The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 17

Donovan's POV

We circled each other as cheers faded around us. I drowned them out. He stared at me still smirking evilly and it just made me more frustrated. I couldn't help but notice a group of boys behind his side of the ring all standing staring. It was unusual. Everyone else was practically going crazy jumping around everywhere as drinks spilled all over peoples clothes and faces. They were wild animals thirsty for someone to fall unconsciously to the ground bruised and battered.

He threw a punch which I easily dodge. He kept throwing punches and I realized his strategy. He went left, right, right, left, left. He also growled deeply before each punch. This was easier than what I expected.

He threw his left arm at me which I blocked punching him in the stomach. He bent over giving me enough time to kick him in the legs making him fall. That's when I lost it. I tried to hold back my anger pulling Cratus back after every punch but it was no use. Cratus was in pain. And I demanded to be felt. Yes that's from the fault in our stars, so what I loved that book? Kinda weird seeing me read that but anyways.

I punched continuously at his face, not even stopping when the ref tried to pull me off. When I did stop a man came up to me a worried and shocked expression on his face.

'Hey whats your problem? The game was over'

I just growled walking away. Yes I lost control but I needed that. That kid was annoying anyway, maybe that will teach him a lesson.

I realize the crowd had stopped dead in place all quickly shuffling around to make me a path to the exit. I didn't even need to smell them to know they were scared. Somehow I hated this feeling. Maybe it was because I wasn't used to it? Was I really that much of a monster?

I walk out of the boxing club seeing that there was nobody at the desk and that's when I realize what I came here for. Supplies.

'Feel any better?'

'Sorta. I am still missing mate though. This is unfair'

'I know Cratus. We will find her'

I walk around the streets again and find an old little kiosk. I walk up to the front window seeing an old man standing at the desk playing chess with another man who must me in his fifties. I open the door and a little bell rings. It was very dusty there and smelt of mold. I almost vomited at the bones in the corner with rotting meat that hung to it hopelessly.

The men didn't look up at me but however continued so I started walking down the aisles picking out some food. It was only a small shop and was packed with food which shocked me considering it looked as if it hadn't been seen in years.

What shocked me the most however was the small aisle at the back. It was packed with guns, bows, arrows and bullets. What sort of store was this? I kept Cratus awake so that I could sense anything coming my way however I never would have been ready for what they said.

'So your the new boxing Champion of out little town then pretty boy'

The voice was familiar and I turn around to see the group at the back of the ring now staring at me. Their stare was unreadable and I noticed the two men from the desk were standing beside them.

'Quite a show you put on back there. Coming out with no scratched either. Impressive'

Cratus just growled inside and I use stand straighter making them feel my dominance, showing them Cratus's annoyance. It obviously works as they all look shocked and some even start to bow down.

'It can't be true? said I was just having dreams'

I look at the men to the side. The old man was bowing whilst the other showed his neck in submission.

'It is true my son. He has come, and we must follow our God's orders.'

Father. They knew my father.

'You know my father?'

'He is our God. We worship him'

They are bears. Wait...what were my fathers orders?

'What do you know?'

'We are here to protect you and lead you to complete the Change. It came to me in a dream. My brother was the boy in the ring that night. His mighty told me to come with my betas and gammas and I found you.'

I just stared at him. Now they had all bowed down and it honestly was getting weird. I blocked off Cratus's scent storming out the store leaving some money on the counter. I didn't need help. I had Adela and Otho and soon my mate. My beautiful mate. That's all I cared about. Her.

Adela's POV

'All done'

I sit down next to Otho after lighting the pile of twigs he had found out in the forest. We snuggled up close in the blankets watching flames dance in the air.

'Hey beautiful, I like the fact we can speak here now'

'Me too'

I say looking up at him. Our eyed meet and I blush but before anything else could happen Donovan came running back. His shirt was gone and he was clutching supplies in his muscular arms. He looked annoyed but his dominance didn't effect me. We were all equal because of our God heritage. It made us closer.

'Don, where is your shirt?'

He huffed placing the supplies down at our feet. He grabbed a blanket laying down opposite us and drifting off to sleep. I was about to go over when Otho grabbed my wrist.

'Leave him. He needs time to think'

As much as I wanted to go over I knew Otho was right so I placed my head back down on his chest. I was about to drift into sleep when I heard movement. Before I could react Otho put a hand over my mouth and I relaxed. He had a bow in his other hand and aimed at the direction of the commotion.


Donovan stood in front of Otho's target almost as if he is guarding them.

'They are here to help'

That's when I see about 6-7 men standing behind Don. All of them looked on edge and terrified. What did they want?

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