The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Meeting

Third person

Adela runs into Mark and Lillie's arms embracing them in a huge hug, whilst Donovan runs up to his mate.

Everyone else stands in shock at the scene taking place. They were all finally here. Well...not all of them.

'Ade, I-I have a mate'

Adela breaks apart looking at Lillie. Behind her stood a man with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was slightly taller than Lillie and was very dominant. And I mean VERY.

'He's an Alpha'

Lillie nods and Jack wraps his arms around Lillie lovingly.

Adela smiles at her sister's happiness but Lillie isn't the only one. To the other side of Adela Mark has his arm wrapped around a woman the same height as him. She has ginger hair and brown eyes that matched her freckled face.

'This is Ellie my human mate and Lillie's mate over there is Alpha Jack'

Adela nods still smiling like an idiot. Everything was perfect.

Well, not everything.

Donovan had approached Romana but she still hasn't said a word. She just stared at him with an emotionless face. So unreadable. So...uninterested.


He says as he steps closer to her, his voice strong with lust and desire. The woman in front of him was everything he had imagined and more, but why was she saying nothing.

'I think we need to all sit down and discuss this'

Alpha Elroy speaks up and everyone but Donovan and Romana looks at him forgetting he was even there.

He turns around walking inside and everyone follows, however, leaving Donovan and Romana still glued in the same position.

Romana's POV

I am shook. Jack's mother was right. The bond I had with Jack was strong but this....was unbearable. I have told myself multiple times before I met him that I wouldn't fall for him but how could I not?

His messy brown hair and blazing orangey eyes where just so perfect. He had a muscular figure which was so close to mine I was struggling to breathe.

He smelt of fresh toast in the morning along with sweet cinnamon. And all I wanted to do was bring him closer to me and bite down into his n-


We will not be apart of his plan! We will not mark him!

Oh, come on! You know you want to

Shut it Fides!

It's true though

I unstick my feet from the ground walking away but before I can even reach the door a hand grabs my arm spinning me around in shock. Lightning bolts numb my arm as pleasuring tingles erupted throughout my body. He lets go staring at me but I want him to touch me again.

It was addictive.

Damn it Fides why are you always right!

Before Fides can answer I wrap my arms around his nack embracing him in a hug. He responds by ugging me back tightly.

Hehehe told you!

'I have waited so long for you Romana'

My body shivers when he says my name but it also causes my heart to melt when I realize he has been desperately trying to find me.

'What is your name?'

I break away looking at his fiery eyes. Getting lost in them.


I smile at such a strong and powerful name. Such a perfect name for my perfect mate.

'I am so happy to find you, Donovan'

He smiles before kissing me gently with passion and desire. I would have never thought the mate bond to be so strong, but with all this waiting I couldn't fight it any longer.

We break apart looking at each other adoringly before I say.

'We should head inside'

He nods wrapping an arm around my waist as we follow the others inside.

Adela's POV

'So we all know about the Change and we all understand that there are six gods and goddesses who came together for it. Am I correct?'

Everyone nods.

'So there should be six half gods to complete the plan however we only have four. Grace, Alpha Elroy's daughter is dead-'

'I am afraid that is wrong, Adela'

I look at him confused. What did he mean that was wrong? It was all over the news.

'She is in the underworld with her mate'

Everyone gasps and starts whispering to each other.


Othorion says and nod mouthing thank you.

'So there we have it. Our final two half-gods are in the underworld. But how do they come to us?'

I look around the room for someone to suggest an answer when Donovan and Romana walk inside obviously overhearing our conversation as Donovan speaks up.

'I think we need to come to them'

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