The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 7

Ryul's POV

I had finished checking through all the due payments from the kingdom. It had been a long day. First of all I was woken early by my butler saying there was a fire in the east of my land, a shopkeeper and as we live in a forest it would spread quickly, then I had to do a warrior training session, check through all the recruiting reports, escort all the children safely across the meadow to school as we had multiple attacks these past days and it wasn't safe and now finally I was finished.

I looked down at my watch finding it was 20:37. I went for my usual walk. It was the walk me and Meira used to take but she was ignoring me and has been ever since Othorion's disappearance. She wouldn't leave the room and just sat there staring out the window, her eyes would always be dark as if she were focused on the voices in her head. I missed her, I missed the family we used to be. Why did Othorion run away from being King? We already found him so many female elves that would be suitable queens or even his chosen one.

I approached the house again and walked straight to my room. There was hardly anyone around, it must be late and anyway half of my men were still out looking for my son.

When I walk inside the room Meira is already laying in bed. I get changed and lay next to her.

'Meira, its been a year. Where is our son?'

She looked over at me, her eyes pools of mint green which seemed darker, sadder and softer. She may look this way but still looked beautiful and perfect.

'He has followed his destiny, my love'

'Meira, I know that you know something I don't. All I know is that I can't be King any longer. It must be passed down to him.'

'He has followed destiny, not orders'

I didn't push her. I just closed my eyes and fell into deep slumber of confusion and irritation. Why was she lying to me?


The next morning came fast. I woke to my butler shaking me frantically.

'Ugghh, what?'

'Your highness, your wife has left along with a note.'

I jumped up looking over to the empty place beside me. On her dressing table was an envelope. Pushing past my butler I ripped open the envelope. It read:


I love you so much my love, but I have gone home. I would have told you sooner but I came here, to earth, to complete an important task called The Change.

Our son has gone to start my plan and its working out fine.

I am your chosen one, I am an elf, but I am a goddess. Goddess of Wisdom, and foxes.

You wont find me so don't look. I am with the gods and goddesses now. However I cannot stop you from finding our son.

Think about this.


I had no words. My wife just told me she was a goddess and that our son was out completing a special dead called The Change. I was about to excuse my butler when a guard rushed into my room.

'Your highness, he has been found. Your son has been found'


Othorion's POV


I was standing in front of the man that I hadn't seen for a whole year. But I didn't care, he wanted me home and I wouldn't leave Adela. I had things to tell her about what the goddesses said to me and about who we were.

'What did she do to you?'

He went to lay a hand on my arm but I walked back to Adela. How dare he think that this was her fault. It angered me, he was ruining everything.

'Adela did nothing. You are the one who should apologizing for hurting her; and if you think im going to walk back happily and be King then forget it. I am happy. I have found my chosen one, my mate, and a life I love living. Leave me. If you respect my choices leave me.'

I didn't look at him for a reaction I was angry and Huxian just wanted to be with Adela. I went straight to her and helped her up. I was about to walk off when she shouted.


I did what she said and noticed why. My father and his men were about to grab me and take me home. That was no home. That was a cage that I would not get forced into without a fight.

Before I knew it I was running. I look to my left and see Adela running with me. Who knows where we are heading, it didn't matter we were free. This is the life I wanted.

We ran for another hour and then found a cave settling down for the night. We would rest in our animal forms and find somewhere to stay tomorrow. I had so much to tell her. So much to explain.

I was excited for a future with her. Though I also knew that it would come with its mountains to climb. As mother would say

'Life comes with its mountains, but if it was easy then why were we here? Destiny is something given at birth, but to reach it you have to reach the peak of your mountain. One day you will reach that peak and then find a new mountain. One day my son you will find your destiny. One day you will climb your mountain.'

I was climbing my mountain to find my destiny.

Adela. Adela was my destiny and a life with her will complete it.

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