The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


...2 months after The Change and the ceremonies completed.

Supernatural War took place at first destroying but soon uniting all together again. However, to DRAGON’s discouragement, Grant and Rory are not seen nor spoken of at the battlefield.

But all is not lost. Grant is on a new mission, and DRAGON’s only hope is to follow the footsteps that are left behind starting with Rory’s note.

The six stars.

But what do they mean?

Lillie’s POV

I sit on the park bench rubbing circles in my stomach as I watch the leopard cubs chase each other in the park. I smile at them as they play so freely and joyfully. The war has changed our pack and many others for the better.

‘Stop worrying’

‘Oh my!... Don’t you ever do that again’

I jump up in shock turning to my mate as I get ready to beat him for disturbing me. Jack stands chuckling softly, before kissing me and pulling me into a tight hug.

‘You all finished for the day?’ I mumble in his chest as I wrap my hands around his torso and look up at him.

‘Other than your sister’s last-minute visit, yes’

I break away from him walking over to the park bench I was sitting at. I haven’t seen my sister since the war and it all has to do with where they are meant to go next. If her visit was last minute then it must be important.

‘How is our Alpha heir getting on in there?’

Jack brings me out of my thoughts obviously feeling my worry as he rubbing my stomach making my wolf purr and calm, but only slightly. It is only another worry on my mind. In all of history, nobody has ever produced an offspring from two different species and now I have been told and shown proof that I am expecting. We have no idea of the date nor gender but it is definitely fast. My stomach is already twice as big as what it should be according to our pack doctor and I worry that my cubs may not come out alive.

‘I love you. You know that right?’ I whisper to him and he looks away from my stomach and back to me smiling sweetly.

‘And I love you too. And my beautiful cub’

Alpha. Luna. They are here early.

Thank you, Gideon Jack responds Let them up to the pack house.


He holds out his hand which I take gratefully as we walk towards the pack house were commotion and crowds are already forming. As we get closer the pack senses our presence letting us through to the pack doors. There sitting in our reception is my sister or more like a huge black wolf. Next to her is, of course, the rest of the group. Othorion the fox, Donovan the bear, Romana the leopard, Nillson the bat and Grace the eagle.

‘Always like to make an entrance don’t you Ade.’

She turns around giving me a grin as she trots up to me. How she is so tall, I don’t know as she stands just as tall as me looking me in the eyes.

‘Hello Lils’ The wolf says and I embrace her in a huge hug.

When we break away and shed some tears she notices my stomach.

‘Pups. Congratulations Jack. This is extremely rare and we must celebrate soon’

‘However, we have other issues’ Othorion steps forward nodding to Jack.

Yes, it is weird to have six huge and powerful animals in front of me. All of which have become almost full blooded apart from their human emotions and speech. However, after some learning, we have learnt they have one day every month to shift back into human form, other than that they are all stuck in their shifted forms.

Jack leads us all into the ground floor lounge where we crowd inside around a huge table he prepared for the event.

‘Now what is the issue?’ He asks standing next to me and holding my hand for reassurance as neither one of us knew of why DRAGON had visited us.

Donovan is the one to speak up as his deep voice echos throughout the huge room.

‘We have found out what Rory’s clue means and we intend to go and find him. He should lead us to Grant but we are asking for your assistance Lillie.’

‘I respect that Donovan I really do but I have a lot more problems of my own. Right now is not the best time at all’ I reply to him calmly, knowing of his sensitive manner. He is a risky person to talk to and he still feels extremely uncomfortable with Jack considering the whole half mate incident.

‘We see that Lillie and respect that but we need some help to at least for transport there. It is quite a journey’ Grace adds pecking slightly at her feathers.

‘What have you found exactly?’ Jack asks curiously looking at the group of creatures.

‘Some paper and a pencil please’ Nillson asks flying down to the middle of the table.

Jack fetches some from the draws placing them down for Nillson as we watch him draw away and explain their discovery.

‘You see, Rory left a simple design of 6 stars but each star was a different size and position. We knew that it revealed a location so we started looking over companies and businesses. Then we remember the photograph of the girl and boy which we think are walking out of school. So we look over schools. Still nothing.’ Nillson continues scribbling over the paper underneath him. ‘Then we get another thought. Maybe this was only part of the clue. Maybe it stands for a place bigger than a business or company. And we were right.’

He drags the paper over to us and we look down at it seeing the 6 stars in the same places but this time accompanied with the United Kingdom flag in the top left corner.

‘Australia’ Jack stated

‘Exactly. So we know that Rory is in Australia but where in Australia exactly we don’t know until Othorion gave us some very interesting information.’

I look up at Othorion and he is busy eyeing the paper on the table in deep thought. I almost think he isn’t listening at all but he speaks up eventually, looking away in the process.

‘I know the boy in the photo. He was my best friend. We found their school from the logo in the background. All we need now is a way to get there’

I look over at Jack as he stares at the paper thinking through our options.

What do you want to do?- I ask him

Whatever makes you happy and comfortable right now.

I smile nodding and kissing his cheek.

‘We can help. Just one thing’

They all nod for me to continue and I do.

‘You beat the hell out of Grant.’

And our meeting ends with that as I start preparing to find someone who will take four (not including Grace and Nillson who can fly) half shifter, half god animals to Australia without revealing them to the world. A piece of cake. Not.

And there it is the end of The Trespasser but really it’s only the beginning as my friend @BeckaBean has the second and linked up part called Riptide. Go and check it out!

And Maybe. Just Maybe. Will another Trespasser chapter be released. We shall see. Thanks again for your support! xx

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