Cursed Blood

By Jaymee :) All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

36.A Dragon's Power.36

Shortly after my tattoo was finished, we were waving goodbye to Zen and stepping back out into the last rays of sunshine. I turned to Rebecca, putting my hand on her arm.

"The only reason I'm inviting only you is because I knew that in a large group of Darkbloods, at least one would lash out for revenge," I told her, "but I trusted you enough that you'd have my back and help me change their minds about these people, at least in this camp. But I recognize that things go deeper than petty hatred, and if it's going to be hard for you, I don't want to put you through that."

The werewolf smiled, crinkles appearing in the corners of her golden eyes. She grabbed my hand, removing it from her arm, and gently returned it to my side. Kai, who had waited diligently, was watching us from around the corner, his violet eyes searching mine for a need of aid. I subtly shook my head, and watched him settle back around the corner.

"Cloud," Rebecca said, gaining my attention, "if you have my back, no one can touch me. I trust you."

I nodded, trying to calm my nerves. She patted my shoulder before turning away, heading for the bonfire pits. I watched her go, feeling a strange sense of mischief that wasn't my own. It reminded me of something else, something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

You can sense them, Storm-Cloud, Kai said in my mind, slithering around the corner gracefully, propping his head up by resting it on a pot for plants. You feel waves of their emotions, and can sense their pain or sickness.

I raised an eyebrow. His words made sense now that my memories were falling into place, but one thing threw me off.

How did you know that?

The dragon chuckled, smoke pouring from his mouth. He settled down further, and I swore I could hear the weak pot creaking.

We dragons have been around for a long time, Storm-Cloud. My suspicion is that you weren't born pure Lightblood at all. Your form and the symbols of power you radiate have signs of many different common Darkblood types, but too many considering the theory is that you were given Darkblood.

The dragon sighed, glancing up at me.

Dragons have the ability to talk to any spirit that was alive during their lifetime, whether they knew them or not, he explained, pushing himself up. He brought his face close to mine, snorting playfully, but I was too engrossed in his words to laugh or smile. Therefore I know a thing or two.

You were born with no power, Storm-Cloud. There were two blood types in you, and one was going to kill you. That was until a Darkblood happened to kidnap you and give you more Darkblood, which set off a reaction in your body.

You're alive because of these people. You're extraordinary, Storm-Cloud, but you owe it to the Darkbloods.

I turned away, looking down at my hands. Questions of how were on the tip of my tongue, but at this point, I didn't think it mattered. What mattered now was getting the Lightbloods and Darkbloods to work together before the Gray War had a chance to begin.

Your brother will not be the last.

I grimaced, keeping my eyes low as I mounted my dragon companion. The words would never leave my brain.

Unless, I thought, she is a spirit who was alive during Kai's lifetime. Then maybe I could talk to her, in a way.

"Kai," I said urgently as he began walking in the direction of the forst. He paused, craning his blue scaled neck to look back at me. "Do you think we could try to reach a spirit?"

What for?

"One visited me. Gave me a message. I want to speak with her."

He looked away, eyes hovering over nothing as he processed my words. Finally, the dragon shook out his singular wing and began to trot off, slowly gaining speed as he went. By the time we were in the forest, he was zipping around trees like it was a clear path, never getting hit or having to stop. I hunched over, keeping myself close to his back. His wing folded close to me for extra protection, making sure I was still holding on tight. Eventually, I noticed our direction. Kai had began running from the camp and the Valley, heading to a third location I had no clue about. I hadn't explored any of Terrafell beside the Valley, I hadn't even explored that much of Mythira. The entire world was still new to me, but by the looks of it, one day it would be familiar. After all, I couldn't just unite the Darkbloods and Lightbloods of the Valley.

This was worldwide, and a daunting task, but I wouldn't let myself fall into the same curse the others did.

I crouched lower as Kai managed to increase in speed, his feet a blur as we narrowly missed a few trees. He didn't slow until the end of the forest came into view, and even then he was still faster than I would've been.

The trees spat us out into a large section of grass with short hills. Kai motioned for me to dismount and I jumped off, watching him stride toward the hills. He perched on one, eyes above him as the grass around him seemed to lighten in colour, almost glowing. I watched as he inhaled, pausing. My eyes widened as he bowed his head, only to let out a blast of green fire. It scorched the ground ahead of him, the heat reaching as far as I was, nearly in the trees. Purple, glowing eyes found mine as his fire breath died away, leaving behind the perfect circle of scorched earth. That was when green light began to glow from inside Kai, seeping through his scales until he stood like a lantern, the light dancing along the burned circle.

Who is it, Storm-Cloud?

My mind flashed to the time in the hall. The chilling voice that heeded a warning. One that owned the face of an ordinary girl.

I projected that memory into his mind, and the dragon shuddered once before the light exploded from him.

Just as quick as it happened, the glowing was gone, and the grass had regrown. It was like the time had gone back to before Kai had begun breathing green fire, the dragon slumped against the hill.

"Kai!" I screamed, barreling toward him. My wings shot out and I leapt, landing next to his head. His breath was uneven as he opened his eyes, glancing up at me. Like he said, I could feel the pain coming from him. It was in his head, and I knew if I tried to speak in his mind he wouldn't hear me.

Gently, he shifted until his head was in my lap. Suddenly, I found myself wishing I was like Charles. If only my brother was here -- his Lightblood ability to give energy would've been helpful for Kai. I leaned forward, craddling the dragon's head as I envisioned Charles' ability. The way it would cause a person's cheeks to flush and a smile to appear on their face.

Storm-Cloud? A hesitant voice said in my mind. Kai's eyes were back open, his breathing easier. I leaned back, eyes wide. There was a tingling in my fingers, but soon it died away.

"Are you alright?" I asked frantically, snapping back to reality. Kai slowly gathered his feet underneath him, rising back up. His neck remained bent, his head hanging low as he shuddered.

I pushed too hard. The spirit was alive just before me, so I barely missed her and tried too many times to push my limits. I was just exhausted, he thought, glancing at me, but you somehow replaced my energy. Renewed it.

I frowned, crossing my arms. My torn pants allowed the cold breeze to blow over my tattoo, the wings dripping down my skin.

"My brother has that kind of ability. He can give and take energy. I was just thinking of him," I explained, glancing at my hands. I could feel the ghost of a tickling sensation in my fingertips. There was a nag at the back lf my mind, the feeling of Kai trying to peek into my thoughts. I glared at the dragon, watching as he looked away sheepishly.

I think we're finding out some more about your Darkblood magic, Storm-Cloud.

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