The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1 - Present Day

Othorion's POV

I woke up to the sound of birds in the forest. I loved living in the forest, after all it is where i belong. I had found an old hut in the forest which i assume used to be a werewolf as its sent was covering each wooden plank. The but must have been hand made.

I walk into the kitchen I had made which contained a fireplace, a table with a chair I made of the spare wood in the forest and the back door leading to a river outside. Exiting the hut I went to wash,drink and hunt from the river. I loved the path i had made through the forest. It allowed fresh gusts of wind to blow through the forest carrying the fresh aroma of wild flowers from the meadows; along with the beautiful sunrise which sent piercing rays of light through the strong pine trees. It was perfect.

I came down to the river and started to drink. The water was refreshing against my dry throat. Once I felt hydrated I started thinking about what to do today. I had already visited the human town and it didn't go as planned. Of course my father knew I would need to go there for supplies.


I walked into the small supplies store collecting some food and clothes. I had already cast numerous enchantments on myself to make me look more human. The only way I could be recognized was by my Royal Elf mark on my neck.

It was a bow and arrow in blood red. It allowed other Elves to recognize us and was given at birth. Unfortunately for me I couldn't cover or remove it. It was in my blood.

Once I had all my items I turned the corner to go and pay when I felt a pain in my head. It was fear and concern. I was being watched. I continued walking keeping a poker face. In the corner of my eye I can see two men staring at my neck where my royal mark was. They were werewolves. Father must had put a reward on delivering me home. Great.

I paid for my items and before one of them could grab my arm I stunned him. Wordless spells had become something I loved working on and I had improved them to their limits making them really effective.

The other man stood in shock and so before he could react I grabbed my items and ran. It was a lucky escape and I knew more were coming and they would be prepared.


I decided to just hunt and explore today. I pulled my cloak hood over my head and ran through the woods bow in hand.

I had explored most of the woods around this area so I took a risk. I went into unknown territory. This new area was different it had cliffs and a high mountain range. I climbed to the top enjoying the hike. How had i not seen this place before?

At the top was the meadow which I must have sensed every morning it was breathtaking. Flowers of all colors filled the fresh spring green grass which grew up to my knees. As i walked through the grass I noticed the oak woods which surrounded this amazing grassland.

I decided to take in all the scenery. It reminded me of Forest Elf Kingdom. When me and my friends walked to school we would pass through these sorts of grasslands but they only contained the yellow daisies and buttercups. I missed my friends. I had been so lonely since I left. I would talk to the animals around me and pray to the moon every night that I would find someone to talk too.

Finding a partner as a Elf was important and difficult. An Elf must only mate with its chosen one. If it does the Elf becomes wiser and stronger increasing their bond for each other. If it does not both Elves will lose their chosen one and their elf abilities. They get shamed upon by family and friends and either get banished or die from the pain. Finding a partner for an elf was extremely crucial.

I kept thinking through ways to stay away from the search parties sent from my father when I sensed movement.

I turn around facing the oak woods. Someone was running towards him through the woods they were upset. Then the most amazing smell filled my lungs. It was a sweet honey with lavender. It was intoxicating and I was mesmerized by it. Then the figure appeared from the distance. A girl. She had long wavy black hair which dropped down her back flawlessly. Her tear stained face showed her fair skin reminding me of my mother and she was wearing what used to be a long flowing black dress but it was now ripped much shorter from the forest. What interested me most was her deep purple eyes. They were pools of beauty which I looked into deeply. She was beautiful.

She gasped when she saw me. She stumbled back a bit looking me up and down. She relaxed soon and just stood staring at me. After a long silence I asked

' Are you okay there? '

She blinked a couple of times and blushed realizing how long she was staring at me. I had butterflies knowing she was affected by me in that way.

' Ma- '

Before she could finish I heard movement from behind her. I grabbed my bow preparing to shoot at whoever approached. They were drenched in strong anger. A wolf emerged standing protectively in front of the girl. Great werewolves. Wait so she was a werewolf. Of course she is Forest Elf land is miles from here. I was disappointed. This girl was affecting me in so many ways. It made no sense. Why would the moon make my chosen one a wolf?

Before I could shoot the wolf shifted into a man. His eyes were dark brown and his messy black hair looked just like the girls. He looked dominant and powerful in every way. He must be an Alpha, probably her father.

Two men came behind me. I was surrounded by angry looking strong werewolves which have probably most certainly heard of my fathers award for my return. Well this is just great.

' What is your name pixie? And why are you on my land? '

He looked at me disgusted and his voice was demanding and strong. I gave him a poker face showing no weakness. I was a royal Elf, if there is one thing father has told me it's to never show weakness.

' I'm an Elf sir. Just a training Elf which got lost in a hunt. '

' LIAR! '

I should have known werewolves can sense lies. Worth at try though.

' Tell me the truth or I will make you! '

' I'm an Elf who has left his kingdom '

' But why? '

I was silent not answering his question.

' SPEAK! '

He was already extremely annoyed and this must have been the last straw for him. I smirked at his anger and how he was losing control. The beautiful girl was still standing behind him. To my surprise she was still checking my out. I gave her a playful smile and she blushed looking away.

Next thing I feel is a needle piercing my arm. My vision went black and I drop to the floor. What did those mutts do to me! All I can hear is a melodic voice call out.

' No! Mate! '

What did she mean ' mate ' ?

I was so confused. I just wanted to wake up and see her.

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