The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 21

Romana's POV

This couldn't be happening right now. My mate was standing behind me so close that my heart was racing at a speed I didn't even know was possible. The one person I didn't want to find was here. Fides seemed happy as she hadn't stopped howling since the word left his mouth. Mate. Something was stopping me from repeating them to him and I couldn't work out what it was.

His breath still brushed against my ear and this must have been the first time that I had no idea what to do. So I did the one thing I could think of. Run.

I dropped my shopping and some money for the gas sprinting out the door however I didn't get any further. A pack of leopards stood outside the door. Some were golden, some black but only one was a snowy white. I was surrounded.

'What do you want from me?'

I still had the small dagger in my pocket and I was ready to attack at any moment.

Hey Fides be ready to shift

Why are we leaving?

I am not going to have a mate. I don't want one.

She just huffed in response. I get shes angry but I am not giving up everything for this stupid plan. The snowy white leopard shifts bowing to me.

'We mean no harm Luna'

Luna? Why is he calling me Luna?

'That's not my name. Stop bowing down to me. I will not be taken away to complete your stupid plan!'

He stands up looking shocked. He looks older than what I would have thought but still muscular. He has graying blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

'I am afraid you are wrong. We are here to find my sons mate'

Before I could answer he answered for me.

'Thank you father I will take it from here'

He walks in front of me and honestly I could have fainted. He has dark brown eyes like his fathers and whitey blonde hair. He was just taller than me and absolutely perfect. However he looked hurt and I knew it was because of me.

'Why did you run away?'

I drop my head in guilt. He really seemed to care about me, maybe we should go with this plan? No! We cant snap out of this! He's coming to take you away against our will!

'I am not going to be apart of this stupid plan! I get it I'm half God but go find another girl to do the job because I want no part of this!'

I scream it out at him and stand there waiting for his response. I may have been a bit over the top but it was true. I am strong and have rights to do whatever I want. No man can change that.

'What do you mean? Half God? I'm here to find my Luna for my pack'

Wait what? I look at him seeing the truth in his confused eyes. He really didn't know.

'Wait so if you aren't here to take me....then where is my mate and his other half god friends?'

'I am your mate and I don't know where these half gods are.'

Fides what does this mean?

I don't know. Our mate is meant to be half God but I cant sense the extreme dominance off of him.

What if he isn't our mate?

He has to be. We are drawn to him and only mates can be drawn to each other.

What is this? I'm attracted to this boy but he isn't the boy that was meant to come for me. So if he wasn't the boy I was looking for who is?

That's when I lost it. I shifted. I've never shifted before and I regret doing it there and then. The crunching of bones was a sound unbearable for my ears and I screamed in pain. However my screams soon turned into humongous roars of anger. I look down finding huge black and gold fluffy paws.

The whole pack of leopards bowed in submission and I walk over to the shop window looking at my reflection. I was much bigger than the other leopards and my golden eyes matched perfectly with my patterned fur. What interested me the most however was the mark on my chest. A black Celtic sign of 4 triangles forming 1 triangle.


I turn around to see my so called mate standing in awe. I didn't know how to react so I just shifted back stepping over to him.

'Romana Garcia, nice to meet you'

'Jack Thompson'

I smiled softly at him continuing my speech.

'I am afraid I am not your mate. I know its hard to believe but I am half God and have been chosen to complete a plan made by my father. Part of this plan includes my half God mate. Now unless you my friend are half God, you are not my mate'

He looks in my eyes as if trying to find a hint of me lying but I wasn't lying. When he seems to have excepted that he turns to his father.

'Father, she is telling the truth. But how?'

The man stands up from his position his eyes empty with emotion. He was thinking. Then his eyes went black. They were mind linking.

What were they saying? When can I leave?

'Right then Romana Garcia lets get you some clothes. We will take you back to the pack and figure this whole situation out. Hopefully we will find out what this plan is of yours and if we are really mates.'

I blush realizing my current state and nod following Jack. I was curious to find out why I had feelings for Jack and maybe he could help me get away from doing this Change thing.

He opens his car giving me a simple t shirt and leggings. When I am dressed and ready I turn to him.

'What do you think this is?'

'I have no idea, but my mother might'

I really hope so.

Why did it have to be me?

I could be at home right now with a normal family and normal life. Going out late to parties with my friends not having to worry about being beaten or punished. Not having to worry about bills due. Just being normal.

But no.

Being supernatural took that from me and I would never get it back.

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