The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Boxer Lovers

Donovan's POV

I haven't done boxing in a while now and it has definitely been something I have missed.

This is all your fault Cratus!

What do you mean my fault?

If you didn't have that stupid breakdown about our mate we would still be boxing.

Oh come on, we both know that she was worth waiting for.

Okay, I had to agree. Our mate was 100% worth all the pain. She is so perfect for us and we had only met her yesterday.

I walk into the gym going straight to the punching bags and squaring up. It felt amazing feeling the impact of the leather against my fists and I am surprised to see that I feel stronger rather than weaker.

It's from our mate. She makes us stronger.

Well, that's new information. You really don't tell me anything, do you?

It's more fun to watch you find out

I can feel the stares of some eagles who had probably started their morning work out. They must be warriors, but they were nowhere near as strong as me and Cratus. My hands aren't even strapped up or in gloves as I can hardly feel the pain from my hits.

I furiously continue throwing punches and jogging on a spot till the bag accidentally, I repeat accidentally, falls to the ground in two. Oops.

I stand there staring at it and a weird feeling takes over me. No, it wasn't because of the attention. It was a smell. The smell of paprika and sour lemon, to be exact, and it was amazing. Romana. She was here

I looked up seeing her there staring hungrily for a moment and then saw every other male doing the same.

I growl protectively and they all shift their attention back to training.

Romana's POV

I walk down the stairs greeting Adela, Lillie, Othorion, and Jack who were sitting together around the breakfast bar.

'Hey, Ro!'

Jack greets me and everyone gives me a smile motioning for me to sit.

'How is everyone this morning?'

'Fine, I guess'

Lillie answers without hesitation, her expression seeming quite annoyed as she plays with her hair.

'Really babe you're still mad?'

Jack says looking over to her. She just looks up at him and before I could say anything at all an argument forms.

Jack and Lillie start shouting loudly and interrupting each other's sentences making it impossible to understand what the problem even was.

'Sorry Romana, they've been doing this for hours'

Adela turns to me whilst still being held comfortably in Othorion's arms. It reminded me of Donovan and Fides started getting fidgety wanting our mate. We haven't seen him since yesterday and it was really affecting us. A LOT.

'What's it about?'

This time Othorion speaks up, looking away from the crazy couple who were still furiously shouting at the top of their lungs, and joining our conversation.

'Jack said that it will be hard for them as a couple because of their different species and all that. And Lillie freaked out saying he was rejecting her. Honestly, it's probably just because she hasn't been marked yet and the heat is nearly here'

I nod understanding both Jack and Lillie's point but then it hit me. What was the heat?'

'Wait what's the heat?'

'Oh, it's when female shifters who have found their mate but not completed the mating process go through extreme pain that apparently burns like fire. Sounds awful if you ask me'

Wow. That did sound awful and unfair. Us girls had our lady problems and now we had extra worries at being forced into mating by extreme heat burning our skin. I am so going to be speaking to my father about this. These shifters can be so sexist towards the women, or maybe it's just my feminism side coming through...

'So if it makes mating faster, does it still affect half gods?'

'Well yeah, I guess so. We are still half of a normal shifter'

I nod again slowly letting it all sink in. If the heat was coming soon then I didn't have long to try and avoid it. I am a strong girl but the pain Adela described sounded cruel and torturous.

It really is, we need to find him




Wow. That was harsh.

Jack just slammed his lips on hers and an achy feeling burned through my heart.


Jack was still my half mate and I still had feelings for him which really didn't help when we were trying to move on with our true mate. God, why are things so complicated?!

'Uh..where is Donovan?'

Adela and Othorion look over to me smiling brightly.

'In the gym, I think. He said he wanted to catch up on his boxing'

I blush when Adela gives me a thumbs up as I walk back to my room changing into a black sports bra and matching yoga pants, plaiting my hair to one side.

Now to go find our mate.

It wasn't too hard as Fides remembered his smell very well, fresh toast and cinnamon. It led to a huge room surrounded by glass so I could peer through. It was packed with warriors but only one man stood out to me. Donovan.

He was furiously punching at a bag whilst jumping around on his feet. Sweat dripped from his messy brown hair and his bright orange eyes were ablaze with sparks of adrenaline and strength. He was shirtless like the other warriors and wearing black tennis shorts and trainers. He was WAY too distracting.

I was too busy checking him out to notice the broken punching bag that now lay at his feet. Wow, that was impressive.

Fides started jumping with joy as watched our mate. He really was perfect for us.

Wait...what? I had walked inside the room without even thinking. The attraction I had to this man had pulled me in the room without even knowing (that is definitely the cheesiest thing I have ever said). What the hell was he doing to me?

He and the other warriors stare at me hungrily, until Donovan growls at them all making them quickly go back to their activities. I just ignore them walking over to the boxing ring that already had a cue for practice fights. I could feel him still watching my every move so I decided to have a bit of fun.

I swayed my hips slightly when I wasn't facing him and stretched out just to annoy him a bit more. I mentally laugh when I sense his anger knowing that so far it was working. The cue got shorter and shorter and then it was my turn in the ring.

I step inside ignoring the boxing gloves to my right.

'You sure about that sweetheart?'

'The real question is: Are you?'

I say looking up at my opponent for the first time. Slim but muscular with black hair and hazel eyes. I could tell he didn't believe that I stood any chance which made me smirk knowing that I could easily kill him in seconds. Don't worry I won't go that far. I'll give him some chance.

A whistle blows and surprisingly more people have gathered around us.

He throws a punch at my face which I dodge, easily ducking down and kicking his legs making him drop to the ground.

I stand back waiting for him to get up and I take a look up at the crowd of warriors. Their faces full of shock and some even held respect. It really honored me to see that.

'So the leopard has some moves'

'Better moves than you by the looks of it'

He just chuckled now on his feet walking out of the ring.

I can feel his eyes on me and an amazing idea comes to mind. If this didn't get a reaction out of him I don't know what will.

I stand in the center of the ring shouting:

'Whoever beats me gets a kiss!'

Donavon's POV

I didn't know whether to be proud or annoyed. My mate was here kicking every single warrior's ass as they all tried to beat her in the ring. I watched every match just to make sure none of them ended up winning her kiss. Even if they did win they would be getting nothing. She was mine.

I could tell she did this on purpose just to tease me or was it to get my attention?

God girls are confusing. They literally speak a different language.

She kicks the last guy in the nose and he falls to the floor in pain.

Mate is so perfect

Do remember any of these jerks here have a chance at kissing her Cratus

Then why aren't you there stopping it


Oh, come on Donovan don't be stupid. Volunteer to fight her and win her kiss!

Cratus you are a genius.

He laughs lightly in my head brightening my spirits and I walk over to the ring dropping the weights I have been lifting.

'Who's next?' She shouts fixing her plaited hair.

'I'll try'

I speak up and she turns her head to me making me gulp. She smiles making me smile back and I walk up into the ring joining her.

A new sense of confidence comes over me as she readies herself obviously affected by my presence.

I felt the same but I kept reminding myself of the winner's prize making me smile bigger probably making me look stupid but oh well.

The whistle blows. Her eyes meet mine. And we start circling each other around the ring.

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