The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 24

Grace's POV

'Miss Miller! Miss Miller! When are you going to release your new movie!'

'Grace!Grace smile for me!'

'What's going on between you and Alex? Is Elaine jealous?'

I stepped out of my limo taking my drivers hand. My light pink off the shoulder mermaid dress flowed elegantly off of my slim figure accompanied with some matching heels . My dirty blonde hair was curled in waves that fell down my back showing off my necklace that a treasured, an eagle charm. However what stood out the most was my light pink eyes.

I walked down the red carpet ignoring the screams of the press. Honestly these people had no idea what personal space was. Their cameras were always in your face and don't get me wrong I like having my picture taken, it was my job, but not 24/7.

I entered the building where guests had already started dancing and drinking. The music was extremely loud and I still wonder how people don't get headaches from this. My more sensitive hearing and vision made nightclubs a much different experience to what the average human may experience. Much different.

Why can't we go flying?

Hebe we can't fly now are you crazy?!

No, I'm annoyed that we haven't flown this week

She was grumbling on and on about how we should have stayed in Alaska where we could fly all day without anybody flashing pictures. There was a reason I left Alaska and honestly it was a good enough reason to turn to modelling.

I walked over to the bar ordering a strong whisky. I didn't like clubbing but the only reason I went was to either A)Drink B)Increase my popularity Or C)Get away from the press.

I would much prefer going diving but my indoor pool at the moment is still being built and going to a public swimming bath will attract a lot of press and fans.

'Can I buy you a drink?'

I looked up to see Alex standing with his hands in his pockets. His usual smirk hung from his mouth and even though it was dark I could see his blazing green eyes. Alex was very hot like next level hot but I didn't like him in that way. Him and my best friend Elaine have been going out for 2 years now so he was just a brother to me, however the press saw differently.

I swung back the rest of my whisky nodding to Alex.

'You okay? You seem stressed'

The music was getting more intense so he practically shouted out his concern.

'Yeah I'm just tired'

A lie. Hebe had been worrying about something all day and honestly I couldn't blame her. Something was wrong. Maybe it was because we haven't been flying as often? Maybe its father? Maybe its my pack? Maybe its the mate bond?

All of these questions were flowing into my mind along with the blazing music and dancing bodies. It was all getting too much.

'Hey you okay? Grace?'

I couldn't see properly as my vision became weaker and my hands started to shake. All I could get out was words or my attempt at words.

'T-tke me ousid pleae'

Luckily Alex was already a step ahead lifting me up bridal style and walking me around the back of the club. As the door opened fresh air hit my face and I relaxed. Alex placed me back on the ground and I leaned against the wall. We weren't totally alone as I could see a couple of other people propped up against the wall unconscious and obviously drunk.

'You okay now?'

I nodded taking out my phone.

- - -

To Elaine

Hey can you come pick me and Alex up. I'm not feeling too well x

- - -

'I've just texted Elaine to come pick us up. Unless you want to stay?'

'No I wasn't exactly enjoying it back there anyway'

- - -

To Grace

Yeah sure I wont be long x

To Elaine

Thank you x

- - -

I looked back up at Alex and he was glued to his phone playing another pointless game so I left him to it scrolling through Instagram. That's when I got the text

- - -


Hello there Grace Miller

What how did he know my name? Who the hell is this?

I looked over at Alex to check it wasn't another one of his stupid pranks but he was still glued to his game in full concentration.

I looked around seeing nothing new. Who is this person?


Am I confusing you? Don't worry I am not Alex but I am someone who knows a great deal about you

I know your secret

Oh no. I only had 1 secret and that was being a supernatural shifter. Whatever this person knew was definitely going to be used against her.


What secret?


I'm going to make this nice and easy for you Grace. You either follow my instructions or we make you.

- - -

Beep Beep!

I jumped out of my skin as Elaine pulled up to the street. I quickly walked over stepping inside the car.

'You okay Grace?'

I looked over at her she was only in sweatpants and a sports bra and I could tell she had just finished a work out.

'Yeah I'm good just not feeling too well'

I looked back down to my phone staring at the message.

- - -


What do you want from me? Money? Fame?


First of all I need you to pull over into that Tesco on your right.

- - -

I looked over to the right seeing a Tesco. Whoever was texting me was following me right now. I immediately thought over all those training sessions with father in Alaska. I remembered all of his words of advice and how to trick your attacker. The most effective attack was a surprise attack and oh boy were they going to get one.

'Hey can you stop off a Tesco quickly. I need a snack'

'Same here I'm staaaaaaaarrrrrving'

We all laughed at Alex who was still glued to his phone in the backseat. Here goes nothing.


Now wait in that bathroom.

I was waiting in the unisex bathroom getting ready for this unknown stalker.

What do they want Hebe?

Lets just be ready

She was right we needed to be ready for this and my surprise attack should work perfectly.


Step outside

I opened the door walking out and a hand immediately grabbed my wrist dragging me around the store. He had a strong grip and even though I knew I could beat him up easily I kept playing weak.

We were outside the store now and he started walking over to a van. Waiting outside of it were more figures and I knew this was my time.

I took my other hand twisting his arm behind his back and kicking him behind his knee. He tumbled to the ground giving me a chance to run. They were chasing me now and surprisingly faster than what I had expected. My heels had already been thrown off and my dress was now getting ripped and dirty. I ran down an alley way immediately regretting it as I reached a dead end.


Second best attack was being on top of your attacker. This was even more important for an eagle as flying was a huge advantage of ours.

I started climbing the walls using the pipes, loose bricks or holes in the wall the have better grip.

'You can't run from us Grace. Just make it easier and we wont hurt you'

I didn't even bother looking down at them I just focused on my target. The roof.

I reached it finally surprised they hadn't followed but that didn't stop me.

Ready to get out of here?

Lets Fly

I shifted into my beautiful eagle instantly. My soft white feathers covered my body which was even bigger than my human form. The only other color was the light pink mark on my shoulder in the shape of the blowing wind, it matched my eyes perfectly.

I let out a huge hawk before taking off into the sky. However I didn't get far before a sharp pain erupted from my side and I started falling. I didn't even feel the impact to the ground as darkness engulfed my eyes and I was left in silence.

Only one question flooded my mind.

Am I dead?

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