The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 14

Adela's POV

We were sitting next to Donovan's mum and she had just decided to tell her son the secrets she had been keeping for 19 years. Only one word can describe how I feel right now. Awkward.

Don just sat there gobsmacked. His jaw had dropped to the floor and his hands were slightly shaking from shock. His eyes had hurt, shock but still sympathy for his mother and I knew that I should give them some space.

I got up slowly taking Otho's arm. Don needed a chat with his mum and we needed to respect that.

'We will give you too some space.'

The frail lady just nodded with a sad smile. Don didn't move and I swear he hadn't blinked in the past couple of seconds. Imagine your own mother lying about your father's identity but also your own for your whole life. Oh Don, I had so much sympathy for him. He's had a hard life. We all have.

Once I was outside and the door was closed I leaned my head into Otho's chest wrapping my arms around his torso. He pulled me close resting his chin on my head and I breathed in his amazing smell with a sigh.

'You know I love you. And even if this Change thing is going on I will always make time for you Ade. I'm so glad I found you.'

I blush and I know he can feel my heart beat faster, but I don't mind. I look up at him. His eyes filled with love and awe and he lets out a huge smile. I run my left hand through his hair and he purrs making me giggle.

'I love you too my trespasser.'

We both smile at each other and before he can complain about his nickname I press my lips on his. It was an amazing feeling like humming sparks erupting from his skin. He smiled through the kiss and soon our tongues were dancing together. He pulled away first looking down at me and then kissing my forehead. I was so lucky to have such an amazing mate.

As if on cue Donovan opened the door with a small smile. I think the conversation had gone okay but there was still some tension.

'Ready to go?'

'Yeah, can we run? I feel like letting off some steam after that conversation.'

I just nodded with Otho. Don needed to think and running is always the best way to understand emotions. I really do hope he is okay.


Grant's POV

Lillie wasn't that bad as an Alpha but our pack needed the perfect Alpha. We were weak without one. Adela needed to be here. But she was still missing. So because of this I have been looking non stop of any place she could be, and it has brought me to Mexico.

A leopard attack happened here between the half leopards. There was only a couple of leopard packs left and I know for a fact that they took that high school girl. But why?

Half leopards were very hard to find and are always in hiding. They would only show themselves under extreme circumstances and I had a strong feeling Adela and her pixie friend were apart of it.

We were all in wolf form running through a small woodland area. We were following the school girls scent and hopefully she would lead to the pack. I had about 60 men with me which was plenty to scare those weak creatures. We had the upper hand of the deal here.

We must have run for about 10 minutes before we got lost. Great.

'Everyone start searching! If you find anything you mind link me immediately! GO'

Everyone split of in either groups or individually leaving me alone. I sniffed the air to catch the scent again still finding nothing. I was about to run off myself when I received news.

'I have found a leopard sir. I'm east from our last position. I think he is on a border patrol.'

'Anyone else?'

'No just him'

'Attack but don't kill I will be there soon'

The wolf was correct and had the leopard to the ground his jaw pressed threateningly close around his preys neck.

'Good work Alex'

I turned to the leopard. It was bigger than Alex but nit bigger than me. The leopard looked strong though so I would be cautious.

'I have come to see your Alpha. My daughter is missing and she is either here or on her way. Let me pass and we will bring no harm.'

The leopard looked at me with a hard stare. That's what I hated most about leopards they were stubborn and always had a strong trust bond with the pack, like their God, it made things harder.

Without me even asking Alex tightened his grip threatening the leopard more and he finally shifted.

'My Alpha hasn't seen your daughter. He will talk with you outside his borders.'

Without another word 5 leopards approached us and I ordered my men over. After waiting a minute or so for us to all gather outside of the border we all sat forming a circle. Me and the leopard Alpha were in human form to talk through my plan whilst the others waited patiently with curiosity.

'What do you want with my pack?'

'I have come for answers and help to bring my daughter home.'

He stared at me once again making me angry. These stupid leopards didn't have any respect.

'Ask away'

'Why kidnap the girl?'

Leopards were smart at knowing others feelings. It was there strongest skill. They knew how someone was feeling instantly and some could even detect why. At the moment the Alpha was contemplating whether to trust me or not and all I could was hope for an answer.

'She is one of us. We were just protecting her.'

I look around his pack and see one girl who hadn't shifted yet. She had brown hair and golden yellow eyes. She looked at me with confidence and maybe even anger, her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She must be the girl they took. She reminded me of Adela. Different. Strong. A Leader.

'Why are they different?'

He looked at me confused. I had to admit I wasn't that clear.

'She's like my daughter and her mate. They were different to they're usual species. But why?'

Nobody spoke for what felt like hours and I was getting agitated. Leopards and their stupid trust issues. I was about to say something when he spoke.

'They are here for a reason. Each one of them was made for one process. One plan. The Change'

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