The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 4

Grant's POV

Where was she? I had to get here a mate and soon, even if it was a choice mate, I didn't care. If her mate wasn't Alex's son then she would still pick him. He was Alpha of the second strongest pack. With us being the strongest it would make perfect sense. Our pack would be the strongest and biggest pack known and I wouldn't give up that opportunity.

I had being talking to Alex and his son Loer for around 15 minutes now and I couldn't wait for Adela to meet him. It's weird to think that my son has just abandoned his position and I didn't care. I didn't. He was weak and a disappointment in my eyes. Adela was a gift from the goddess herself and that's probably why I'm pleased she is the new Alpha. Mark always knew she was the favorite but he was too messed up with that 'girl'. He was no son too me.

Now I am getting worried. Adela still isn't here. The ball was filled with Alphas and Betas willing to please her and she wasn't even here. Was she still upset about Mark?

' Um if you don't mind me asking Grant but where is Adela? Is everything okay? '

' Oh...umm I- '

I was about to go find her when Cisco mind linked me.

' Sir the Elf is gone along with your daughter. Three injured and the rest have just woken up from what felt like 5 minutes of death. He is powerful sir and he has our Alpha. Me and my men would be happy to take orders. '

I was shocked. I couldn't even speak through the link. Then came the rage. Did she leave on purpose? Of course not it was that Elf. He ruined everything and he would pay.

' Send out a search. I want everyone man looking for a mate on the lookout, Who ever brought her home safely unharmed will win Alpha male of my pack. '

Let the search commence.

Adela's POV

I awoke not too my fathers orders of training but too the amazing smell of bacon and eggs and the sweet chirping of birds. I look at my surroundings. Oh my god! Wait...last night. I am lying in a large double bed made of pine wood and fresh cotton pillows. The walls were plain wood with stained glass windows which didn't look too bad and that was due to the beautiful forest scenery in the background. It was calm and beautiful.

I roll over not wanting to wake up. I snuggled my head deeper into the pillow that's when I smell it. The strong masculine pine aroma along with the sweet cranberries. This bed was covered in his scent. It was addictive. I felt myself drift of to sleep when I remember something. Wait...what was I wearing. I look down seeing I huge t shirt cover me it was grey and was definitely his. I loved wearing his clothes it just seemed...right. No, no, no, no we couldn't fall for him. Lune growled.

'Why not?'

'Because Lune, We have a plan for life. I've only just realized that a mate would just stop us from achieving what we want to achieve. I don't want a mate any more. '

' You are lying. You just don't want to get a attached because you know that father wont approve. Well father isn't here. We are free.'

'Not that easy Lune. He knows some things about us but not everything. We hardly know him as well. He's just a random Elf.'

'Yeah...a random Elf'

She left. She knew something about that mark on his neck and I could tell she did. But she never told me she just said ask him or wait till he tells you. It just made more curious.

I finally get up and decide to look for him. I walk through the house/hut that must be his. It was bigger than what I expected and every part of it looked hand made and was beautiful in my eyes. I turn the corner seeing a fireplace along with a chair and table. There he stood cooking some eggs and bacon over the fire on a small frying pan.

'Good morning sleepy head, you feel any better now?'

'Oh god did I faint after running?'

'Yes but don't worry you fainted in the house and I didn't look'

I blushed knowing he'd seen me naked but I was a wolf and it was something he would have to get used too. Then I notice the t-shirt I was wearing only covered my mid thigh and I blushed even more. He just chuckled.

We just ate and took it in turn to ask questions about each other. He seemed more uncomfortable around the questions so I didn't push. Then it came to one question which made me even more curious.

'What did you used to do in the kingdom? Don't all you elves have specific jobs?'

He was silent for a second before saying.

'If I told you, it would be too dangerous'

What did he mean? He was guarding some sort of information and I bet it has something to do with that mark on his neck and who knows maybe even this thing the goddess calls The Change. From then on I knew I would find out what it was, I will find out what The Change was and help him with his dangerous situation. He was my mate, if he couldn't tell me then it must be serious and I was worried for him, for us.

'If I told you, it would be too dangerous'

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