The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Never Born

Nillson’s POV

He cried more screaming out his emotions desperately wanting to be heard. He was on his knees pounding his fists and crying against the old floor boards. I couldn’t hear what the man was saying but something told me I wouldn’t want to hear it. His face was going red but he didn’t look exhausted from breath as people don’t breathe here. But people can cry.

I don’t think I’ve seen someone cry as much as him, he must have loved his life dearly. Not that I would ever understand I have never lived before nor would I ever.

The man finally excepted his fate and walked over to his cloud of remembrance. Inside were his memories from his old life. Every creature gets them before they move onto their new form. I left him in peace to calm himself before he would be sent with many others to carry their spirits somewhere else.

I looked away from the window and found his death number on the door.


I ticked it off as ready for a new life, and walked back down the corridor.

Let me explain whats I have done since I was created.

In the underworld each creature has its own section/corridor. I was in the human corridor. Each room is created when a spirits body dies and the spirit needs a new home. The dead body will lay in the room/place they were last living in giving them a chance to realize what has happened and watch their memories for the last time. Then the spirit is reborn and the cycle goes on.

I have always found it interesting to watch the creatures in their death room. Some simply walk straight to the cloud. Some cry. Some scream. Some investigate. Some are shocked. Some have even started singing or humming a certain tune. Most don't want to be here. Which leaves me with no friends but the people I watch everyday come in and out of a death room.

I walked into the registry trying to find father. He would stand by his other creations as they questioned the dead recording their information so they can be placed.

'Nillson there you are! Where have you been?'

'Just assessing the new arrivals'

He looked at me for a second realizing I was telling the truth and nodded.

'You know we get new arrivals every second Nillson there is no need to help, I have plenty of creations for that'

I know this but it gave me something to do. Being stuck in the underworld wasn't fun at all. Most of the time I would just talk to my bat. Algea

He was understanding as he was never in full control. I had never shifted due to me and him being dead. It made us depressed and lonely seeing death for 20 years.

Thats when I saw her. A beautiful girl lay behind my father. Dressed in the usual black t shirt and leggings with her cut hair. Dirty golden hair that matched her perfect face and body. Me and Algea were so interested in the lifeless body. She gave us unknown feelings that I couldn't understand, I had...never felt them before.

'This is Grace Miller, the chosen mate I told you about'


Father had told me the plan and it was something I thought would never happen, but it was finally here. She was made for me and she was finally here.

Father grabbed some light in the room with his bare hands as if it were an apple from a tree. He threw it in her face making her eyes burst open. Pink piercing pools of confusion met mine and I did something I have wanted to do for so long.

I smiled.

Grace's POV

Light once again and this time I was hoping I would just wake in my bed ready to start another day of modelling. But no. I was still dead, but I had Hebe.

When my eyes finally adjusted I found the most breathtaking figure watching me with awe. I looked around seeing nobody else but him and if it wasn't for Hebe I wouldn't have known who he was.

That's mate!

He was more amazing then anything I had imagined. He had brown skin matching his long straight black hair. He was extremely muscular and tall wearing full black. His best feature had to be his sky blue eyes that made him seem so much more alive...but I guess he wasn't living was he.


He said, his voice excited and shocked. He was perfect in every way but something was wrong. Something was always wrong. Why couldn't it just be normal?

I felt no pull.

I stood up but tripped falling into someones arms. I look up seeing his face inches from mine holding me firmly in his arms. I ran my fingers through his hair in awe of such a beauty and I could see his eyes watching me. I risked a look at them and realized I couldn't look away. Then the words came tumbling out.

'Why do I feel no pull? I know you're mine but I don't feel it'

His thumbs rubbed circles on my waist still staring at me and holding me close.

'It's because we aren't living. Physical feelings like the pull aren't felt here'

I stared back into his eyes my hands now placed on top of his. Then an idea came to my mind.

'We are playing 21 questions, and i get to go first'

'Wait what? Why? and what is 21 questions?'

'Its a game where two people ask each other 21 questions each. The other person has to answer and then ask a new question. We are doing it because I know nothing about you.'

I pecked his nose taking his hands off of my waist. I sat on the ground patting for him to sit.

This would be fun.

-----THIRD PERSON-----

Nillson had never felt happy before and after 2 minutes of meeting Grace he was smiling and laughing like he had been doing it since his creation.

Grace asked first.

'what is your name?'


Grace and Hebe got excited at the mentioning of his name. Such a perfect name Grace thought.

Nillson asked next.

'What did you do when you were living?'

'Diving and modelling'

'What sort of shifter are you?, Nillson'

Nillson smiled when Grace said his name. It sounded even better when she said it as if everyone else was saying it wrong.

'I'm part vampire meaning I don't need to drink blood or hide from sunlight I just have vampire strength along with my god blood.'

A vampire. Well part vampire. A creature Grace had heard so much of but never met. Now her mate was one.

'What sort of shifter are you? Grace'

She smiled as he copied her and she felt blush on her cheeks. She looked down to hide it but knew it was no use.

'I am an eagle with God and leader blood.'

An elegant eagle was a shifter that wasn't seen often around the underworld now. Nillson had only seen a few and knew they were very rare on earth now.

'Can we both go back to the living to complete the change?'

Nillson was shocked at her response. Grace was determined to complete the change since her mother transferred the memories of the war into her vision. Her mind was still filled with the pictures of shifters from everywhere lying dead in huge numbers. This plan was something that she was so interested in but so confused about.

'Oh course, Oh course Miss Miller. It seems your mother has already told you in some way of the plan. You and Nillson can leave whenever you please'

Hades stood watching his son and Grace sitting comfortably on the floor. His son was happy for once and he knew letting him go to the living world was best for him.

But nobody expected Nillson had other ideas.

'I Nillson son of Hades God of the Underworld and pain reject you Grace Miller as my mate'

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