The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 5

Othorion’s POV

We talked all morning it was probably the happiest I’ve felt since...well ever! She was perfect and definitely my chosen one. If only mother could see her, she would one day and I would swear to myself on that. Then she asked that question.

‘What did you used to do in the kingdom? Don’t all you elves have specific jobs?’

I thought back to my throne and the people I left behind, my people, my family. I could tell she knew something was wrong and I couldn’t lie so ‘If I told you, it would be too dangerous’ sounded best.

She is staring at me as if sussing me out and I decide to start gathering things to clean at the river. I look back and she still sits there. What if I did tell her? Then she would be hunted as well and tortured to tell them my location. That would never happen-not on my watch.


I break the silence and she snaps her head up at me giving me a soft smile. Her cute dimples showed and her eyes brightened, I had got used to the idea that she is a werewolf and to be honest it attracted me more to her. She was my chosen one and I was her mate.

‘Yeah why not, my wolf needs a run’

We start walking to the stream and I take in the beautiful scenery. It refreshed me and took my mind off all my struggles. Her hand brushes mine as we walk and the tingles erupting through me leave me with weak knees and I swear I nearly fell till she stopped and her expression dropped.

‘What’s wrong? Adela?’

‘My father. He will find me. have I done?!’

She is right she could be found, but my enchantments could help with that. I can trust her with this secret.

I look back at her and chuckle. She looks up confused and still worried. I bend down and pick up a fallen petal which must have been swept through the wind. I show her the petal.

‘Otho how is that going to-’

‘Just watch’

I rested a finger on her lips. They felt soft and ignored the urge to kiss them.

I placed the petal in the palm of my hand. It had already crusted brown and was very fragile. I hold my other hand over the petal and say the enchantments clearly for her ears to hear.

‘Floraos Ressoctorial’

The petal spun in circles slowly growing into a flower. It was a white daisy, my favorite. She stared at it in amazement her mouth was wide open and she looked adorable.

I place the flower in her black hair and sh blushes at my action.

’You are under my protection now’

I caress her check whilst whispering ‘Neicho Ruterboit’

She seems amazed and I can tell that things have worked how I wanted. I smile and for that moment its just us. I stare at her pink soft lips and back at her deep purple eyes, our faces where so close I could feel her breath and my hand was still placed on her cheek. She sensed my thoughts.

'Otho I can’t. We are completely different.'

'Ade, our only difference is our species. I will always love you regardless. You are my destiny'

I blushed at what I had just said. I just told her I loved her. It all made sense, I did love her.

'I love you too, my trespasser'

We both chuckled at the nickname I had just received. That's when the world stopped. My lips connected with hers and fireworks exploded throughout my body. she wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled my free hand around her waist. Our lips moved slowly and just as I had known they were soft pillows against mine. We both came up for air looking at each other. That's when I heard it.

'That was amazing'

I stumbled back away from her, I looked around frantically. Who was here? Why did I not sense them?

'I'm here'

It spoke again. What was this voice?Where was it coming from?

'Who's there?'

'Nobody's here? Are you okay?'

She placed a hand on my arm but I had to find this voice so I continued looking.

'Mate. She is beautiful'

'I know you're here'

'Yes I'm here'

'Who are you?'

'I am you. I am apart of you. You have finally let me out and now I am ready to take you to see mother.'

Before I could answer I fell to the ground. I fainted! What? I wasn't even tired. Who was this voice? How does he know my mother? What about Adela?

Light came to my eyes and my mother came into view. She smiled again and I couldn't hold back the tears.

'Finally my son. The Changing has started and you are one of the first to find your destined one.'

A woman walks up beside her. She was beautiful but indescribable. It's hard to explain you just couldn't describe this woman in any way.

'Yes, Who would have thought wolves would have been paired with foxes?'


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