The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 25

Romana’s POV

Jack’s pack house was amazing. The huge skyscrapers grew into the sky slightly touching the soft clouds. Every inch of the building was spotless with beautifully clean glass. Surrounding each masterpiece was all sorts of trees and wild plants. The streets were filled with people and children, which made me smile. Everyone here seemed so close, friendly and happy.

‘Its beautiful...’

Jack turned to me smiling. Why did he look so hot like that? What, No! We are not falling for him, he isn’t our mate....well I don’t think he is.

My door opened and I stepped out thanking the driver. I looked up at the skyscraper. It was blue tinted and the sun shinned perfectly of off the mirrored windows.

Jack came up behind me leading me inside. The first room was like a reception with a desk to the left and elevators along the back. To the right was a coffee shop and noted to check it out. What? Don’t judge me those chocolate muffins were literally screaming my name.

The receptionist didn’t even bother looking up, Jack was the Alpha so he was practically her boss. We walked straight across the marbled floor and I looked up realizing the silver chandelier in the center of the room, it wasn’t posh but modern and professional.

Floor 22. The top floor. It was just me and Jack in the elevator and it was silently awkward. We both felt the bond between us but it was so confusing. If he wasn’t my mate then how did it feel around your mate?


I looked up at him. His brown eyes were emotionless as they stared into mine. I felt sympathy for him, but I don’t really know why?

‘Do you feel the connection between us?’

I nod still locked in his gaze. I couldn’t stop staring at his confusing emotions. Before he could answer I did something I probably shouldn’t have done. I kissed him. It all felt so right and the bond was growing too strong that my leopard couldn’t fight the connection.

I pulled back looking at him. He just smirked and I recollected myself. It was a kiss and definitely one of the best kisses I have ever had....but there was something missing.


The elevator door opened and Jack stepped out leaving me standing there like an idiot. I ran after him finding him about to open a door. Before he could however it swung open revealing a very angry woman.

‘What did you do wrong? You had better not have rejected her! Jack I swear-’

‘Mum! It’s okay, I would never reject my mate.’

Her expression calmed and she caught my eye. I smiled looking so small next to Jack.

‘Then whats wrong?’

‘I’m Romana Garcia mam. I can tell you the story but this is just what I have been told. You also have to understand I only found out about supernaturals like a week or two ago.’

She nodded dragging us inside the room. It was a huge apartment and I didn’t have time to take a proper look but the main theme was white and purple. I only noticed that Jack was holding my hand when his hand suddenly squeezed mine. We walked past a kitchen heading into a lounge.

It had wooden paneled floors with modern grey sofas and a plasma tv. The huge windows let in so much natural light making the room seem so much bigger than what it actually was. Bookshelves filled every inch of space on the walls making it look more like a mini library.

I took a seat on the love seat next to Jack facing his mum on the smaller sofa. This was going to be a long conversation.

‘So. I am going to go from the very beginning. I am Romana Garcia, 18 years old from Mexico. I was born there and raised there by my mum as my dad left when I was young. My mum didn’t take the news well so she quit her job and turned to drinking and’

Jack squeezed my hand and I smiled at him weakly.

’One day at school a pack of leopards kidnapped me telling me that I was one of them but better. I was the daughter to their god, the god of trust, and that I was apart of a plan. My dad is a god. I don’t know what this plan is but I’m not alone in it. There are other like me, looking for me. That includes my mate.

I ran away not wanting to be any part of this and then I meet Jack which I assumed was my half god mate trying to make me follow the plan. What I don’t understand mam is why I feel this bond with Jack when he isn’t half god like me.′

It went silent. Jack was still trying to let it all sink in whilst his mum was looking across the bookshelves. I hadn’t even noticed her get up she was that fast.

I looked over at Jack and he looked back up at me with his emotionless brown eyes. I touched his cheek rubbing small circles on his chin. Even if he wasn’t my mate I was still attracted and cared about Jack. He would always be impor-

‘Oh course!’

I snapped my head in Jack’s mums direction seeing her excitedly holding a book. I walked over inspecting it.



Legends of the Leopard

The God of Trust grants every 20th leopard in every bloodline to receive a half mate. There the leopard will have an extra mate to gain trust with and a choice to be with a better preference. Half mates only give off half the effects as true mates do but are still an option for the mating ceremony.

This option is perfect for leopards who have lost, can't find or rejected their first mate. However it comes with consequences. If a true mate finds the leopard with a half mate it leads to extreme consequences. The leopard must choose wisely.

'So am I the 20th in our bloodline?'

I jumped finding Jack behind me. I must have shut all my senses off.

'Yes son you are. I can't believe I forgot about this'

So me and Jack were half mates. That means.....Jack had another mate and so did I.

Was this good news? Was I happy?

Donovan's POV

'What do you mean there's another shifter?'

I cant believe they have already given up finding my mate. I needed her and I was not going off to find someone else when she was still not by my side.

'Don we don't know for sure but yeah there may be another shifter. In England a eagle was shot dead. It was shown on CCTV but isn't it strange to have eagles that huge in England.'

'They're dead and useless. We just find my mate first, she's more important'

Adela has been fighting with me about this all day. We haven't moved today as we don't even know where to go anymore. Cratus was going crazy knowing of our mate but not being with her. It was unfair!


Othorion stepped between us obviously annoyed. Everyone froze and everyone but me and Adela bowed in submission. Our god heritage made us very strong in every possible way. Quite useful actually.

'If an eagle was shot dead lets head to Alaska. There are many eagle packs there and the eagles can maybe help us scout down your mate. I know you want your mate Don but we don't know where she is going. At least let us find the eagles. Give us a destination.'

He was right. It was our best option. The eagles must have great scouting skills and going to Alaska gives us more options but it still didn't guarantee our mate.

'Your right Otho. I will give you that, but my mate is out there. She has a half mate with her. She is attracted to another mate and if I don't get to her soon I have no mate. Going to Alaska may just make things 10 times worse!'

I marched out the building grabbing a backpack on my way. Lets just get moving. I just hoped and prayed that father would give me my mate and that she would except me.

'It's going to be okay Don. We will try our hardest'

I looked over finding Adela. Her black hair in a ponytail and a backpack strapped to her back. I smiled at her embracing her into a small hug. She was the sister I never had.

People poured out the abandoned house joining us. There was such a big group of us now and its weird how I had only just noticed.

Otho grabbed Adela's waist kissing her lips quickly. The sun was setting now and it was the perfect time to run without being seen.


I looked back over to Otho.

'Lets go brother'

Yes. Otho was my brother. And I trusted him to make the right decision. I trusted him to help find my mate.

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