The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Change- D R A G O N

Nillson's POV

We sit down in the small lounge area. Grace next to me on the loveseat whilst Donovan and Romana sit opposite. After hearing the news of Othorion and Adela's death we are all shocked and upset still wondering how two immortals can die from that weird scenario. I am the one to break the silence lingering in the room as I give full control to my bat.

Now go ahead say what you need to say.

'Hello if you didn't already know I am Nillson's other half but if you ask for my name I shall abandon this important news immediately. Just to make that clear.'

They all nod once now leaning in, concentrating and eager for some good news.

'There is a reason Othorion and Adela are dead and you...are not.'

'What do you mean and we are not!?' Donovan lashes out clenching his fists and growling lowly.

Romana reacts instantly taking his hand in hers and kissing his cheek to calm him. Thankfully this works and my bat continues.

'I am going to ask you children...what have you not finished, that they have?'

'What is the rubbish!? Our friends are dead and you're here playing stupid games with us this is...' Donavon rambles on now pacing the room in frustration as Romana chases after him trying to calm him down. My beautiful mate sits staring off into space thinking intensely. She looks so beautiful with her eyebrows scrunched in confusion but under the confusion is masses and masses of stress, weighing her down.

Give me control.

I get full control lifting Graces chin with my fingers and staring into her eyes. Her pink irises are cloudy and light and I fall into them getting lost. She stares back and then when she looks away blushing I see the mark on her neck and smile.

'I am so glad you are mine angel. Claiming you is the best decision I have ever made.'

I see her eyes relax and I am glad I have released her stress but as I go to kiss her cheek she lets out a shriek.


I jump back holding my ears in pain.

'What the hell Grace!'

'Sorry' She kisses my cheek running over to the angry couple who were still running around the room.

I walk over behind her still rubbing my head as it is still humming after Grace's reaction. Her shriek was definitely coming from her eagle.

'Guys' They continue walking. 'Guys!' Still nothing

'GUYS!' Grace and I shout at the same time. They turn to us still looking annoyed and stressed out.

'I worked it out. Can you give your bat control'

You heard mate. Take control.

'I beleive you called me.'

'Yes, now before I say what I think the answer is I have one question for Donovan and Romana.'

They nod motioning her to go ahead and she does.

'Have you two mated yet?'

'No, just marked why?'

'Then I beleive the reason we are not with Adela and Othorion is because we all haven't mated yet. Only marked'

'What a clever mate we have Nillson.'

Yes and beautiful. I say to him.

She just blushes and Donovan relaxes understanding more about the situation.

'So if we mate we die like Othorion and Adela? Why would we want that?' Romana speaks up crossing her arms.

'You shall see why. Now I have one last note or more like one last word to add.'

He pauses creating suspense.

Oh just get on with it! I tell him and he does.

'D R A G O N'

He spells it out slowly and leaves without letting any questions come flying his way. Then I have control again.


The words pierce into me like knives as I struggle to speak. What did it mean?

Donovan's POV

This bat is crazy. What does a Dragon have to do with...well pretty much anything? There are such things as supernatural shifters but never have I heard things such as Dragons. They are just made up fantasies.

I storm out of the room Romana hot on my heels but someone falls to the floor as I walk straight into them. I look down seeing Lillie flat out on the floor. Her eyes are puffy and red and she is extremely weak and pale. The death of her siblings is really hurting her and her wolf and I instantly snap out of my mood helping her up. But I'm not fast enough.

Jack helps her up growling at me to back up and I just growl back.

'What's wrong Jack?'

Romana speaks up holding my arm and rubbing it gently sending calm sensations around my body. She is the only person I will happily submit too and I am generally okay with that.

'It's Adela and Othorion. They've...they'

Nillson and Grace walk outside standing beside us.

'They've what?'


He turns around holding Lillie close and almost runs away leaving us speechless. We obviously catch up with him but instead of heading to the library, where they last rested, we headed outside the front of the pack house.

When we stepped out the door everything is blocked off. Warriors guarded the edge of the wooden barriers that had poorly and quickly been placed in a huge semi-circle. Pack members were curiously trying to look at the centre of the scene that held the motionless activity that was questioning everyone's brain to the ultimate limit.

Two figures lay on their sides split apart around the semi-circle. One of them was Othorion who has grown bigger, is glowing a bright light green and lies on the far right but slightly away from the pack house. The other is Adela. She is more near the middle of the curved area but slightly more to the left, glowing a deep purple and once again slightly bigger.

We all walk down into the centre of the area and start investigating. Grace asks Jack questions whilst Nillson tries to back some pack members away. I and Romana check over Othorion and Adela.

I walk over to Adela's glowing body and I realize instantly her heart is beating again very faintly. I let out a sigh of relief. She must be in some sort of coma.

Adela's alive

Romana turns around staring at me

So is Otho

I look back down at Adela looking for anything that has changed. Her skin is still pale, she still looks dead, she has a faint heartbeat. Without the heartbeat, she looks like a normal dead body at a crime scene. Just with less blood. Wait. Crime scenes. What do they do at crime scenes?

Check for clues. Duh

Okay, shut it Cratus. I knew that!

Yeah sure

I start looking around when I feel a tap on my shoulder.


'What's wrong?'

'Jack says they walked out here. Themselves.'

'They what? They weren't placed here?'

'No. People caught them walking here and just laying down in some weird formation.'

'Hey, guys! Look!'

My mate is kneeling on the floor by Otho's left arm. I jog over to her kneeling down. Otho's hand is clenched in a tight fist and I can see what has her concern. A scrunched up sheet of paper pokes out the top. The paper looks oily and tea stained like the kind get in a book.

I rip open his hand, which was quite a hard task, to be honest, and I flatten out the paper. It was a page from a book but as I go to read Nillson walks over with a stern face.

'Rory left a message'

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