The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 15

Romana’s POV

’So you’re saying that a God, aka my dad told you to come and find me and protect me until some other people my age along with my chosen soulmate come and find me to complete a plan called the Change.

‘Yes precisely’

‘Mierda’ I mumbled

We have been talking for what felt like ages and I wasn’t buying it. This man had just kidnapped me and then told me my father was a God, but not any god. The God of trust. Meaning I was half God. Not only that but my father along with others has a plan which I am apart of. For once I just wanted to go home.

I was used to the beatings and honestly I just wanted to go to a fight to blow off some steam. I am not running from these people though. They could shift into leopards and that made them powerful. I didn’t know their power meaning I didn’t know what sort of competition I was up against. Whenever I had a fight against someone I hadn’t fought before I would either watch them in another fight observing their strategies or I would let them take the first hit (which I would dodge)and then make my decision. I could do neither of these so the best option was to sneak out. The only question was when.

‘Why can’t you just accept who you are?’

‘Go away Fides. I never asked for your opinion’

Yeah so apparently I am also a leopard. I just think I’m going mad to be honest. I’m just talking to voices in my head. This was ridiculous.

‘You are not going mad’

‘Why can’t you just leave me alone?’

‘I am apart of you.’

‘Prove it.’

‘Fine! Do you know why you heal faster than most of your opponents? Its because of me! Do you know why you felt 10 times worse when you saw your so called boyfriend cheating on you? Because of me! I give you stronger trust bonds and stronger healing! I have so many qualities that benefit you but you wont let me show you!’

What she was saying really hit me. I did heal faster than most fighters, its what helped me train and be one of the best fighters in my age group. And yeah I guess seeing Julian with Marissa in the art room really hurt. It destroyed me. It destroyed our trust.

‘Do you believe me now?’

I gave in. I guess I really am half leopard, but I still wasn’t doing this stupid plan.

‘Yes I believe you. But I’m still leaving this place.’

‘But Ro-’

‘NO! You have said enough. I want to get my dirt bike and finish the fights that I have tonight. Nobody will stop me.’

I could feel her disappointment. It was weird for me. I could feel her back down and walk away leaving me alone in my head. Thats when I realized I had run away from the meeting I was having with Ollie the Pack leader. I was now lying down against a tree watching pack members walk around their wooden huts.

There were stars in the sky and I gazed at them with awe. It was a beautiful night and soon I drifted off into sleep.



Someone was shaking me awake. I groaned opening my eyes to Lucas the beta. What did he want so early. I knew it was early by the sunrise I could see bursting to life through the trees. Mexico had some amazing sunrises. Its one of the reasons I love it here.


‘The Alpha demands everyone to come to a meeting around the border.’

‘He's not my Alpha’

‘I’m sorry Romana but there is a man that is here is looking for people associated with the Change.People like you. You must be protected.’

I just growled at him annoyed. This stupid Change plan thingy was ruining everything. I stood up dusting myself off and brushing my fingers through my hair trying to fix my knotted hair. I probably looked awful. Oh well.

I walked with Lucas to the border and we found the rest of the pack. Ollie was standing at the back waiting for us.

‘There you are. Now whatever you do don’t speak to them. Let me do the speaking. We don’t know their plans yet and I don’t want them hurting any of us.’

Lucas nodded and I just stared blankly at him. Ollie just stared a while longer and then seemed happy with my response as he turned around. A path was created to the center and the three of us walked confidently down it.

It was nerve racking seeing all eyes on us. When we reached the center I see a huge pack of wolves on the other side all sitting staring at us with a protective dominant stare. That's when I noticed that everyone here was in their animal form except me, Ollie and a man. He must have been the Alpha. He was tall and screamed dominant. I didn’t keep eye contact I just crossed my arms and scanned his pack with a strong protective eye. They didn’t scare me. Nobody scared me.


The meeting was going on for ages. I can confidently say it was the most boring 2 hours of my life. Most of the time nobody would speak, they would just stare at each other intimidatingly. When questions were answered or asked some crowd members would growl slightly. I on the other hand just zoned out into space. I was speaking to Fides in my head. It turns out Fides has always been with me and she started to talk to me about the supernatural war that commenced and everything else I had missed. Every word Fides said was full of the truth. Dad must have been keeping her updated. I trusted her more than anyone and I had only just found out she was here. She was a sister to me. She was apart of me.

‘He has noticed us’

I look up out of my thoughts to see everyone looking at me. I don’t react I just stare confidently tightening the grip in my crossed arms.

‘Why are they different?’

What did he mean different? Was this because of my father?

‘She’s like my daughter and her mate. They were different to they’re usual species. But why?’

Silence again and I was about to zone out again when Ollie finally spoke.

’They are here for a reason. Each one of them was made for one process. One plan. The Change’

Thats when the unknown Alpha looked confused. His normal confident expression was gone and replaced with pure realization and shock.


A wolf shifted immediately walking to his side. He bowed his head low but didn't shake in fear. He was one brave soul to work for this Alpha.

'Yes Alpha'

'Contact Ryul. I need him to tell me everything he knows about this so called Change.'

The man nodded and disappeared quickly in the crowd. The Alphas head snapped back to Ollie. His usual confident aura was back and he walked some steps towards us.

'I will be staying here and visiting every day. As soon as Adela is here I will take her home and your location will be kept secret.'

'And what if I say no?'

The Alpha wolf just smirked.

'Then the bears will find you. We all know what happened last time. I'm sure your people will agree.'

Ollie just growled along with our pack. What had happened between them and the bears? Was it to do with the war?

'Fine, its a deal.'

The alpha gave us an evil smile running off into the woods. Well that got awkward. We all stood there waiting for orders, but they never came. So we all walked back to the pack land leaving Ollie to think.

'Hey, Romana!'


I turn around to see where the voice was coming from. It was Lucas.

'You can sleep in the pack house if you want.'

'Actually Lucas I wanted to go to my fight. I was hoping you would take me there since I know I would never be able to go by myself.'

'Only if I can come with you two'

Ollie approached us from nowhere and I almost jumped straight out of my skin. Thank god Lucas responded because I'm sure my voice would have been too shaky from shock.

'Okay then. Lets go.'

Thank god. At least I could blow off some steam fighting. Maybe I could find a way to escape as well. We shall just have to see.

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