The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Adela's POV

He was here. I have managed to avoid him for so long but now there was nowhere to go. Otho stood protectively in front of me glaring at my father and I swear I even heard a growl. Donovan and Romana were now here but Mark and Lillie were still looking for Alpha Elroy.

He wasn't alone. With him were a group of werewolves and two figures lying unconscious on the floor. A girl with blonde hair and a boy with black hair to be precise. He had a stupid smirk on his face and all I wanted to do was rip him to pieces there and then. But that would be stupid and useless.


The Alpha came running down outside followed by Mark, Lillie and a group of warriors. These must be the final couple but Grant had them. Oh no.

'It's lovely of you to join us, Alpha Elroy!'


'Just tranquilizer don't worry, she will be awake soon to join the fun!' He smiled and then caught his eyes with Mark and Lillie. 'And what a family reunion it is!'

Mark growled deeply and I see Ellie hold his hand calming him.

'This must be your famous mate. The one who you gave up everything for. Pathetic. I never even got to meet her'

'You wouldn't have cared anyway! You never did!'

Mark shouted back.

'True. You are still that weak wolf who doesn't know when to respect those above him!'

'I have respect for you!'


Lillie shouted sobbing slightly. Poor Lillie hates shouting. Mum always called her the angel who stopped all conflicts. And it was true.

'Lillie dear, I heard about your little escape. I'm disappointed. I thought you loved your pack?'

'You know I hated that job father. I just wanted to make you proud' she sobbed more 'but you never noticed me'

She looks over at me and I almost burst into tears myself. Lillie had told me time and time again about how I was the favorite. I never excepted nor believed it until now. And somehow I convinced myself it was all my fault.

'Ah yes, my favorite child. Alpha Adela.'

'I am no Alpha father!'

'Oh, but you will be. You will want to be Alpha or I will take away every reason not to be Alpha. It is what you were born to be!'

I shake my head tears running down my face. Othorion looks at me sympathetically and broken. He feels my pain.

'We will take the hard way then'

He motions a hand towards the guards and some walk off.

'What are you doing?'

Othorion asks, but he receives no answer.

Everyone huddles up together nervous for what is to come. I still couldn't get over that I'm scared of my own father. He can take all that I love away from me in a heartbeat and leave me a depressed and worthless Alpha for the rest of my life. He could do it. But would he?

The men return with a metal box and drop it between us opening the hatch. The door swings open revealing a shaggy black wolf almost like my own with brown eyes and a huge metal collar strangling his neck tightly. He looked confused and scared looking around at the crowds of people.

'Do you know who this is my daught-'


Mark interrupts stepping forwards in front of the wolf who is now between him and Grant.

'We stole her from her father at a young age! Her father was your friend who asked you for help! Instead, you took her for power!' He turns around staring at me with pleading eyes.

'Ade he knew all along. He knew you were different. He won't stop until you are Alpha. You have to complete th-'

The wolf pounced at Mark from behind wrapping his teeth around Mark's neck and ripping at his throat. I watched in horror unable to move as the wolf slowly ripped Mark into shreds.

'As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. This is my new experiment. Isn't it beautiful? We cloned the immortal blood from you making a replica. Rory. Your cloned brother'

I almost vomited at the word brother. Mark was my brother. Mark will always be my brother.

'You monster! You just killed your own son!'

He just laughed like the crazy and evil villain he was walking over to the unconscious figures.

'Now next people to die are these lovebirds here. I'm guessing you know who they are? If-'

They both spring up punching Grants face and then heading to the werewolf soldiers. We all joined the fight. All fighting for different reasons. For The Plan. For our mates. Our brothers. Friends. A new future.

Rory's POV

I am so confused. I did my job but there was still conflict. I walk away from the battlefield standing and watching at the side. My master Grant is nowhere to be seen and I growl knowing he has left his warriors to die.

We would surely lose. We are apparently up against immortal blood. Immortal.

I can't wait to tell Lana about this. Lana. I'm going to miss the next blood moon with her if they don't let me come back. God, please let me at least see Lana.

Someone grabs my collar and I don't move thinking it's my master but when I look up I see the girl from earlier.

She looked furious and I understand why. I basically just killed her brother.

'You. Did you do that on purpose?'

I stare at her emotionless. How do I answer that?


She shouts and I obey. She was drenched in dominance that was growing even more dramatically from her anger. Yes, she definitely immortal.

'No. He makes me'

She just stares then looks down to my collar. Her eyes go black and a man runs over.

'Come with me'

He drags me off into the pack house and I look up at him. Brown hair and orangey red eyes. I took in his scent. I've smelt it before. Bear.

'What are you going to do?'

'Remove that torture device'

'How did you know?'

'It's Grant.'

I nod looking down again. My master didn't show any mercy for anyone. Not even his own son. But why? Why was that girl so important?

'So by the looks of it, we may have to burn through this. It will hurt but if Grant was correct in saying you have a cloned immortal blood type so you should be okay'

Wow super reliable there. You should be okay but you never know.

He sits me on a stool and picks up a bright red metal rod. It was sizzling in front of me like a snake ready to bite into my neck and see if I will live or die. This could be the end.

'Ready kid?'


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