The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Change- Connecting Souls

Each chosen son and daughter of the supernatural gods lay on their knees screaming in pain. People rushed over to them as they all tried to find out what’s wrong but they would never understand. Nobody would. Well...not yet.

What each of them did not know is at this specific time they are all combining together as one. As only two of them have completed the ceremony only two will go through the full amount of pain but the others must catch up soon to complete the plan. Or the consequences rise higher...



Adela screams out, stretching out a weak and shaky hand towards her fallen mate who she can hear from inside the pack house. Lillie who was at her feet gathers some help to lift Adela to her mate.

It was the most logical decision. If all hope was lost a werewolf's only hope is their mate.

She leans over kissing her sisters forehead a tear dripping down her cheek. She felt their family bond tearing up slowly and her wolf was already in a mess from Mark but now Adela too...

She shook her head wiping away the tears and reminding herself how strong she is. She will be fine. She just needs Othorion.

Othorion’s POV


I scream at the top of my lungs clinging onto the nearest chair. I was just reading in the library when I am thrown to the floor in the most painful manner. It was as if every single muscle in my body was being stretched to impossible lengths that should make them snap. I can feel my blood pump faster around my body and my bones are shaking inside of me making it torturous to move an inch without screaming in agony.

Then I felt her presence. My beautiful mate. I had heard her screaming from outside and I heard her suffering call out to me wanting my touch and comfort. I felt the same but couldn't find the strength to shout back. Thank goodness she was coming to me.

The door swings open as people come storming through holding Adela in their arms. She is bright red and her dark purple irises are almost blinding into mine as she looks down at me hopelessly. Her breathing is heavy as I can see her chest bounce up and down dramatically and all I want to do is hold her close and help her through this.

They place her at my feet and I can’t help myself as I shuffle over to her.


I scream in pain as I move my bones to touch her hand. She goes to do the same screaming with me. Her flushed fingers shake over to mine and when we finally touch I feel the sparks calm my pain slightly like water on a wild flame. It doesn’t stop the pain. But comforts it.

The audience of people obviously see this and go off into a conversation that I and Ade pay no attention to and can’t due to the headaches we are receiving. All I can think of is whispering to her.



‘..What’s happening to us?’

‘I-I don’t know..’

‘...I love you’

‘I-I love you too, my trespasser’

Then my body shut down. Quite suddenly actually. My eyes slammed closed after I took in my beautiful mate for the last time on this earth and I smiled with my final drops of strength knowing I would be with her soon. I went limp falling to the ground flat, but I didn’t care nor cry inside. I wasn’t alone. I had my Adela. I had my mate.

Donovan’s POV

There were maybe 7-8 of them carrying me as I roared in pain. I am so confused. Where was this pain coming from? It was everywhere. Every inch of my flesh was in sharp burning pain as my bones melted at its intense pressure and my muscles started to stretch.


I roared as Cratus came forward obviously feeling the same. I slowly move my head to my left seeing my princess being carried, by thankfully only females, and in the same intense pain. Her skin is burning red as her bright golden eyes blazed looking like the morning suns but as much as I found her beautiful I knew she was in extreme pain and that took away the loving feelings it gave me.

We reached our destination and I am dropped carefully to the floor. I lift my head gently seeing a sight I thought I would never see. The dead bodies of Adela and Othorion holding hands with pale white faces.


I roared out as I see the two people I considered my brother and sister lying motionless before my eyes. As salty water flows from my burning eyes I feel a body rest against my side. Sparks soothe my skin as I see Romana lying in pain as an uncomfortable and sad aura washes around her eyes. We were all family and even if she knew them for hardly a week. She shared my loss.

I reach my hand out to Adela and I expected my bones to scream for me to stop but a fire burned at my fingertips as if asking me to continue. So I do. When her pale skin connects with my fingers the pain only gets worse but I don’t remove my fingers as the connection they had kept me glued to the spot.

I feel my body weaken and I knew I didn't have long left so I use is wisely

’Te amo princessa'

She kisses my cheek whispering back.

'Te amo osito de peluche'

But as I go to close my eyes the pain stops like someone just flicked a switch. My body feels so normal I question whether it happened or not. I even bring my hand up to my face inspecting it.

'We're alive!' Romana screams out.

I look over at my mate her face now calmed and her eyes softer as relief spreads across her face forming a smile. I bring her to me holding her tight and then I kiss her soft lips as she kisses back. We are alive...but not everyone made it with us.

Then Romana pulls back gasping in shock.

'We need to find Nillson and Grace'

Nillson's POV

The pain stopped. The people who were carrying me put me to the floor and I rush over to Grace holding her tight. She erupts into tears and I almost do the same knowing full well we were on the edge of being dead once again.

'It's okay. It's okay' I rub her back in soothing motions.

We need to talk

Why do you speak to me at all the wrong times?

It is the right time. Get the others they need to know this. It's important.

And as if they could hear him as well Donovan and Romana come running around the corner.

'Thank god you guys are alive!'

'Yeah, we're fine. But we all need to talk, my bat says it's for all of us. He knows something. So do you know where Adela and Otho are?'

His head drops and I can sense the sadness drown out his relieved expressions. I pull Grace tighter to my side as I have a slight idea at what had happened but I couldn't be right. Adela was strong and so was Othorion there was no-

'They're dead.'

Well that was a straight up answer.

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