The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Family Reunion

Adela’s POV

I relaxed laying my head into Otho’s shoulder. Sometimes I forgot about everyone else and all I saw was him. His soft and kind features, his cute dimples that decorated his face perfectly, his messy but so soft hair and his perfect breathing that always sent me into a calm, safe and peaceful sleep. Nothing has ever felt better.

He moves his head down kissing the side of my head and wrapping a protective and muscular arm around my waist pulling me closer.

‘Come on everyone we are nearly at the eagles we should get going.’

Ollie stood up from the cafe chair dropping some money on the table, waiting for our response.

Donovan just walks out still tense and struggling to control his anger through his clenched fists. I’ve tried so hard to comfort him through these painful days but then I think of being away from Otho knowing he was attracted to another girl and I understand. Jealousy drowns out any kind of humane thoughts I have leaving my blood boiling hotter than I thought was possible. It was honestly horrible and I congratulate him for keeping the control he has.

We had to find his mate fast, but did she want him? I don’t want to see Don get hurt. I’m just hoping the eagles will have some answers or at least help us in any way. We have come so far for this opportunity and nobody was prepared for a rejection, but we all felt it coming.


It just brought back memories of the day I found freedom. Or more like the freedom found me. Othorian was my freedom, and he found me. I ran away with him rejecting the role that I was never destined for and most certainly never wanted. My dad still out there looking, my mum and Lillie probably alone running the pack and Mark with his new mate happily out of dads way in peace. The peace I wanted with Otho. One day we would have it.

Then a thought hit me. Otho never exactly talked to me about his family. I knew his mum was the goddess of wisdom and the queen of the forest elves, but his dad was never really mentioned. I remember his dad clearly. He was a dominant elf who looked very similar to Otho but extremely different at the same time. He must be king but that’s all I know. Hmm. I thought ‘I should ask him at some point’

Someone starts shaking my shoulder softly but I keep my eyes closed. eyes are closed. When did I fall asleep?

‘Ade. Ade. We’re at the eagles now. You can wake up’

I recognize Otho’s voice and I flutter my eyes open seeing the pack house in front of me. I looked up seeing a clearance of trees and in the center was a huge white mansion with golden pillars and gates. Surrounding it was some modern small apartment looking huts which matched the color theme of white and gold. There was even golden fairy-lights decorating the trees and rooftops. It was so magical and innocent.

Otho drops me to the floor slowly and I realize I was in his arms.

‘You carried me here?’

‘Of course, I did’

He smiles at me and I respond by pecking his lips softly.

‘What do you want?’

A guard approaches the gate looking very annoyed and protective. Before Donovan can open his mouth I stepped forward. Donovan talking was definitely not going to end well.

‘We have come for help. My friend here is looking for his mate. It is a very important matter. We wish to see your Alpha’

He looks at me with a cold glare and I see Othorian get angry by his disrespect.

‘What is the important matter?’

‘The Change is the important matter, I and my friends all posses god and goddess blood.’

The guard immediately understands opening the gate. They must be expecting us.

Donovan, me and Otho take the lead with Ollie, Lucas and Donovans protectors behind us.

The guard leads us through the village where people roaming the streets stop and stare at the variety of shifters standing proudly side by side. Many here wouldn’t even dare leave the safety of their pack let alone see more shifters.

We reached the pack house but not expecting the Alpha along with another group of shifters already outside the door.

‘Alpha Elroy, more god blooded visitors have arrived. ’

The guard walked away giving us full view of the people in front of me.

It all happened so fast.

Donovan first.


Ollie next.


Then me.

‘Mark?! Lillie?!’

Lillie’s POV (1 day before)

I was currently running around the pack grounds like a mad woman trying to find somewhere to calm myself. I was mad though. I just ran away from my mate! The person I had waited so long for, the person I have wanted to meet ever since mother told me the story of mates. And I ran.

I found a park bench and I collapsed down on it bending down covering my face in my knees. I curled up in a ball trying to calm my racing heart. I still remember his beautiful handsome face and how he screamed after me as I ran away.

You made a huuuugggeee mistake

Okay Okay, Kai, you can stop now.

Kai was especially annoyed at me for running away but it was definitely the wrong time to meet him. I have so much more to focus on think about. Adela.

She would know what to do. She always does. If only she were here to give me a hug and t-


I stand up startled finding my handsome mate standing over me. Obvious hurt is in his eyes as he looks at me confused. He has light blonde hair with dark chocolate eyes. He was just taller than me and I probably reached his chin at the very most. He was so perfect, but I had nurt him.

‘Why did you run mate? Do you not feel the same way I feel about you?’

I nod continuously trying not to run forward and comfort my mate from his hurt voice, but I was the one who hurt him.

‘I do. I feel it stronger than imaginable’

‘But why?’

I look down in shame. I can’t just say ‘Come back another time when my sister isn’t missing and my dad isn’t forcing us all into his Alpha position’. How do I-

He lifts my chin making me face him and sparks fill his touch making me crave more. The truth. That’s what I would tell him.

‘My sister. She rejected her Alpha position to complete a plan called the change with her mate. We are looking for her. I-I just have so much going on that I wasn’t expecting to find you now’

His eyes softened and I give him a small smile. I only just realize how close we are when I feel him give out a breath of relief.

‘I think I know where your sister is. I and a girl claiming to also be like your sister were going to Alaska to visit the eagles. She must be there as well.’

I instantly feel better. A huge weight comes off my shoulders giving me hope that Adela was okay.

He obviously sees this as he smiles at me.

‘Can I come with you ...’

I didn’t even know his name. I was too worried and shocked that I didn’t even ask his name. Well done there Lils.


he said


I repeat.

‘Of course, you can Lillie’

Wait how did he know my name?!

He laughs reading my mind.

‘Ellie told me’


‘Now let’s get going. I just need to inform my Beta that you are coming with me and we will be off.’

He kissed my cheek running off to the city.


He just kissed my cheek.

Then it hit me.

He’s an Alpha!

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