and with a somewhat condescending tone I decided to ignore said,

“I don’t particularly mind working under a guy younger than my younger sister but I will mind if you start talking down to me, can you assure me that it won’t happen? ”

“ As long as I can have the same assurance, we have a deal.”

He chuckled, a rich and infectious sound.

“ As the instigator of the contract are you sure you’re in the position to be making demands?”

Despite the instigative comment his tone was warm and unaggressive, it made me reply in kind and I smiled for what was probably the first time that day,

“As your employer I think I’m perfectly in that position.”

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