The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Change- Full Blood

Lillie's POV

2 days later

They are all lying unconscious on the ground holding hands and glowing different colours. I stand by Jack holding his arm tightly for reassurance as we watch them at the front door. Alpha Elroy stands by me along with Ollie, Lucas and Donovan's protectors. Today is the day, and we all know it.

After Nillson, Grace, Donovan and Romana went through the experience again we all knew they would most likely end up here like Adela and Otho. And they did so we searched them all for clues finding the ripped page in Donovan's hand helping us piece it all together.

'Are you sure they said today?' Alpha Elroy asks Ollie.

Ollie tells us that his God, Romana's dad, contacted him yesterday saying it was almost complete and that today should be the special event that the book calls The Change. I just want my sister back. I need her.

'I am positive. It has to be today' Ollie responds confidently.

The area is still closed off but pack members and warrior stand more organized in rows to watch the event, but we have been waiting hours. People are becoming impatient and even I start to question if it really is today or ever...


Jack and I are sitting down at the front of the house. After waiting for another hour or so Alpha Elroy called it off and everyone left. Well except me, Jack and Ollie. We all stayed looking up at the night sky.

'You know I love you right?' he says.

I turn my head finding him staring at me. At first, I break a smile then realize he asked a question, so I nod.

'And I love you' I kiss him softly.

When we break apart I rest my eyes on my lifeless sister. She glows a purple maybe a violet colour that surrounds her like a mist. I watch her chest rise and drop in even breaths making sure she is still alive and with me. Then I drift off into a deep slumber. All I remember is my head on Jacks' shoulder and the relaxing sounds of the wilderness around me. I dream of a better world. A world where Mark was still here and Adela was actually my sister.

I will have revenge. My father will pay for what he has done.

Ollie's POV

I hear the soft snores of Jack and Lillie next to me. I am now alone. I know for certain he said himself today was the day and I will not rest till I see what this event truly is.

I look up at the moon enlightening the sky and clouds surrounding it and after some thinking, I decide to get on my knees. I want to talk to him. Ask him if his words were mistaken.

However, as I shuffle around I notice the stiff, luminous bodies in front of me start to move. At first, they shake in soft and slight movements but soon the movements get violent almost looking like seizures.

I lean over to Lillie and Jack shaking them awake.

'Guys wake up! Somethings happening!'

Lillie wakes instantly jumping off of Jacks' shoulder causing him to gasp in shock.

'What's happening to them?' Lillie asks amazed.

I feel the same. According to the book, The Change only happens every 1000 years and is a huge part of shifters history. However, it has been forgotten and now it will be remembered. I feel honoured to be watching it if this really was The Change. It has to be, right?

The bodies continue shaking and now glowing brighter blinding our eyes. I am forced to look away and all I can do is listen to the crackling sounds almost like the crackling of a freshly lit fire.

I have turned to face the pack house covering my eyes and waiting till the light dies down but it is so strong I worry if it ever will. But it does. And the result it leaves is definitely not what I was expecting.

Now standing in front of me are six extraordinary creatures. Going clockwise, the first creature is a huge 6-foot bear. It has bright orange eyes that stand out on his russet brown fur. He stands proud and strong showing off a matching orange mark on his shoulder. It's the letter D. Donovan.

Next is a leopard with sandy fur and perfectly painted black markings standing behind her golden eyes. She is thin and muscular, almost the same size as the bear. She looks up at the moon her brown nose sniffing the air. Once again she has a mark on her shoulder that matches her eyes. A gold letter R. Romana.

In the centre is a wolf in pure black making it almost invisible in the low light. However, you can tell she is the same height as the leopard from her deep violet eyes that act as torches in the night. Her huge fluffy tail brushes around in excitement and her tongue is hanging playfully out of her mouth. But of course, she has a mark. A. Adela.

The next creature floats in the air gracefully watching me, and proud of her new form. The eagle is pure white, it's wings curved inwards towards her huge feathered chest. Her sharp yellow beak is formed in a smile that matched her delicate pink eyes. Once again she has a mark. G. Grace.

The final land creature sits looking to the floor and checking out his new form. The ginger fox is abnormally the same size as the wolf but has its differences from his narrower and longer snout to his smaller eyes, that still stand out from their bright minty colour. On the edge of his white chest is a mark. An O. Othorion.

Finally the last creature, that is flying around extremely fast in circles. The Bat. It is definitely the hardest to see from its pure black skin but once you see its blue eyes its shape becomes clear. It is probably the size of the eagle with small ears and deathly looking fangs hanging from its mouth. On its chest once again is a mark. N. Nillson.

'Sis is that you?' Lillie asks stepping away from Jacks' arms and approaching the happy black wolf.

The wolf closes her mouth walking to Lillie and sitting in hands reach from her.

'Yes, Lils. It's me'

The wolf opened its mouth and spoke the words of a human. This is it. They have completed The Change and done exactly what my God said would happen. They have become full blood. They are in their true forms. They are DRAGON.

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