The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 16

Othorion's POV

We have been running for a day now and my legs are exhausted. We took it in turn to lead and we could only have a break when the lead slowed down. I understand why but it was so exhausting. In our animal forms we could travel at amazing speeds for long periods of time. I also think us being half gods has something to do with our extra stamina and strength, but still the exhaustion was unbearable.

Donovan slows down in front of us and shifts. Finally a break. I shift with him making sure to shake off the backpack we were carrying with us. Once we were all dressed I collapsed down on the nearest tree. We traveled through the woods to keep cover and we all felt at home there. The sweet smell of Adela filled my senses as she sits on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck I cradle her like a baby. Donovan put's down the map he was reading walking over to us.

'There's a town not far from here I'm going to grab supplies.'

'Yeah take your time. Oh and bring back any sort of weapons just in case. Our parents are near and they wont go down without a fight.'

He nodded and ran off. Silence surrounded me, well not exactly. I could hear the sweet sound of Ade's heart beating and I look down at her capturing her beauty making me smirk. She just blushes.

We must have sat there for ages just staring at each other. Admiring one another. But all good things must come to an end.

'Well lets set up camp.'

She got up unpacking the backpack making me pout. I wasn't in the mood to do work. Me and Adela had, had no time to be alone together. I understand the importance of The Change but Adela was just as important. I wanted to spend time with her. I needed to.

'Mark her'


'What? Just let me talk to Lune at least'


Huxian took control and I watched from a far. We walked up the her wrapping our arms around her waist and smothering her face in kisses which lead down her neck. She moaned in delight making us smile.


She turned around to face us her eyes darker meaning Lune was here. Our foreheads pressed together feeling each others breath on our faces. We stared into her eyes and confidently asked the question on our mind.


She closed her eyes purring and we purred with her.

'Does Adela want mark?'

She opens her eyes which are now brighter. I take back control immediately knowing Adela was going to answer.

'Yes. Yes she does'

Then without hesitation I crashed my lips on hers working my way down her neck. Canines slowly emerged from my mouth and I bit down feeling pure delight at the feeling of marking Ade. She was mine. All mine.

I look back at the mark on her neck smiling at her. She opens her eyes smiling.

'Your turn'

Adela did the same and when she bit my neck I moaned in the delight. It only hurt for a second until pure joy filled my soul. I felt so completed and pure. I look up at her and kiss her passionately before whispering against her lips.

'I love you Ade'

'I love you too, my trespasser'

Thank you mother for giving me such a beautiful women to spend my life with. I am eternally grateful.

'Right, time to carry on after being unexpectedly however most beautifully interrupted.'

I just smirked at her reaching for the lighter to light a fire.

'She's perfect'

'Yes she is. And she's all ours.'

Donovan's POV

I walked through the town looking for the supply store that the map had pointed out. I wasn't that tired and Cratus was getting more annoyed every minute without our mate. Bears were so impatient.


'Oh calm down will you'

I couldn't really blame him. Our soulmate was out there and we couldn't see her yet. Why couldn't she just be here? Otho and Adela met instantly and ran away together falling in love. Something told me mines wasn't going to be that easy. But I was willing to fight for her.

I walked further down the street finding nothing. I was about to turn around when I saw a small building at the end of the block. The lights were all on and a sign was glowing or more glitching over the door. 'BOXING' it read. Roaring shouts came from the door and I knew instantly a fight was commencing.

I walked over curious. I love boxing and I haven't been able to take a match since my mum's accident. It must have been my lucky day when I saw the notice on the door.







Perfect. A nice friendly match is what I needed. I opened the door finding a small room with a desk in the center of the room. A teenage girl sat at the desk. She had red hair with dark brown eyes and she jumped a bit seeing me enter. I walked over being fully aware she was checking me out. Ugghh not one of these girls. Only my mate could look at me like that, but I didn't even know who she was.

'I'm here to fight in the Friendly Matches.'

'Uhh..Y-yh sure. Second left down there.'

I give her a friendly smile nodding and leaving.

I left quickly walking down the hall. This place looked quite run down but it still had a lot of rooms and I wondered what all of them were for. Hmmmm mayb-. No! We are not exploring. I came here for a fight and that's what I was going to do. Fight.

I open the door and the buzz of the crowd fills my eyes. People were everywhere crowding around a ring in the middle where two men stood bloodied and bruised. I look around to sign up seeing nothing. There is just a small bar in the corner so I walk over hoping to get some help.

'Hey where is the sign up sheet?'

The bartender looked at me confused.

'No such thing my friend. Just wait until the fights ov-'

Cheers break out everywhere and I see that one man was lying unconscious on the ground. Someone had won.


Silence. Were they scared? I guess this was how you signed up.

'I'll go!'

Everyone looks at me shocked and surprised except the man in the ring. He gives me an evil smile.

'Bring pretty boy up here.'

I look up at the bartender who motions for me to enter the ring. I walk through the crowd removing my t shirt revealing my 8 pack which proved my years of hard training. I sit in my corner preparing and looking at my opponent. He looked tough and I immediately knew that he used more strength than speed. I need to be faster than stronger. I could do that.

He was well built like me with ginger hair and green eyes. He had a couple of bruises already but nothing too harsh. He must be a trophy holder here due to the gold belt on his boxing shorts showing the words CHAMP in large box writing. He looked smug and full of himself. He looked like a jerk. Oh how I was looking forward to ripping his face off.

'This will be fun.'

Having Cratus means I am already stronger than most. I also had more speed and great instincts. Everything a boxer needed.

I should be fine. It was funny at how confident he was.'

'Good luck pretty boy. You'll need it'

As I said. A jerk.



I don't know if it was the look in my opponents eye or the roaring crowd however; something told me these matches weren't friendly.

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