The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 20

Ryul's POV

It has been harder to track Othorion than what I had expected. Yes he was a smart boy but I had never expected him to disappear into thin air. We are currently in Alaska after searching around Canada and we are hoping to find some help. It was obvious who the best trackers were out of all the shifters. Eagles.
Very elegant creatures with pure soals and hearts. They would never hurt or harm any being unless absolutely necessary which gave them a lot of respect from the supernatural world. It may take some persuading but we needed them to find Othorion and whoever else is with him.
We drove down a road leaving the city. The landscapes here were beautifully breath taking. Mountains growing strong out of the ground with powdery white speckles of snow resting at its peek. The clouds surrounding it covered the sky but didn't stop the mountain peeks from growing further. Lakes surrounded the land making a reflection of the beautiful sky above. It was just perfect in every way.
We reached a clearing of trees and in the center was a huge white mansion with golden pillars and gates. Surrounding it was some modern small apartment looking huts which matched the color theme of white and gold. Snow coated every object and there was even golden fairy-lights decorating the trees and roof tops.
A man approached us. Ginger hair fairly muscular with grey eyes and a soft tone. Thankfully he was the exact person I wanted to see. Leader Elroy Miller.
'What do you want?'
I step out the car followed by my 3 warriors. I understand he doesn't want me here and I know he will only attack if necessary so I wasn't as worried.
'I am hoping you can help me with something'
'And why would I help you?'
'Because I have heard about your daughter. Grace is it? Still in England I guess doing her modelling career. Oh and isn't there an elf pack in the same district which I can easily ask to go slit her neck.'
'What do I have to do?'
I smirk. He was easy. His only family member was Grace and I knew her safety would be his weakness.
'I have lost my son. You will be sent orders by Alpha Grant to look for my son and his daughter in a certain location. When they are found your job is complete'
'Fine. But you are leaving. Now'
I smirk getting back inside the car. As I reverse out to leave I shout out my window

Othorion's POV
'Sana cor Malum. Sana cor Malum...'
Donovan and me had been in the gym for over 5 hours now and he still refused to leave. The punching bag he was using was practically nothing and I gave up trying to stop him ages ago. His fists were a bloodied mess that I have been trying to heal with enchantments but every time they seemed to get better Donovan would throw another punch.
He hadn't taken the news well of his mate being with someone else. What really sucks is that we don't even know were she is and if we don't find her soon Donovan will have no chance of winning her back. Mother had explained the situation and honestly it intrigued me to read more history books. These legends were awesome.

' Legends of the Leopard state that due to their God of Trust every 20th leopard in its bloodline will receive a half mate. There the leopard will have an extra mate to gain trust with and a choice to be with a better preference. Half mates only give off half the effects as true mates do and were made to help keep the species growing;however if the leopard doesn't pick between the two it will leave them both to fight until one falls dead.
Donovan, we estimate you have 1 month to find and mark her. If not it states she hasn't chosen and you will have to fight her other contender.'

'Why didn't you tell me father? Why cant I know where she is?'
'You will find her son. We cant change the legends but we can change her mind'
'Who can change the legends? Who can?'
'That we cannot tell you' They all speak in unison.

Donovan does have a point. Who really was making all these legends? Why cant we know?
'Hey Otho?'
I look up to see Adela. She seems worried and I grab her hand pulling her to my lap.
'Whats wrong?'
'You see those guys over there'
I look over to see a group of guys. Very muscular and most of the had blonde of brown hair. Something was different about them though.
'Well they don't smell right you kno-'
She gets cut off by growling behind me and I turn to see all of Donovan's protectors marching over to the group of guys. Oh no.
They all drop to the floor. The group of mysterious guys look over at me amazed and what they say next shocks me to a whole new level. I just couldn't believe the chances.
'We are looking for Romana Garcia. We need to protect her as ordered by our God and deliver her to other members of The Change. Can you help?'
My mouth drops open and I cant speak. Fate has brought them here and I was so happy that we had a chance of bringing Don and his mate together.
'Yes we can help you. Her mate over there may need another hour or so. Heartbroken you see'
I turn around to see Adela smiling softly at them her arm wrapped around mine. God I loved her.
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