The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Nillson's POV

I stood staring into another death room. An elderly woman and man stood in an embrace. They had both died side by side together. Looking at them reminded me of Grace. Her voice echoing through my head making me smile...and I never smile. Ever since I first saw her, I fell in love. She was beautiful inside and out. My heart broke at what I had just done.


I don't turn knowing that it's her. The voice of an angel. so pure. so innocent.

She stands beside me watching the couple look through their memories. I take a risk looking at her face. Still full of hurt but I'm shocked at how she seems so understanding. Her eyes are at this moment glued to the people inside the room, she was in awe of it. Like me.

'Grace... I-I'm s-'

'I get it'

'You do?'

She turns to face me. I can see her eyes clearly now, red and puffy. She's been crying. I hate the guilt that comes over me. I've hurt her.

'You have never, ever lived before. It can be scary I guess. A bit like when...people don't want to die.'

She takes a deep breathe looking down at her feet.

'I'm just hoping you only rejected me because of that and not because of me. If I'm not good enough just-'

'You are more than good enough Grace. Heck, you are the only person who has ever and I mean ever made me smile. You are the only person I have ever cared about. And you will be the only person, through death and living, that I will ever love. I love you, Grace. I'm afraid that as soon as I'm living you will feel different. I can't lose you'

She stares at me. Her eyes are unreadable. Damn it Grace say something!

I run my hand through my hair nervously and look down to my feet. The silence goes on until she clears her throat.

'I will not accept your rejection Nillson nor will I ever. You are the only man that has ever cared about me in this way. You are the only man that makes me nervous, in a good way. You are the kindest, strongest and the most understanding man I have ever met so if you think I'm giving you up for anyone else you are wrong. You are mine. And I am yours. Through death and living. I love you'

I look over to her seeing a fresh tear leave her eye. I wipe it away with my thumb and caress her cheek.

'I love you too, my angel'

I kiss her softly and she kisses me back. Her hands brush through my hair slowly as one of my hand strokes her cheek whilst the other pulls her closer.

We break apart to catch our breath staring at each other.

'Let's go'

She scrunches her eyebrows which makes me smile. She looks so cute!


'To the living'

She smiles at me embracing me in a hug and I swing my arms around her holding her tight.

'Thank you'

She whispers.

I hold her hand trying not to add too much force but I can't seem to loosen my grip. I'm so nervous.

I stand in front of my father or more like creator, for the last time.

'You have done well my son. Going to the living is the only way to finish what your fellow half-gods have started.'

He turns to Grace smiling.

'Your mother sends you farewell. Oh and remember, once the ceremony is complete all is complete'

She nods confidently and I look over to her confused.


I snap my head back to him. He smiles at me sadly and then doing something that would shock anyone.

He hugs me. I stood shocked for a moment before patting his back and hugging back. We break apart staring at each other with now emotionless faces. My vision starts to go dark but before I am left blind, he says one last thing.

'Remember to inhale'

Darkness. Something I have always been so comfortable around but never have I ever been surrounded by it alone. I was so used to the dead and my father to be accompanying me but now I was all alone.

...Well, that's what I thought.


Uhhh who is this

Your bat, remember we are coming to life?

I forgot, my other half would finally be with me. I would finally have the part that all shifters adored. Their second opinion. Their second half. Their second self.

So I'm a vampire?

Yes, you always were. Now you will be waking up soon so be prepared. I will be back when your breathing has settled but you need to concentrate.

Wait! What's your name?

Silence. He's already gone.

Light blinding my eyes lids as my eyes open with no control. I'm coughing violently as I choke not knowing what to do. What is this breathing thing?

Grace runs over to me, distressed.

'Nil, Nil remember. Breath. Breath'

I'm still struggling as I panic not knowing what to do. I thought it would come naturally to me but it just seems more like eating. I have to teach myself.

'Inhale Nil. In. Breath in.'

She puts one hand on my shoulder and shock waves burst through my arm. Then I do it. I inhale. Then exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Wow, it felt much more satisfying than what I expected. Cold soft air traveling through my nose and mouth. A feeling I had only watch drift away but never start up all over again.

Grace wraps her arms around me pushing me down to the floor. I grunt and she gets back up in shock.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just thought I lost you there. We only just got here didn't want to see you leave'

I chuckle at her worried face. She cared for me so much. Just like she promised.

'I would never leave you, my angel'

Here I am. A creation made to work with no air trapped to watch others around me play the game of life and death and now. Now I'm in the game.

I'm breathing in the game of life.

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