The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 23

Grant’s POV

Mexico was a horrible country. I have never liked travelling and this stupid mate bond isn’t making it any better. Being away from your mate makes things distracting and that is definitely not needed at this time.

It was morning and me and the guards have reached the base of the leopard pack. I looked around the area confused. It was just miles of trees on dusty ground and not a drop of life could be seen.


My beta came forward.

‘This is definitely the correct location?’

‘Yes Alpha’

There was no scent. Nothing at all. How could they just leave overnight?

‘Search the area now!’

My men split off immediately. Leaving me standing alone. All I wanted was my daughter back as my Alpha. Lillie was never meant to be an Alpha, Mark maybe, but it was always Adela who would be fit for Alpha.

That's when I remembered I had to speak with Ryul about this whole Change business.

It rung twice before he picked up.

‘Grant, I have just left the eagles house we have made a deal.’

‘I have found the leopards but they have disappeared now. Do you know anything to do with The Change or Dragon?’

There was silence.

‘Ryul, answer me’

‘Yes. All of them including Adela are apart of it. Its a plan made by the gods and goddesses. Its to change the supernaturals forever. Dragon I have no idea about, but it sounds familiar’

‘What is the plan?’

‘I don't know. But they are all trying to find each other so Adela and Othorion must be collecting the rest of them.’

‘Where are you now?’

‘Alaska still. We plan to stay here and wait until the eagles have searched’

‘I am heading over to you. There is nobody here in Mexico’

I hung up without letting him reply and a good time later Elroy and my men had returned with no trace of anything.

‘Alpha may I suggest something to investigate before we leave?’

‘Go ahead, but make it quick’

‘What about her parents? Should we find them?’

He had a good point. This girl was only a child and must be living with somebody. I nodded.

‘Take me to her home’


As I said I hated Mexico. The high temperatures, the poor streets, the dust and definitely the people. This stupid Mexican girl was ruining all my plans.

We parked outside what Elroy is convinced is her house. It looked more like a pile of wood. Everything looked as if could fall at any moment and even then it was hard to see with all the smoke covering my view.

There was no door just a hole so we just walked inside. There was a staircase to the right and a walkway to the left and in front of us. We walked across the wooden boards straight forward entering what might be a kitchen. It only could be kitchen due to the stove, everywhere else there was empty glass bottles of alcohol. Broken glass was everywhere and so whoever was here must have being throwing the bottles everywhere.

‘What do you want?’

I turned around walking out of the room and into the other entrance. It was an empty room with a sofa sitting in the middle. There lay a woman, weak, pail and sweaty holding a bottle of more alcohol. The room was covered in her body odor and we couldn’t walk over due to the broken glass that had been scattered on ever inch of the floor. This house was a nightmare.

‘I am trying to find your daughter’

She took a chug from the bottle and sat up slightly staring at me. She had dark but bloodshot eyes with huge bags dropping lazily underneath. Her hair was long and brown that matched her tanned skin.

‘I don’t know anything about her. I don’t know where she went. Her room is upstairs. You can look there and leave’

‘Do you know she’s a leopard shifter?’

She sat up again dropping the bottle to the floor and surprisingly it didn’t smash. Now she was looking off as if memories had come flushing back into her brain. As if she had just found sanity.

‘Her father was one of them. He wanted to train her all of his skills before he left. He left us..he-he...’

She trailed off still staring at the wall. She was now hugging her knees rocking back and forward. Thats when the interesting stuff came only in a mumble but clear enough to hear.

Unidos son fuertes,lo suficientemente fuertes juntos.Juntos traen paz,paz a los que están ciegos.Una vez completada cada ceremonia,todos vendrán como uno.Guiándolos a todos como iguales.′

Thank god one of my men knew spanish.

‘Damien translate that’

He stepped forward looking confused himself. Before translating the text.

′United they are strong, strong enough together. Together they bring peace, peace to those who are blind to it. Once each ceremony is completed, all shall come as one. Leading them all as equals.'

I stood there confused by the statement. Each ceremony? Strong together? This must relate to the plan.

'Where did you hear that?'

She was rocking back and forwards her arms still locked around her knees.

'My husband told me it before he left. I-It constantly rushes through my m-mind d-d-driving me insane.'

I usually have no feelings for anybody but I felt slight sympathy for this woman. She has been haunted for so long by those words causing so many problems. I turned around pushing through my guards, I couldn't watch that nut head for much longer. There I was met with the staircase. It looked very weak and was coated in dust. I climbed them one by one hearing the loud creaks and cracks emerge from /each step I made. The top floor was small. It had 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It was much cleaner up here. No glass bottles in sight, just blood stained floorboards and walls. The bedroom had a simple small bed and a punching bag in the corner with a small pile of clothes. Nothing useful.

'We have already searched the whole house Alpha. Nothing here seems useful.'

'Lets catch our flight'

I don t know what that message meant or was intending to say but I didn't like the sound of any of it.

Lets just hope the eagles are as useful as Ryul says they are.

Adela's POV

We were in pure silence except for the fast sounds of passing cars. We have been running for hours and it was getting exhausting. Otho was on my right, his beautiful orange fur blowing perfectly through the wind. Donovan was to my left and I could sense the anger flowing throughout him. He had never met this girl but still seemed so livid that another man had the same feelings for her. Poor Don. He was like a brother to me and I hated seeing him in pain.

Behind us was Donovan's Protectors along with Ollie and Lucas. Ollie was an alpha of a leopard pack and apparently was Donovan's mates protectors. Their pack has run away to live in their safe land whilst Ollie, Lucas and some warriors look for Romana. I think that's her name? I remember Ollie mentioning it, but oh well.

Otho came to a stop outside of an old building. We had moved into a quieter area that looked quite deserted. In front of us was a house. It looked abandoned and run down but still usable. The neighboring houses where silent so we easily climbed through the window.

It looked better than what I expected. There was no power, heating or water but it had some sofas, three bedrooms and plenty of room to start a fire.

'We rest here for tonight. Me, Ade, Donovan, Ollie and Lucas will share the bedrooms. The rest of you have the sofas and cushions down here.'

Everyone split off without a word. We were all too tired to care so some men started lighting a fire whilst others set up a place to sleep.

Me and Otho headed upstairs with some blankets opening one of the bedroom doors. It was an empty room except the double bed that lay in the center of the room. It had a huge window to the left with no glass just wooden shutters.

I walked over to the bed laying down some blankets and fluffing up the pillows. I could feel Otho's eyes on me the whole time and I held back a blush growing from my cheeks. I turned to leave when a hand grabbed my waist pulling me back. I looked up into his eyes, piercing minty irises which where whispering desirable thoughts into my mind. Before I could even speak my lips were on his and we molded together.

I would never get tired of this man. My little trespasser.


'Hey guys wake up breakfast's ready!'

I woke to warm arms around my bare skin. I'm cuddling up close to a very bare Otho which leaves me very confused. Then I remember last night.

Me and Otho had completed our mating ceremony.

I looked over at him. His light blonde hair lay messily over his face and his muscular body had a strong hold around mine. He was breathing slowly and calmly which made me admire him more.

Before I even knew what I was doing I stoked the hair out of his face placing a kiss on his nose. His eyes flickered open giving me a soft smile.

'Good Morning sleepy head.'

'Good morning Beautiful'

He went to speak again but our door burst open revealing Lucas.

'How many times do I have to tell you. Get up lovebirds breakfast is ready. We need to leave as soon as possible'

'Why what's wrong?'

I could sense his urgency which I just had to question. He knew something.

'We may have found another shifter but we aren't the only people who are looking for her'

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