The Trespasser

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Fantasy / Romance

The Change- Goodbye or Hello?

In Othorion's Hand:

Page 24

Gods and Goddesses Part 5

1919 is the last day DRAGON was present on our lands before their animal sides retire, turning to the afterlife. As they do every century; they shall return to maintain, or in our modern crisis restore, the peace between the shifters on land.

It was made by the Gods and Goddesses themselves in thinking that if they couldn't visit and communicate with their people then DRAGON could. They are the gods walking on the land and are very well respected by all, mainly because of their genetics.

Each DRAGON member is a half shifter and half god even though they only stay in one form. It makes them wiser and stronger and the gods believed it is a way to bring the understanding between their people and their children.

Below is an image of the ancient ritual that takes place every century to mark the arrival of DRAGON. One that many people call The Change.

(Here is an image of six figures lying on their backs in a semi-circle. They are all holding hands and glowing different colours. A letter is over each person forming the word DRAGON in bold.)

This is all the children must do after every chosen ritual is complete. Turn to page 250 for the end of the DRAGON's lifestyle and what happens to the...

Donovan's POV

I read it over and over again after reading it out loud to the group. This is what Otho was reading in the library. The solution to our problems. The truth.

'So Adela and Othorion are going through The Change because they have finished the chosen ritual aka the ceremonies' Romana says next to me.

I nod still looking through the page trying to find more answers.

'Well what about Rory's message' Grace says trying to maybe lighten the mood and I nod finally dragging my eyes away.

'Let's hear Rory's message then.' I stand up walking over to Nillson.

'More like look'

He hands us a small slip of paper which anyone could easily miss. It was minuscule, probably only a couple of centimetres wide and slightly more in length. The only print on it was six pencil drawn stars all placed randomly in all different sizes and a small message at the bottom.

Meet Me- Rory

I flip it over finding a picture of a building. It looked like a school. Children were walking in and out of it in small groups but straight in the middle, two figures stood out.

A boy with blonde hair and a girl with auburn hair stand facing each other at the front entrance, the print too small to read their emotions. They stand out to me and I instantly get a headache from this annoying deja vu moment. I knew them but how?

'Oh my God!'

I jump up in shock as Grace screams down my ear.

'Damn it Grace!' I growl annoyed and shook.

'sorry, BUT! I understand the situation'

'Shoot' Romana says sitting down on the floor her legs crossed.

We all sit down with her leaving Grace to pace up and down explaining her theory as we watch and listen like school children.

'So the book page says how DRAGON has a sort of event that takes place every century so I beleive we are DRAGON. Othorion and Adela have started The Change right now because they have completed the mating ceremony.'

'But why is it called Dragon?' Nillson asks. And I feel the same.

'Well, that's the exciting part. It's spelt in all caps which means it must stand for something, right. Follow me.'

We all jump up following Grace who leads us to the other side of the semi-circle.

'Donovan stand here'

She points to the far left of the semi-circle curve.

I stand there watching as she moves around the curve.

'Romana here'

Romana stands next to me and to her left is Adela. Nillson is placed on the other side of the curve, opposite me and Grace stands between Otho and Adela. Silence occurs as we wait for some miracle to take place but nothing happens.

'Don't you see?' Grace says shocked

We all shake our heads.

'D for Donovan, R for Romana, A for Adela, G for Grace, O for Othorion, N for Nillson. We are DRAGON'

'So we need to complete the mating ceremonies to complete the change.' Romana says.

'Yes, that's what I think anyway'

'So how do we do this?' Nillson asks.

We need to discuss this.

I look over at my friends as we wait outside of my bedroom door. It's late now and we all know tomorrow will be extremely different.

'So we have agreed that it's best we keep this secret. We both do this at the same time. We join Othorion and Adela and complete the change.' I remind them.

They nod and we all hug each other goodbye saying our last questions or reminders.

'Goodbye, we shall see you soon' Nillson says, and I and Romana walk inside my room ready to complete our ceremony as Nillson and Grace complete theirs.

This has to be what we are meant to do. Right?


And soon their adventures shall come to an end but not a close. No. Much more lies out on the land for them and I can tell these DRAGON members are definitely improving after every reintroduction.

However, bringing peace with their people may be slightly harder than we thought.

Now our problems are spreading and all because of that werewolf. Though I believe in DRAGON to solve it.

Let us quickly go over how they are doing:

Adela has a lot more emotional events ahead of her.

Othorion finds some old friends.

Nillson still has some questions unanswered.

Grace still impresses us all every day.

Donovan seems more mature and much wiser.

Romana seems much stronger.

Together they make a perfect team and I thank you, Gods and Goddesses, for the sacrifice of your children, even though Hades had a hard time saying goodbye. We got there.

The real question though that you should be asking is,

Should they have said goodbye? Or maybe they should have said Hello?

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