The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 18

Romana's POV

'Did you see that punch though? He had no chance of beating you.'
Lucas was flapping his hands around, screaming over the music. This was the 6th fight tonight and I had won all of them.
'Lucas do you mind calming down. The next fight is soon and Romana needs to concentrate.'
I smiled at Ollie for understanding. I take fighting very seriously, each win supports me and my mother and so without it I would have nothing.
The crowd was still pumped from the music blazing out of the speakers. Our fight club was more of a fraternity party with a boxing ring. You could either hook up or fight in the ring. Obviously I would fight, however you would have to be careful around all the drunk perverts you get.
'Hey me and Lucas will go grab you another drink, don't move okay'
I nodded and waited until they had been engulfed into the sweaty drunken bodies. This was my chance. I grabbed my kit bag and quickly walked to the back exit. I went to open the emergency exit door when a hand spun me around.
Julian. Or more of a drunk Julian. If you dont remember who Julian is then all I can say is I'm over him and he cheated on me with a puta!
'Ro, baby, I've missed you'
His words are slurred and his hands grab my waist pulling me closer to him. He smells of old beer and probably weed.
'Get away from me!'
I knee him in the balls pushing him away but before I can run I realize the situation.
'Where is our second fighter?'
Oh God no. They were looking for me. I rush out the exit almost breaking the door trying and I take off into the night.

Adela's POV
We have just learned more information. So from the beginning...
We are on a mission to find all of the half god shifters and bring them together to complete a plan called The Change. We have found 3, Me Otho and Don, and we are now on our way to find what we are hoping is Don's mate.
We set up camp but when Don came back with a group of boys. They are his protectors as requested by his father. Me and Otho are just wondering if we have some of these so called protectors and if so where are they?
'So how are we finding the 4th shifter?'
I look over at the boy. He looked about 17 with dark brown hair and silver eyes. He was extremely muscular but nowhere as attractive as my Otho.
'We have information of an animal attack in Mexico. We believe it has something to do with her.'
They all nodded but one man who stepped forward bowing. He looked much older but still a splitting image of the other boy. This must be his father,
'I hope you don't mind me asking but there aren't many bear packs in Mexico, are you sure of this?'
'Oh no she's not a bear, she's a leopard'
Growling erupted from the visitors as their faces grew red and claws grew from their finger tips. The man who still stood away from the others looked livid and his eyes where dark pools of black. I was about to-
Otho's hand quickly grabbed my waist pulling me away. After his lecture the bears gained control bowing on their knees.
'What sort of issues do you have with the leopards?'
Don moved closer to the men signalling for one to stand. A tall boy which had hazel eyes and blonde hair. His skin was fair and freckled but he had cuts and bruises all over. He was a boxer, even I could tell that.
'The war, Leader. They wiped out millions of our kind leaving us on the edge of extinction. They ran off in pure fear and we have rebuilt our army swearing to find their location and kill ever last one to pay for their sins.'
I didn't speak this time. This was Don's protectors and he would have the right to join them or convert them.
'I see your pain. But us humans have had conflicts just like yours. WW1 and WW2 were just as awful as this war I have heard of between supernaturals. Millions over millions died. Now however we have peace. We forgive and forget those times and move on learning from our mistakes. Stop fueling the fire, just put the fire out!'
He paused looking down at the men who were deep in thought. I felt proud for Don. He was an amazing leader.
'Now my mate is hopefully there, in Mexico, waiting for me and I dont care for her species. I already love her. You will not walk in there and kill everything you see because you killed their families. They killed yours. You both feel pain. I will not have more pain caused over a war that is now over! I want to be proud to be half bear, but how can I if I am apart of man slaughtering beasts! We will walk in there as respectful warriors who are here to bring what is right. Peace. Do you understand.'
They all nod immediately and Don stomps back to his blanket. We all stood there kind of awkwardly before Otho walks over to each man shaking their hand and passing them some spare blankets.
'Come on Ade lets get some sleep'
I can't believe this is all happening so fast. I feel bad for Don though. Without his mate he's feeling more upset about everything. I really hope we find her soon.
'I have a bad feeling about this'
'About what?
'Finding Donovan's mate seems bad idea'
'What do you mean bad idea?'
Lune doesn't answer but instead walks of mumbling to herself. What was wrong with her?

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