The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 19

Romana's POV

I dont know for sure where I was but I had definitely crossed the border. My plan was to run away to Alaska. I have been travelling for about 2 days now just me and my motorcycle. How did I get money? Street fights, ring fights. Any fights.

You know this doesn't feel right

Shut up. They were keeping me hostage

They were told to protect you

Fides has been none stop telling me to go back and I have been none stop ignoring her. I know what I'm doing. I have cousins in Alaska and they were the only other family I know. I would be safe there.

Morning wind kisses my cheeks as I ride down the empty roads. This is what I loved. Freedom. The sun was rising in the distance, mixes of oranges and golds emerged into the plain sky like paint hitting a fresh canvas. This was the most beautiful sun rise I had seen in a while, and I loved it.

'Welcome to Colorado'

This was a place I had always wanted to visit. I have seen so many pictures and have dreamed of riding around the mountains all day long. Here I was finally doing it.

I stop off in the Denver to get some gas. The gas station was quite deserted due to the early morning but I still felt Fides move around in my head as if she suspected something.

Fides what is it?

.....But it cant be....

Fides why are you mumbling. Whats wrong?

....It must be something else....., he can't be here

Who Fides? Who?

She wouldn't answer so I just jumped off my bike quite frustrated. I needed gas so I would have to go inside no matter what. I pushed my doubts away including Fides and walked up to the door. I stepped inside.

Ding Ding

I see a woman at the desk. Blonde hair, black eyes, about 30 and very attractive. She looked shockingly wide awake. When I walked inside her head snapped my way and her jaw dropped. She smiled at me closing her mouth as I ignored her and walked around the shelves.

Why did she seem so shocked?

I look back and see she is texting someone but she seems to be doing it fast and more excited than anything. Okay something was definitely wrong and I knew I had to g-

Ding Ding

Someone had entered the store letting my thoughts drift off into nothing. I grabbed the small dagger in my pocket ready for anything. Fides was sniffing the air cautiously which I was grateful for, I trusted her more than anyone. I really sh-

Once again my thoughts were cut off when an amazing scent hit my nose. Apples and cinnamon. It surrounded my thoughts and feelings causing Fides to howl in joy. I closed my eyes savoring the scent and I went to follow where it was coming from, but there was no need.

I heard footsteps behind me and I somehow couldn't open my eyes. Breath brushed my skin causing my heart to beat furiously. Hands wrapped around my waist making me feel warm and safe. I thought I was going to faint from this figure but it just got worse.


He whispered up to my ear. This was my soulmate.

Othorion's POV

We have just entered Nebraska and are getting closer each day to Mexico. I feel sympathy for Don. He was restless and eager to find his mate, i just hoped she felt the same. It did however open up my eyes to how lucky I was to have Ade. I loved her so much and I can't even bear the thought of her that far from my reach.

Ade had been talking to Lune for most of the trip. She was worried about something and I just left it thinking it was just to do with the Change but now I was anxious.

'Everything alright Ade?'

We were in a small coffee shop taking a break from the running. Donovan went out with the others to get supplies leaving me and Ade to sip on our hot chocolates. We both preferred it to coffee.

Her purple eyes met mine and I could sense the worry.

'It's Lune'

Yeah we can mind link now from marking each other.

'What does she sense?'

'I dont know but its about Donovan's mate. Something isn't right'

'What do you think it is?'

I realize that I have been staring at the table and I look up at her eyes again. She shakes her head.

'I dont know'

This wasn't good. Donovan was desperate for his mate and if something was wrong it could crush him.

'Make him feral'

'I thought I told you not to read my thoughts Ade'

'I'm not the only trespasser here Otho'

I smirk at her response kissing her on the forehead.

'Lets go get Donovan.'

We walk down the street but somehow I feel dizzy. I try and shake it away but it gets worse. Then I see black.

Great this again.

'It's and emergency Otho'


'Don? Where are we?'

I can finally see Don and 5 other figures. One is my mother and another is Ade. The others must be gods as once again they are indescribable.

One of the gods step forward.

'I am the god of Trust and the father of Donovan's mate. I am afraid there is a problem.'

'What? Is she hurt? When can I see her? What have you-'


Poor Don. He really cared.

'Come on he deserves to know. They all do'

My mother spoke up and me and Ade share a scared look. The figure just nodded.

'She has found him before you. She has found a half mate'

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