The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Grant's POV

Coffee. The only thing that is keeping my sanity at this very moment in time. The pathetic man in front of me was just a mistake to ever keep by my side.

He was trembling with fear bruises covering his neck and face but not a scratch of blood. He was laying flat on his back eyes closed and breathing roughly.

I took another sip of my coffee signalling for my men to search the man in front of me.

Stupid pixies can't even keep an eagle calm for 5 seconds before they get kicked out.


I look over to see one of my guards holding a blood stained piece of paper.

This is what happens to those who mess with my family. Send Ryul and his pixies home, the deal is off.

Leader Elroy Miller

I roared with anger throwing my coffee the the ground. This was pointless. Without the eagles we would have no idea where any of them were. They were our best chance to find Adela and this pixie spoils it for us.

I stared down at him with all my Alpha strength. He looked nothing like who he used to be. Bruises and swelling covered his body making him almost completely purple. I spat on him with disgust. How dare he fail me. He was weak and I did not carry round the weak.

'Weak little pixie!' I kicked his stomach 'I will find Adela myself. You disgust me'

He just started coughing more roughly as we walked away. The real question I was thinking was where were his men? He wouldn't go in there alone unless he was an idiot. Well he must have been an idiot for failing me so that makes sense.

We already knew so much more than him and probably Adela. We had the upper hand in this game and I was going to use it at any opportunity.

Lillie's POV

Have you ever had this moment; when you only realize just how much you missed something when its given to you after so long.
Running with Mark was that something. Running through valleys, trees, towns and villages awakened my wolf; my soal.
I could tell Mark was still the same but I knew something so small has changed him, ever so slightly. However I couldn't put my finger on it.
His fur was still dark grey with white speckles emerging from his belly. He still had that chip in the side of his left ear and the scar on his left shoulder, from dads training. Hazel orbs still sat glowing on his face and he still emits a playful aura relaxing my every step. Although he seemed the same old Mark, he had changed. But how?
'Welcome to Colorado'
This is apparently where Mark's mate is. I couldn't wait to meet her, well my wolf was excited.
Kai what is so excited?
You will see!
She continued jumping around in the link. I still held control but I couldn't ever wipe the stupid grin off my face.
Though the excitement grew, I chose to ignore it thinking it was just because we were finally out running.
Mark and I ran for around another hour before he stopped at a gate. Without hesitating I knew the species.
The metal gates and wall surrounded the whole land but still made it look comforting and beautiful. Huge towers and skyscrapers grew proudly from inside and I could briefly see trees and grass. It was a completely different environment but Kai still felt more relaxed. This felt more right than ever.
Mark shifted and I followed. I stood behind him looking around at my surroundings.
Mark pressed a button on the gate and then stepped back pulling me close. Then it hit me. We were standing bare outside of a place unknown to me and I felt scared. I never felt scared.
Two men approached the gate with a woman following closely behind. The two men stepped aside letting the woman throw the gate open.
'Mark, why didn't you bring clothes?'
'Well hello to you to Ellie' Mark laughed kissed the woman's cheek and entwining their fingers. His mate.
'Ellie this is my sister Lillie. We are going to find our oldest sister Adela soon.'
Ellie shakes my hand smiling and I do the same.
'Lils this is my mate Ellie who is the pack doctor here. Yes she is human'
Ellie had ginger locks that fell down her back and matched her freckled cheeks perfectly. Her dark brown eyes were full of life and energy that matched her contagious smile.
She was perfect for Mark. I liked her already.

Ellie brought us into the pack grounds giving us some clothes which I quickly wrapped around my exposed body. The pack grounds were massive but beautifully breathtaking. My favorite part of our short tour was the town center. A huge statue of a leopard stood there surrounded by a variety of plants and trees.
Mark and Ellie were already official pack members but I was just visiting so the Alpha must accept my stay. It was a common rule made and used by many shifters like this one.
'The Alpha is leaving tonight so he is busy. I will send up a file on your information but you still need to come just in case.'
Ellie was in her office writing out more documents. It just reminded me of back home and it made me cringe. Mark went out shopping in town leaving me to spend time with Ellie, but i wanted to go explore.
Soon Ellie finished the documents and we started walking to the pack house. My plain burgundy top and black ripped jeans, which I borrowed off of Ellie.
Kai was still going wild. Familiar scents of trees, grass and smoke filled my nose but one mysterious scent lurked around teasing me. All I wanted to do was follow it.
The pack house was beautiful. The marbled floors and silver chandeliers all had the same theme of white and grey.
We sat in the coffee shop and Kai was getting out of control.
'Where is the bathroom?'
Ellie looked up from her phone.
'First floor'
I nodded walking over to the elevator.
What is it Kai? This meaningless excitement is giving me a headache!
I want it to be a surprise!
Just tell me already!
The elevator door opened to a man standing rather handsomely, shocked and annoyed.
But..but....I was speechless.
I just unstuck my lingering feet from the floor and ran outside the building ignoring the footsteps running after me.
I have a mate.
Why did he turn up now?

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