The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 22

Lillie's POV

Papers. Reports. Signatures. Meetings.

This was my life now. Ever since father tossed the roll of Alpha on me I have barely had time to breathe let alone eat and drink. I was now 18 and ready to find my mate but I was no ordinary girl. I was the Alpha of the biggest and the best werewolf pack known, I had no time to look for mates.

'Lil can you please just eat your sandwich you haven't moved from that desk in hours.'

I didn't look up to see who had stepped in the office as I knew it was mother. I had to finish these reports before father came home. To be honest I was scared of father and I wish I could have run away with Adela that night but I couldn't. She deserved freedom and she was destined for this plan to Change the supernatural. Hopefully if she succeeds I can be free. I could see her again. And Mark.

'Right Lillie Violet Silver you are coming out to dinner with me NOW!'

She used her Luna voice and I looked up immediately. I gave in giving her submission.

'Fine but I have to get back.'

I stand up to leave but she pulls me into a massive bear hug.

'You know I love you Lils. And I know this isn't what you want. Think about your choices. Now come on lets go get some food'

I nod following her out the door. The surroundings hit me and seem so alien. I've lived here all my life but these halls are nowhere near familiar.


Jacob comes running up to me and mother bowing.

'You are in charge whilst I am gone. Check the border lines for me will you.'

'Yes Alpha'

He runs off again and I walk outside with mother. The fresh air hits me and I feel so alive already. I have been rotting away in that Alpha house and me and my wolf haven't had a run in days. She was getting anxious.

'Ready to go?'

Finally some me time.

We arrived at the restaurant. It was a small Italian restaurant and I was having a great time catching up with mother.

'I still remember when you shifted for the first time. You and Adela were strong fighters.'
I smile at her but it goes quiet at the mentioning of Adela. Me, Mark and Adela were very close until Mark went off to his Alpha training. Dad started him at the age of 8. As soon as he shifted he was put through strict training sessions. We lost our brother that day.
'Hey I'm going to go to the bathroom really quick.'
She nodded.
'I'll get the bill'
I walked past the bathroom standing outside. Mother was right. This isn't what I wanted. I wanted to be with Mark and Adela being free werewolves together. I never wanted nor did I ask to be Alpha.
I smell something
What is it Kai?
Its a familiar scent
She wasn't wrong. I could smell it easily. It was so familiar but I couldn't recognize it which interested me more. I looked around and thats when I spotted it.
A wolf.
But not any wolf. The wolf I had known from birth. It was much bigger than any other wolf showing his Alpha blood.
He was standing at the edge of the forest and I ran over to him wrapping my arms around his soft fur.
'Mark! I missed you so much'
He purred in delight and tears fell down my cheeks. Oh how I missed my big brother.
He shifted into human form to look at me.
'Hey Lils. Now I know this is a shock but I'm here to help you run away.'
'Mark I can't. I'm Alpha now Adela she-'
'Left. Yeah I know. I know because I know where she is. We are going to her. To help her. But I can't leave you here. Me and mother both agree on this.'
Mother? She knows about this! Thats why she took me out to dinner.
'Come on Lils I know you want to come. What do you say?'
He shifts into his wolf again waiting for my answer.
Go Lillie. We were never made for Alpha. This is what we want. Go
Kai is always right and I respected her opinion but was this really the right decision. I couldn't leave mother. I loved her just a-
'Go my pup'
I turn around to see mother standing behind me. She was smiling softly shedding some tears.
'I can't leave you mother. I can't. Come with us.'
'No no. I cannot do it. I know your father is very cruel and hated by many but he is my mate. Leaving him will break me. As a mother I want my pups to be happy. You were all just like me. Always wanting freedom and adventure. Now go. Achieve your dreams.'
I kissed her cheek hugging her once more. I turn to Mark who is standing proudly behind me.
'I will always love you mother'
'Me too Lils. Always'
Ripping of clothes, breaking of bones and the scrapping of paws. I was free and it felt amazing.

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