The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Mate Bonds

Donovan’s POV

I go to press the rod against Rory’s collar when I am punched hard around the face. I fall to the floor and the rod happens to fall on my bare arm and I scream in pain. It melts my skin leaving me in excruciating pain.

A figure looks down at me and somehow I’m not surprised to see him. Grant.

‘Thought it would be that easy to take my hellhound did you? Pathetic creature’

He moves from my sight leaving me to scream in pain. Damn him! He will pay!

Cratus pushes forwards taking control as I shift pushing the metal rod away from my chest. I roar in relief as my skin cools and I knew from then on I would have a scar from that for sure.

I get to my feet running outside following Grants scent. I pash Adela and Othorion who are screaming after me but ignore them. All I see right now is red and nobody would get in my way.

I follow the scent to the main road and I go running up into the mountains when something or should I say someone pounces in front of me.

A huge golden leopard with perfect black speckles patterning it all over. Its golden eyes are blazing like two bright suns that show kindness to her face and her chest is marked with a bold black Celtic sign. But that’s not the only reason I knew to back down. Her smell was the same sour lemon and paprika that excited my senses. It had to be Romana.

We relaxed in her presence and Cratus walked over to Fides rubbing his head in her neck as if saying sorry. She was just as beautiful in her other form and we growled happily as we celebrate our beautiful mate.

She shifts back and we follow embracing her in a hug and whispering into her neck.

Gracias' Thank you

'No hay problema mi osito de peluche' No problem my teddy bear

'Te amo princessa' I love you princess

'Y te amoAnd I love you

Then without even thinking my fangs start to grow. She watches them and seems to understand, but I dont.

'What's happening?'

She steps closer and starts kissing my neck softly and I shiver when she kisses where my neck and shoulder meet.

'Let me show you'

Fangs rip into my neck and at first, it's extremely painful but then I feel the connection like our blood was mixing together. I could feel her emotions and feelings. We are becoming stronger. My fangs are now huge and I feel the urge to do the same but I'm still not sure. However, when her hand pushes my head down to her neck I know she wants me to do the same. So I do. It feels much better than receiving as I feel her blood mixing in my mouth. It was not bitter but sweet and I can feel her loving the connection that we now have.

She rips her fangs out of me licking the mark it has made and I do the same to mine pulling back and kissing her forehead.

'What did we just do?' I ask her.

'We are marked as soulmates for eternity'

I have marked her. She is always mine and I loved that just as much as loving her.

Ellie's POV

'NO!' I hold him closer to my chest as I sob into what remains of his broken body. I may not be a werewolf myself but I definitely feel the pain. A burning flame turning our love to ashes leaving behind the traces of smoke, the only thing we can remember it by. All I think about is how I can go on without him. I can't is the answer.

A hand is placed on my shoulder and I know it must be Adela as she sits down by me holding Mark's hand in hers. She sheds some tears kissing his hand and walking away leaving me to mourn and I am grateful.

I cry more and then realize the state he's in. It wasn't pretty and so I decided to clean it up. I washed up the blood puddles and cleaned his body down or more like piecing it back together like a jigsaw as his limbs are all over the place. When he was as clean as I could manage I dressed him in fresh clothes and placed a fresh bouquet of flowers, that I found in the pack gardens, in his hands.

Then I stared at him a bit longer. I smiled at him laying by his side and stroking his hair. I love him so much that I knew what I was doing was right.

I ripped my shirt placing the cold metal against my chest. I closed my eyes and said my final words.

'I love you Mark'

Then I pushed straight through. Being a doctor I knew exactly where my heart is and that the death would be painless as I would be dead before I even felt the knife. Now you're expecting the sad and upset girl realizing she has made a mistake but not me. I felt happier.Calmer.

So as my eyes opened again and I find myself in a room with Mark sitting huddled up in a ball crying I do the only thing that comes to mind. Embrace him.

He's shocked at first but soon takes me in his arms holding me close.

'Why did you do it?' He whispers in my ear.

'I can't live without you, Mark. You're all I have'

'I love you'

'I love you too'

Adela's POV

I walk back outside after hearing of Rory being taken by Grant and Donovan and Romana marking. A lot has just happened and I need a break. Then I remember leaving Ellie outside with Mark and I walk over to where my lifeless brother lay and standing shocked at the scene in front of me.

Now on the floor lay not only Mark but now Ellie who has a knife pushed straight through her heart. They are both holding hands and I see the smile that is still on Ellie's face. And I smile back.

They will be happy. The death of my brother now lightened on my shoulders as I know that if he doesn't have me, at least he has Ellie.

I go to walk away when I notice the strip of paper hanging off of the knife and I grab it looking at it to find Ellie's handwriting.


Find her - she's important

Alexis Reid

2488942532 (Random number BTW)

Tell Rory about her daughter and tell her you know about me. Give her this and she will help you.


At the bottom is a picture of Ellie and a woman with black medium lengthed hair green eyes and freckles. They are laughing in the photo holding a baby together at the screen and I realized that Ellie must have delivered her baby.

All of a sudden a huge pain errupts from my stomach and I feel myself wanting to vomit. I turn away collapsing to my knees as I scream in pain. What's happening to me?

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