The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 3

I woke up feeling sore and bruised. I am in what looks to be a basement which has been converted into cells. There is silver chains around my wrists pushing me into the wall and dried blood staining my cloths. I can see my bow hanging outside my cell along with my cloak and arrows. Before I could try and move three figures approach me.

That smell. It was different. Not silver, blood, mold or rot. No. It was sweet honey and Lavender. She is here!

I look at the floor keeping a poker face. I am they're prisoner I can't look happy about it. I hear the sound of a key in a lock along with the clashing of metal. Footsteps get louder till I can see the mans feet. He kicks me in the stomach.

' Look at me pixie! '

I look up and see what I assumed to be the girls father. He looked calmer but still furious. The girl stood the other corner of the cell behind what must have been a guard. Why was she here?

' Right pixie, I'm going to ask questions and you are going to answer. Start with your name.'

I thought through how I should answer and decided to cut out my royalty. I'm keeping it small talk.

' Othorion and I'm and Elf '

' I can call you whatever the hell I want! '

He kicks me again. This time I don't even care I'm casting a healing enchantment as I speak.

' Now why are you on my land? '

' Accident, It was an accident '

He looked at me as if sussing out if I am lying or not. He then looks at the girl.

' Adela, prove to me you can be Alpha '


It was such a perfect name. She steps forward staring at me. She looks me up and down still checking me out and I hide a smirk.

' Whats that red thing on your neck? '

No, no, no, no, no. They noticed my royal mark. I tried to slow my heartbeat as I can tell they hear it getting faster.

' Its ancient moon language '

Not a lie, all elf royal marks were ancient moon language.

' And what about your last name? '

' I don't have one. I abandoned my family name. '

This is partly true, ever since I left my kingdom I have never spoke my last name. It crushes me even thinking of it.

She stares at me. Her eyes go darker. I stare at them admiring their beauty. When her eyes turn their normal shade of purple the guard and her father leaves.

She still stands over me arms crossed with a focused look on her face.

I break the silence.

' When can I leave, Adela? '

Her name sounded perfect on my lips. She looked at me now with a nervous expression.

' I..I-I.... '

I chuckle at her stuttering. She starts to blush.

' Whats a mate? '

I have been wanting to ask that question ever since I saw her. Whatever it was it, was what I was which interests me. My father never let me study other creatures he only told me of their weaknesses for battle reasons. This is when I really wish I had taken an interest in these things.

' It's a werewolf way of having a soulmate. Two werewolves that were made for each other by the Goddess herself. '

Oh god no. Father would never allow this. No wonder her dad hates me. My chosen one was a werewolf. How?

' Father says he will let you go once we check your name around to see if you are important or wanted you know. '

I was shocked at her words but nodded. She wanted me gone already and it hurt. I know that even if father wont approve it doesn't matter he already hates me.

' Well....I need to go. '

' Goodbye, Adela '

She blushes walking out the cell. As she locks it again I whisper.

' I'm sorry that I will be gone tomorrow. '

She walks away acting oblivious when I can tell she heard me.

When I'm left all alone I start my enchantments. All the guards left in the basement are sitting in the back corner.

Soon they all drop unconscious. It will only last a couple of minutes so I hurry.

' Inflamino Cruelodos '

With as much energy I had left I burned the silver chains off my wrists, then converting my power to the iron bars. I am free.

I grabbed all my belongings from the shelf and thought through how to escape the land. I walk up the stairs noticing an open door. I walk through noticing it goes straight through to the kitchen. It was empty so I walked through. Where was everyone? Most rooms were empty as I walked through. Then I heard the sound of laughing. I turned seeing two massive doors which must lead into an even bigger hall. There was a party.

Two guards walk around the corner and before they could speak I punched them both in the gut sending them unconscious. I am not killing innocent people I told myself.

Back door. I can see it. The room was empty this was my chance. I ran to the door when I get stopped in my tracks. It was her. She grabbed my arm startling me. Electrifying tingles escaped her finger tips. The feeling was amazing.

' So you are actually leaving? '

' Yes. I can't be found here. '

' So you are hiding something? You are pretty good at escaping so I'm guessing you have done it before. Not really the best kind of life to live '

' I never asked for this life. I ran away from what was set up for me to find my true destiny. '

She took her hand of my arm breaking the electrifying feeling. I immediately begged for more. Adela was driving me insane. She thought for a moment.

' You will never get past everyone without my help. I have a deal for you. I help you escape not telling father you left and I get to come with you. '

She wanted an escape. I thought it through. I needed her close I couldn't leave her. I know I could easily escape without her she didn't know of my abilities.

I open the door looking back at her beautiful eyes she was now in a short purple dress which matched her eyes. It suited her more than the last one. I couldn't leave her like this. I felt a bond between us.

' You coming then '

A huge smile forms on her face. She is about to step forwards when she stops.

' Wait one minute. I'm going to shift. '

She turns the corner and I stay keeping watch of the door. Shift? Then I hear bones cracking and I realize she is turning into wolf form.

A black wolf emerges from the room. Its deep purple eyes wide with happiness. Its fur is soft as I brush my fingers through the fur. She purrs in delight and I chuckle. Then I notice the dark purple moon on her wolf's neck. Hmm strange.

She tosses the dress she was wearing in my hands I stuff it in my extra pocket, and then before I can look back the wolf swings me on her back and starts running. I grip around her shoulders with one hand as the other pulls down my hood. It felt amazing on her back as she ran through the pack lands.

We reach the oak woods without being spotted until two guards on border patrol notice us. They shift immediately. Adela had a disadvantage of me on her back, they would catch us. I had to do something.

A grey wolf emerged and came to our left. I grabbed an arrow throwing it in one of his front legs he slowed and finally stopped. Then a tan wolf came to our right and was close enough for me to stun him. That's when I saw the meadow. The meadow where it all started. The meadow where I met Adela.

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