The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


They are all doing well. I am so proud of them all, but this is just the beginning.

Lets start with our eldest shall we, Grace Miller.

A beautiful, kind and of course elegant shifter just like her mother. Though Malia made a great choice of the father, a leader of a strong eagle pack. Elroy Miller.

She will have his strong and wise traits which should hopefully come in handy.

Next, Adela Silver.

I have been very impressed with her progress and care towards the group. You must be proud Selene. Her placement didn't go exactly to plan but at least her earth mother cares for her. I feel her father however needs to be checked on. He will be her biggest challenge.

Her and Othorion though have made the most progress.

Next is....well I think we shall wait for him to be introduced to the plan before we speak of him. Though he will be a bit harder to convince....

Next, Donovan Hollow.

Him and his mate have the most in common but will be an interesting match. He has developed his skills and bond with Cratus better than we thought, but he is still the most vulnerable. Without his mate he will effect the rest of the group.

That is why we are happy Adela is here. They are both very close, probably from their similar predator instincts. Make sure she doesn't leave his side.

Next, Romana Garcia.

This girl has shocked us all. We all know that we never intended for her to be left alone with a very bad choice of mate may I put. Even her leopard had trouble opening up to her. She has strong walls put up but as soon as you get through them her trust is strong just like her fathers.

As to the second mate situation we have it all under control and I hope you all agree to the decision made, especially you Selene.

And finally our youngest, Prince Othorion.

Meria made a great choice of mate but the bond has seemed to effect his father which may cause consequences. However being a Prince makes him stronger meaning if he worked on his strength more he would be the strongest there.

His magic is at a moderate level and he has a great bond with Adela and Donovan. He is a great aspect to the group.

I am very proud of all of you. We all know the Change hasn't been tried for decades and it was no easy challenge to take up.

I shall be watching and reporting my thoughts soon.

May the Dragon awake.

Elroy's POV

Pain erupted from my soal burning my limbs into mush. I felt my blood boiling and burning my skin as I lay on my knees screaming at the evil selfish pixie in front of me.
'I told you Elroy my men were nowhere near that part of town.'
I ran over to him gripping his neck in my hands. I would have carried on if it wasn't for a needle pricking my skin. My vision ,which/ was red,went black and I was left to suffer in my head.
I was screaming frantically in my head fighting the barriers stopping me from beating everything out of Ryul and his stupid pixies.
I didn't care anymore. Every single piece of common sense or sanity was out of the window and long gone. I was nothing without Grace in my presence, she reminded me so much of Malia. God I missed Malia.
She died strong and proud and her final words were- look after her, love her. I love you El.
Her eyes were just like Graces, unusually pink but mesmerizing and beautiful.
I was meant to be a leader for Christs sake. I was meant to be at the front of the formation leading my group proudly, but no. I was breaking down about to kill someone over something that hadn't been proven.
Lets just breath in and out. We need to pull ourselves together.
'Elroy? What! No you can't be here'
'Malia! Is that you?'
There she stood my beautiful mate. In a pure white dress and her hair flowing beautifully down her shoulders. She looked like Grace so much.
'Where am I?'
She ran forwards embracing me in a tight hug. I responded by stroking her back gently holding her tight.
'I missed you Elroy'
'I missed you too Lia. So much'
I kissed her head and she looked up at me. Tears were staining her cheeks and I pushed them away with my thumb.
'El. Don't freak out but you are dead right now. Don't worry I'm bringing you back. You are too valuable to be here'
'Why can't I just stay with you and Grace. Im happ-'
'Elroy Miller! You are a leader of the strongest eagle pack I know! You have a pack to lead!'
'I forgot how stubborn you are'
I chuckled kissing her cheek.
'At least tell me whats going on Lia.'
The way looked up at me made my heart jump again, I missed her so much. We used to be inseparable until I looked away for a second and she was...
'I'm going to be clear Elroy.'
I nodded. This was serious, she never liked calling me Elroy, said it was to formal.
'Grace is not completely dead. She can't die, because I can't die. I-I...I am the goddess of elegance meaning-
'Grace is half god.'
She nodded. My Gracey was half God. My mate, my Lia, was a goddess of my people.
'Why didn't you tell me?'
'I-I couldn't. El I am taking care of Grace, but you need to take care of the pack. Not just for me but for the rest of the shifters to come.'
'Lia what do you need me to do?'
I would do anything for my Lia. Knowing she and Grace wasn't dead gave me hope. Maybe Grace and Lia would come back to me and we could be a normal family again. Hopefully.
'People are coming for you Elroy. You must trust those who you feel you can trust, do not just trust against what they say but how they say it. Some want to find Grace and keep her safe just like you do. Others want her as bait. When you get back on earth remember I am always with you, so is Grace. I love you El.'
'I love you Lia, please, when can you and Gracey come home?'
'One day El, I will be home one day'
She kissed my cheek stepping further and further backwards into the back of my mind. Silence once more.
I still couldn't believe how calm I was finding out my only daughter and mate had goddess blood, but I understood the concern Lia had. Her voice calmed my thoughts. Almost as if they were leading me home...
Trust those who you feel you can trust, don't trust against what they say but how they say it...
...I am always with you, so is Grace. I love you El.
Light broke into my vision and I started furiously breaking down the walls that had been blocking me from the outside world.
I sat up snapping my head back at Ryul. Time must have stopped whilst talking to Lia as he was still standing against the wall holding his neck where I had left severe bruises.
Time to deal with this pixie. Time to protect my family. My pack.

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