The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 8

Adela's POV

Warm air. Thats what I felt that morning. Along with the stone hard floor and achy back but I wasn't paying too much attention to that. I was mesmerized by this warm air blowing against the back of my neck. It made my stomach burst into butterflies and Lune purred in delight.

I moved over to find out where it was coming from and I found his beautiful face which must have been nuzzled into my neck. His eyes opened. His minty eyes piercing into mine giving me shaky breaths as I realized how close we were. He looked at my lips and back to my eyes as if asking to kiss me.

Shivers broke through me and thats when I realized.

We were naked.

I blushed shifting into my wolf and running off to find food. Yes I just ran away from my mate, the hottest person I have ever met and the man who just tried to kiss me. Otho.

I find a river and stop to have a drink. I look in my reflection watching as the slow water ripples wash over the surface as I drink. I look up as I see a figure behind me. A huge red and orange fox with his minty eyes and bow and arrow mark on his neck. He comes next to me drinking the water.

We were the same size which is shocking considering how small foxes usually were. It was hard rejecting him but I know that I just wanted to run off and enjoy the world and him being in this mess was holding me back.

Suddenly ice cold water crashed over my fur. I looked up at Otho in the river smirking. He wanted to play.

We splashed around in the river jumping on each other and occasionally receiving and giving small licks. We stopped when we found a deer. I knelt down stalking it slowly and then I pounced grasping its neck around my mouth and biting down hard. When it stopped struggling I let go. My mate stared at me. He looked shocked and in awe. I was blushing inside.

We ate and then he shifted. I looked up at him. He seemed worried, scared but confused. What was wrong? At that point curiosity took over and I shifted.

'Ade, I have to tell you something. I have to explain.'

Othorion's POV

'Ade, I have to tell you something.I have to explain.'

This was it. I started off telling her about my childhood and how I escaped. Then I said how I found her and how she was my chosen one. Most importantly I told her of the Goddesses and their plan.

I finished staring at her for a reaction. She just sat there trying to figure out what I was saying. She looked so beautiful and I loved how she now felt comfortable being naked around me.

'So you are saying that we are made by goddesses to complete a plan called The Change which you think involves other animals like us?'

Great she didn't believe me.

'...You don't believe me?'

'I believe you. I had a message from the moon goddess saying The Change has started. Now I know she was right.'

Thank goodness. I thought I was alone then.

'What is this plan? What do we need to do?'

I stared at her. She had a point. I had no idea what this plan was for and what to do. I only had one possible answer. Find the others that I expected were made by other gods and goddesses.

'We find the others.'

Grant's POV

2 Days she had been gone and I was more angry than ever. That pixie had ruined everything. He would pay. Elise had been crying ever since Mark left and it just made me even worse. My mate was being hurt by him and our pack had no leader.

Lillie had been disappearing every now and then so I decided to have guard follow her 24/7. I have lost 2 of my children I wouldn't lose another one. My last one.

I was signing the final documents of the day when my Beta interrupted.

Alpha, The Forest Elf King has come to speak with you. He says its urgent.

Tell him to go away or we will rip him to shreds!

No pixie was coming back here after what they did to Adela. I hated them even more than after the war. I wanted them all dead.

He says he wants his son back and he knows where your daughter is.

Bring him.

He walked in my office moments later. My beta behind him and guards surround the walls of the room.


He looked at me. Standing tall with dominance which frustrated me. Everyone must submit to me. He was no exception.

'My son claims to have found his chosen soulmate, your daughter. I found them in the woods. My son can shift. Into a fox. He and your daughter ran south. My men are already tracking them.'

'Why come to me?'

'My son and your daughter are powerful. I need help to stop them. I need an Elf Forest King and you need a new Alpha am I correct? We can both get what we want.'

I thought it through. He was telling the truth and I agreed. All I wanted was Adela to be Alpha.

'Under 1 condition. Your son and my daughter will not ever be mates, chosen soulmates whatever. Keep your son away from her.'


This was it. We would track them down and stop their plans. Then I had other plans for that Elf Kingdom. They will submit to me one day. As their Alpha. As their master...

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