Rogue's Reign

By Anne Marshall All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama


Marriage, family, power...What more could you ask for? In a time of war and death, there was a glimmering of hope through the carnage. The marriage of the Alpha's daughter, Rogue Pine to Noah Max, was set to be the wedding of the century. But plans change when devastation strikes. Book one of the Seven Kingdoms series

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Running my fingers over the lace of my dress made my nerves calm down some. Today was a big day, the biggest I will ever experience. My nerves could not be more shot. Everything was perfect and just as it should be, but if you told that to my nerves they would probably laugh at you.

The mirror before me showed a proud and strong woman standing before it regardless of what was happening under the surface.

Everything had been set up, the chuppah in the backyard had been finished for the last week and I watched my father set it up this morning. Intricate designs had been carved into the wood of the chuppah making it one of a kind. It was dotted with beautiful wolves and trees along the poles.

The cake that stood three layers high was on the table in the middle of the dining room inside of the house we had just finished a short time ago.

It was always a dream of Noah and mine to build our own home from the ground up. We started shortly after we were engaged and finished earlier this month. It became our home just before our wedding day. Four bedrooms and two baths, there was even a guest attic room that I was currently getting ready in.

A hand touched the top of my back and lightly moved my hair to the side of my face so it would lay on my left shoulder. The curls of my brown hair laid on my shoulder in a perfect ponytail that led up to a crown of chestnut brown curls on top of my head.

“I’ve brought the last piece.” My mother told me as she pulled something from behind her back. It was a medium-sized black box. I knew what this meant. I had seen my mother wear it in nearly all the professional photos she had been in.

She turned and sat the black box on the bed behind us and opened the lid. The light of the room caught the gold of the crown that laid in the box. There were seven points to the crown, it represented the seven wolf kingdoms, ours being at the very top. We were ancient and a very proud kingdom. We did not have kings and queens like human kingdoms do, instead, we are united as Alpha and Luna.

Today I would become the Luna of my childhood pack.

“Sit down and I’ll place it on your head.” My mother ushered me to the edge of the mattress and I complied. I was the daughter of one of the greatest Alpha’s that has ever ruled and he was a big softy when it came to being my father.

He and my mother were taking care of everything. From the dress to the reception, they organized and planned it all. It was a relief, to say the least, and I was in a better place than a lot of future Luna’s in my position. I was born into the position and from a young age, I knew the moment I met my mate we would be married and take over my parent’s position at the head of the pack.

Today was that day.

“Is everything ready mother?” She placed the gold, seven-point crown on top of my head and took a step back.

“All that is missing is you. Are you ready?” She asked in a rare moment of softness for her.

Unlike my father, my mother was a lot harder on me. She knew I had to be strong and a good leader for our people so there was no slacking in her eyes.

I didn’t say another word I only nodded as she took my hand in hers and led me to the ceremony.

She led me all the way down the stairs and to the back door. She placed a kiss on my cheek and took her leave to the front of the audience. My father lightly walked over to me at the back doors to our home. He handed me a medium sized bouquet of yellow roses and white baby’s breath.

I let out a nervous breath as my father looped my arm in his as we prepared to walk down the aisle.

“I am proud of you, remember that. Now, let’s start this journey.” I fought the tears that wanted to break the dam of my eyes and instead turned to the French doors that were being opened by a couple of pack members.

My father’s steps pulled me along with him, I was scared my legs would give out and he would have to carry me. But the moment I looked down to the front of the audience and saw the man I was about to marry, a sharp feeling shot through my legs and carried me down to him. My bare feet felt the cold grass underneath them, it was important for a piece of us to be connected with the Earth at all times. I chose to go barefoot, while my mate chose to wear a handmade wooden bracelet I had created for him not long after we met.

When we were close enough his eyes met mine and the familiar spark between us lit under my skin. My father gave him my hand as we came up to the front under the chuppah where Noah was already standing.

Noah took my hand in his and a fire was lit between us, something that would only go away under the separation of death. He smiled his award-winning grin at me and I walked closer to him. My father being the Alpha was the one to officiate over our wedding and when he began talking I practically tuned him out. I was lost in Noah’s eyes.

Normally when I first meet a person I don’t notice anything but what they say to me, but it was different with Noah. His honey-colored eyes were the first thing that I saw and the last thing I ever want to see. There were tiny specks of brown that sprinkled through the warm honey coloring of his irises. Everything else about him only complimented the eyes that pierced my soul since the first day I met him.

“Rogue?” I heard my name and for a second I took my eyes off of Noah.

My father had the biggest shit eating grin on his face because he knew that I hadn’t been paying any attention at all.

“Yes father?” I replied.

“Place the crown on your husband’s head.” The word ‘husband’ made me pause, we were married! Butterflies flew through my stomach making it do flips. I turned to my left and took the crown from my father who had taken it off of his own head. This was his last day of being Alpha after all.

“Recite the oath.” My father commanded as I placed the golden crown on Noah’s head. He was a good five inches taller than me so he had to kneel quite a bit. That didn’t matter, his eyes never left mine making the butterflies in my stomach begin to do somersaults.

“I, Rogue Pine, born into the royal family, hereby crown you, Noah Max, as the next Alpha and my husband until our connection is severed by death. As a Luna through birth, I swear to you that I will reign by your side until death parts us, my Alpha.” I recited the words I had memorized as a child. They would be the same if I was a man I would only change Luna to Alpha, we were equals until death.

“Please join me in welcoming the new Alpha and Luna of the Pine Ridge Pack. May their reign be long and prosperous.” My father ended the ceremony on a high note and in a sweeping motion Noah brought me in for a spark-filled kiss that made everyone cheer in celebration.

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