The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 26

Grace's POV

Silence had never been so unbearable.

I have never actually wanted to hear the screaming of press so much in my entire life. I guess it was different though because I am dead.

I have never been religious but I never expected death to be so boring.

I would start of describing the experience of this by saying how long it has been but how would I know.

It felt as if I was drifting in a silent, empty night sky. No mysterious voices appeared around me, no gods of evil, no angels, no nothing.

However the weirdest part is not feeling the air flowing out of your body. It was as if I was holding my breath but not struggling to let it go. I couldn't even feel or move, but I can think.

Its all I've been doing this whole time. Just floating in this unknown world thinking about life and death. Two very similar things but people see them so differently. To me death was just the next step to a new life, a break from the living. And some may find it weird but I liked that.

A dot of light appeared from nowhere. It grew. And grew. And grew. Until my darkness was replaced by a pure white light. It was as if someone had turned a light on, not only in the room but in me.

I felt my limbs after such a long time of feeling nothing and I heard my voice as I screamed.

Yes it hurt. My bones wear crunching everywhere and it reminded me of my first shift, except worse. Soon I felt my arms snap into place, then my legs, waist, backbone, neck, head and so on. Then..


I crashed against a surface. I stepped up rather clumsily due to the long time of feeling motionless. My surroundings are just the same, pure white, but something seemed different.

I moved my hands in front of my face to see if it was really true and I look down at myself seeing me dressed in a black t shirt and leggings. How weird? I was dressed in clothes that I didn't recognize. I rest my hand through my hair which has been cut short into a pixie cut which also gives me a shock.

How did I get these clothes and why is my hair cut?

I go to move my leg but stop when I realize how stiff they are. My whole body is glued and it was as if I had, had no joints in the first place. I move it again this time managing to take a step forwards. Why was it so hard to move?

Wind hit my skin and I turn in its direction. Cold fresh air hit my face but I didn't breathe it in, I didn't need to. It just relaxed me like it did when I was ...

My thoughts trailed off.

I remembered what was wrong.

I didn't have Hebe.


I screamed in my mind for her but she wasn't there. I didn't feel her presence at all. I panicked and started running not caring that my legs where pulling me back in pain, not caring that it felt like I was going nowhere. I ran straight in the direction of the cold wind staring into the pure white landscape.

'Grace! Stop!'

I stopped in my tracks against my will. It was as if this person had control over me or something.

I turn to them seeing a woman. She wore a long white dress which made her blend in with the background. Her blonde hair was basically the same color as mine along with her pink eyes. She was even around the same height as me but our only difference was her freckles and wrinkles that stood wisely and beautifully across her face.


It had to be her. I remember how alike we looked and how elegant she was. Now I could finally see her again

'Yes my dear, it has been a long time'

I ran into her arms hugging her tightly and she hugged me back. She left when I was 9 apparently she died in war but I still didn't believe it.

'I'm sorry I told Hades to take you straight to me but he had other plans. You definitely don't deserve that treatment with your reputation being just the same as mine.'

We broke away and I looked at her. She smiled at me warmly.

'What do you mean our reputation?'

'MALIA! What did I tell you about interfering with my duties!'

A bright light walked over however the figure of the man was indescribable.

'She is my daughter Hades! Let me explain to her why she is here!'

'Fine! But first she must be registered then you can talk then she sees my son, understood.'


She turned to me her face changing back to her warm smile.

'I will see you later my dear'

I nod and then the figure takes my wrist dragging me away from my mother.

'Wait! I have 1 question'

The figure stops and I turn back around seeing my mother once again.

'Where am I?'

I continue to stare at my mother however she doesn't reply he does.

'The Underworld'

Before I can even respond I am dragged away. I don't bother struggling in his grip as I trusted my mother wouldn't let me go into danger.

We stop. His grip loosens. I drop to the floor. Then darkness once again. Anything but darkness. Anything but this.

Luckily for me it didn't last long. A bright light shone in my eyes and a voice mumbled in my ear.

'We are just going to ask some simple questions. Whats your name?'

'Grace Miller'



'What species of shifter?




'Cause of death'

'I don't know'

'Have you seen, heard or been in contact with your eagle?'

'No, why is that?'

'I ask the questions here'

Then it goes dark.


Hebe! Thank goodness you are okay! Where were you? Whats happening?

I was talking to your mother and someone else.

What did they say?

All I can tell you is we have found our mate.

Wait he's dead like us?

No he lives here. With Hades

Wait what?!

But it's not what you think Grace. There is a lot you don't know.

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