The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 2

Adela's POV

I woke this morning to my little sister waking me for an important meeting.

' Its important Ade. Its about Mark. '

' Whats wrong? I don't feel him in our link. Its like his wolf was never here. '

' Just come into my room '

Mum and Dad were at an early morning meeting with another pack so me and Lillie were home alone. I brushed my black hair trying to calm my bed hair and then slipped on my new pair of denim shorts and a simple Jack Wills t-shirt.

I crossed the hall into my sisters room. She sat on her bed looking out the window and I could already tell she was worried. Lillie had caramel brown hair like mother unlike me and Mark who had fathers black hair. Her dark brown eyes were filled with silent tears and her tanned skin was red and tear stained.

' Lillie! What is is? Where is Mark? '

' He..he-he's.....gone '

She was sobbing between words. What does she mean gone? She sensed my confusion and calmed herself.

' He came to me last night. He told me he was leaving. Abandoning Jack, abandoning his wolf. Ade he's fallen for a human. Ade....The new Alpha is gone. '

I was speechless. Mark has left us and abandoned his wolf. I could feel the pain in my heart it all made sense. The whole pack must have felt the pain of the new Alpha leaving the land and disappearing. I finally found the words to ask the one question on my mind.

' Why didn't he leave earlier before he was Alpha? '

Lillie looked at me. She hadn't stopped crying.

' He didn't want to miss your 20th birthday '

That's when I couldn't hold back the tears. It was my birthday yesterday. He only stayed for me. Me and Lillie loved Mark so much. Mark only told Lillie of his leave because he knew I wouldn't let him leave.

Me and Lillie just sat on her bed crying into each others shoulders. We shared our lose and pain. We would never see our brother again.

As if almost on cue Mum and Dad ran in Lillie's room. Dad looked so relived to see us and you could tell mum was crying. We all had a group hug before dad looked at me. He was mind linking the pack.

' Alpha Mark Silver has abandoned his role of Alpha meaning the role rightfully goes to Adela Silver. A ball will be held tonight inviting other packs last minute to celebrate the new Alpha. It may be short notice but everyone shall attend. '

I stood shocked at his words. He wanted a mating party this evening to find my mate and allow me to become Alpha....NOW!

' I know its soon Adela but its for the best. This pack needs a leader. This pack needs an Alpha male and and Alpha female. Now go and get changed you are meeting all the guests at the door. '

He walked away probably going to invite guests. Lillie gave me a hug ' Meet me in your room. We can chat there. '

I nodded and hugged mum.

' Don't worry sweetie Dad is just annoyed about Mark. Take your time finding your mate. '

' Its already been two years mum. I don't even know if i have a mate. '

' You will find him sweetie.'

She kissed my cheek and I walked back to my room. As promised Lillie came in seconds later.

' What is it Lillie? '

' Mark told me something really important before he left. He said It was about you. '

She paused looking of into the distance as if she was confused by her own thoughts.

' And?What is it Lil '

' Your not a full blooded werewolf. Mark said he remembers going for a run with dad and finding you sleeping. He were sent from the Moon Goddess herself for what she calls The Change '

I fainted. What? I literally just found out my brother has disappeared, I'm the new Alpha female, I'm now searching for my mate and I'm not even a full blood werewolf. I was sent from the Moon Goddess to do this amazing event she calls The Change.

I didn't want to be Alpha I wanted to be free running with my wolf. I wanted to be free to do what I pleased. I wish I could be like Mark.

I was startled when a voice appeared ringing through my head

' My child, he is here. The Change has started. '

I instantly awoke. I was lying on my bed and I was now dressed in a long black maxi dress. There was a note on my dressing table, it was from Lillie.

' Run Ade. I know you don't want Alpha. I will distract father. Just run away as far as you can. I love you. Be happy sister. '

I didn't hesitate. Jumping out of the window in started running. Tears fell down my cheeks as I left my sister alone with mum and dad. I then thought back to the voice from earlier, the words echoed through my head. My dress started ripping from the bushes I ran through. My hair started falling in my face as I noticed Lillie must have pinned it back for me. I had to hurry. ' My child, he is here. The Change has started '

The border was getting closer and I didn't care that father was trying to reach me through our mind link. I shut off all me senses. I was so close to being free. ' The Change has started '

What did it mean?

I was about to run through the meadows and out of the land when a figure stood in front of me. I gasped in shock. He turned to face me. His intoxicating smell of pine and cranberries. He was well built and looked like a Greek God. His light blonde hair rested on his head messy, but perfect. His skin was fair and his eyes were a soft put piercing mint green. We stared at each my wolf, finally interested started howling in joy.

' Mate '

She howled in my head. But he cant be. He didn't look like a werewolf. He was an Elf. But why was he here?

' Are you okay there? '

His voice was deep, soft but powerful and perfect. I blushed he had noticed me staring. Get yourself together Adela! I let my wolf take over.

' Ma- '

Father was approaching growling in the distance.

' Must protect mate. Protect. Mate '

' Calm down Lune '

Lune my wolf was getting too protective of our mate. We didn't even know his name yet. He stood already aiming a loaded bow at my father.

I zoned out then just watching him in awe. I loved everything about him and I didn't even know his name. Lune was purring in delight and I had to agree with her. He was perfect. But father would never let my mate be an Elf. Our bond would never work.

I snapped out of my thoughts when he gave me a playful smile. Once again he caught me checking him out. Another blush escaped onto my cheeks. What was this Elf doing to me?

Suddenly he dropped to the ground. My wolf panicked and ran to his side.

' No! Mate! '

Damn it I just reveled my mate to my dad. Dad had just injected him probably with a sedative. Before I could reach my mate the two guards who carried the siring pulled me back.

Dad stared at me in shock of my words. He took me home letting the guards take my mate.

Was dad okay with me having an Elf as a mate?

What am i going to do?

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