The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 6

Othorion’s POV

‘Yes, Who would have thought wolves would have been paired with foxes?’


'Mother what's going on? Where is Adela?'

'Don't worry my son, she is perfectly fine and so are you.'

I look into he eyes as if trying to find the answer to all my questions. How was she in my head? Why couldn't I wake up? Where was that voice coming from?

'My son, let me explain. Selene, some privacy please.'

The indescribable woman beside mother faded instantly without another word. What was this? Why can't I just see Adela?

'You are a special elf, you have been chosen before birth to complete The Change.'

'But mother what is The Change?'

She took a deep breath closing her eyes as if she was feeling hurt over something, whatever she was about to say was something that upset her...alot.

'Ever since the supernatural war 30 years ago, all creatures despised and shamed each other. Species you may not even know exist, but they will still hate you. 6 gods came together and decided to help pull them all back together by making our only hope, The Change. The Change is you and Adela my son.'

I just looked at her she had a calm and motherly smile spread across her face hiding the hurt in her voice. The war broke every supernatural, it left a scar on all who were around at the time. I was so confused. Why did me and Ade have to go through this its unfair, why can't I just have a normal relationship.

'Who was that woman? And how come she looked different to you? And why can't I wake up?'

'Calm yourself my child, that was Selene goddess of the moon and wolves-'

'So does that mean your a.....'

'Yes Otho, I am a goddess. I am your goddess. Your species worship me so only your species can see me. You aren't a wolf so you can not see Selene. You are changing into your true form meaning you and Adela will be together with no limits.'

'..M-my true form?'

What was that supposed to mean? My mother was a goddess? I thought I was just an elf prince.

'You have shared your body with another animal. It has only started surfacing after you found Adela. It may hurt but don't fear for you will learn to love your new true form.'

'Yes you will.'

It was Selene, she made me jump and I looked over still seeing the indescribable woman standing tall next to mother.

'My daughter Adela is your match. The first match of The Changing actually. All you need to know is that the goddesses of wisdom and friendship have joined together and fox and wolf will be the first to pair. Good luck Othorion.'

Before I could answer it went black again. That's when I heard a sound slowly get louder to my ears. It was shouting and sobbing. My senses were slowly getting stronger but I decided to keep my eyes shut as the people around me still hadn't noticed I was awake.

'What did you do to him?'

'I-I-I..he-he just dropped dead. I would never hurt him...'


Why did she think I was dead?

Help mate! She's hurt

So your a fox then

Yes, I am a fox, but right now our mate is hurt. Can we discuss this later.

Fine, but whats your name.


Okay Huxian lets go

I opened my eyes squinting slowly. I looked through them trying not to attract attention. Adela sat hugging her legs to her chest sobbing. We were still outside in the same spot I dropped before seeing the goddesses. Men stood around us.


Great, I had been found. I was about to move my legs to stand when I found that I was no longer human. I look down seeing gingery orange fur with red streaks running across my thick fur. My tail had a white tip and my legs had white socks. By the looks of things I was bigger than most foxes maybe even as big as Adela's wolf.

We need to stand

I agree

I go to stand. Men around me look in shock as I run to Adela rubbing my head against her legs. She looked up in shock and then gave me a weak smile. She looked beautiful. I licked her face, and she giggled lightly. She was okay. Whoever harms her will pay.


I turn my head. There he was, my father stepping out of the crowd of built elf men.

Huxian let me shift.

Make sure mate is okay

I will

As if instantly I shifted back. Bones cracking, it was pretty painful but didn't last long, I look down at my hands seeing I am human and I looked up at my father.


I was great seeing him again but I was too busy thinking about Ade and The Change. There was one thought in particular that was going through my mind. Why did Selene say that we were the first? It made me feel like....there were other species.

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