The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Osito de Peluche

Nillson’s POV

Grace says we are in Alaska which is apparently apart of another place called the USA. This is where Grace was born and raised by her dad mostly, but also her mum.

It is a beautiful place filled with all sorts of amazing scenery that I don’t know where to look next. I know the basics of things but Grace has taught me so much more in the time of only a day. Knowing that made me love her more.

‘We should set camp here’

I drop down leaning on a tree and Grace cuddles into me, her head on my chest. Her breathing is even and soft as the sparks between us raise our attraction.

She looks up at me. Even though it’s dark in the woods her bright pink eyes brighten the world around us. She was so strong but innocent. So beautiful but so confusing. It was something I would never get tired of feeling.


She whispers. Her hand rubbing my cheek lightly.


‘What do you think this plan leads to?’

I sit there for a while thinking. The sounds of crickets and insects fill the silence of our conversation as I come up with an answer.

‘A new start.’

‘I-I’m scared Nil’

Her face drops down and I take her chin in one hand making her face me whilst my other hand brushes through her hair.

‘Sh, Sh. I am never leaving you, meaning you will never leave me. I am always here. Always’

I kiss her cheek pulling her close to me. My eyes start to close as I sit there enjoying the sparks between us. At first, I thought she was asleep but then she spoke up once again.

‘Does marking hurt?’

‘I-I don’t know I’ve never tried. Why?’

I stutter slightly in embarrassment. She looks up at me sitting up on her knees.

‘I just keep trying to fall asleep but Hebe keeps going on about marking you and it’s driving me crazy.’

I understand her frustration but my bat hasn’t spoken to me since I started breathing. I didn’t even know my bat’s name, but he was there.

I lean forwards kissing her lightly.

‘So you’re trying to say that we should mark each other now so my angel can get her beauty sleep’

She blushes, looking to the floor.

‘Well...if you don’t want to its fine I-’

I start kissing her neck and she stops talking giving me more access. She shudders at the spot joining her neck and shoulders meaning I have found her weak spot.

‘You sure angel?’

She just nods lightly and I bite down. She screams at first but it dies down and I can feel us connecting in pure pleasure. Before I can even remove my fangs her teeth are in my neck and pain bursts from the bite. I bite down harder into her but relax when the pain vanishes into a heartwarming pull. It really did feel like she and I were now connected and I loved it.

I remove my teeth kissing the scar that it left and she does the same to mine.


I ask looking down at her. She lifts her head smiling at me adorably.


She kisses me softly and then going back to her usual position against my chest.

‘Sweet dreams angel, I’ll take first watch’

I wake up quickly realizing I fell asleep. I am meant to be taking the first watch but sleep was fighting with me and so far winning.

It was pitch black so nothing was in sight which made matters only much worse. All I could do is use my hearing.

You have good hearing you know

What the ..! You freaked the hell out of me!


Why did you ignore me?

I just left you to it. Congrats on marking Grace by the way

Yeah thanks, apparently Hebe was getting frustrated. Oh and I still don’t know your name. Why will you not tell me? We are basically the same person now.

Its complicated


A twig. I search around trying to find where it came from. I carefully move Grace’s head getting up to investigate.


Somebody was definitely here but who?

‘I have a loaded gun at her head. If you move she’s dead’

A whisper crawls over from behind me and me being the idiot I am moved to look and then-


The gun goes off.

Romana’s POV

He had the same strategy as me. Wait until the opponent takes their first hit. Either that or he didn’t want to hit me.

His eyes never left mine and I had to hold back a blush just telling myself he was concentrating and definitely not checking me out.

But then he went for a hit. His fist went for my left cheek but I caught it going to kick his balls. But he was faster. He kicked my knees making me drop his fist and fall to the floor. Time to use some innocence.

I started breathing heavier looking down hugging my legs in pain. Just as I expected he reached his hand out to help me and I took it pulling him down. I straddled his waist looking down at his shocked look with a smirk.

‘I win’

I whisper in his ear.

But another surprise took place as he flipped me over holding me down under him. His face was inches from mine as he now straddled me. Our expressions swapped and I was now the one with my mouth catching flies whilst he was brightly smiling.

‘I believe the rules are: whoever gets their opponent down first wins. You were first down princess and I believe you owe me something’

I smirk back at him and sit up touching his lips with mine. It was amazing feeling the electricity spark between us as he loosened his grip. This was my chance.

I pushed him off of me and walked out the ring. I know it hardly hurt him but it was enough to get him off. I can feel him running after me and I fasten my pace back to my room. I get to the door but I struggle at the lock giving him enough time to reach me.

He spins me around staring at me. A smirk on his face still. Why did I have to find it so cute?

‘You’re stronger than you look you know. Do you do boxing a lot?’

‘Yeah, it’s how I got money for my mum...'

I drift off making it awkward. Oh no, think, think, think. What do I say! Are my palms sweaty? Is my ponytail okay? Am I blushing too much? I bet I look horrible.

Ugh calm down with you and speak!

You're right Fides. I've never been so nervous in my life. What is this mate bond doing to me?

'I enjoy it but I’m only good from these leopards traits’

I look down to my feet but he lifts my chin with his hand. He shakes his head his smirk replaced with concern.

‘With or without these leopard traits you are an amazing boxer.’

Then I couldn’t take it. I embraced him in a hug crying into his bare chest and he held me close rubbing circles into my back. He cared about me. He was the first person to care about me and I was planning to push him away...reject him. I could never. With or without this plan, bond or supernatural trait I could never leave the man who flew all over America to find me.

It came over me how I felt and without any control, my feelings flew straight out of my mouth in the only way I felt comfortable saying them. In my language.

’Te amo, mi osito de peluche’

’Te amo, mi princesa’

I break apart from him looking him in the eyes.

¿Hablas español?'

He nods. Stroking the hair around my eyes back into my ponytail.

'I like the nickname. Why did you pick it?'

I shrug mumbling my response. I have never been nervous but here I am not looking someone in the eye and mumbling my response out of embarrassment. I was usually the one receiving this.

'On the outside, you act like the strong bear you are but on the inside, you care so much about people. You care about me. You are someone to hold and keep close to me. Someone to protect me when I can't sleep, someone who listens and understands me, someone...who I love. Just like a teddy bear. My teddy bear'

He kisses my cheek and I look up at him smiling.

'I love you too, mi princesa'

I went to speak again but someone came running up the staircase almost tripping over the carpets.


I look down the corridor seeing Othorion. He is sweating and looks extremely worried.

'What's wrong?'

Don asks now holding my hand tightly with reassurance and I squeeze back thankful for the gesture.

'It's Grant'

Who's Grant?

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