The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 13

Donovan's POV

I hadn't traveled much so I had no idea we would have to drive for literally 9 days! Adela said that it was either that or running in our animal forms. I had only shifted twice and to be honest I was nervous to shift again. I was used to people being scared of me from boxing but people weren't just scared of me for that. I was a monster now.

'But if we drive we have to cross borders and we don't want to get caught!'

'I know but in our animal forms we can be caught by our parents!'

They had been shouting at each other for about half an hour now and I was just using this time to think through everything that has happened over the last couple of days. I pushed my dark brown hair out of my eyes staring out of the car window. My whole life was spent in this city and I still look at it with awe every time I see it. It was my home;and I loved my home.


I hadn't seen her since her attack. How did I forget that she was in hospital all by herself and I was about to leave the country. I opened the car door and started walking briskly down the street. We were close to the hospital and I kept my hood over my head hoping nobody would recognize me.

In the corner of my eye I see Adela and Otho run after me. Oops I should have told them that I was going to visit her. I suddenly turn around before Adela can place a hand on my shoulder.

'I want to say goodbye to my mum. She's the only family I have left.'

They just stand there shocked and Otho gives me a sad smile with a nod whilst Adela closes her hanging jaw nodding and stepping back.

'God Cratus did you have to come to the surface?'

'Sorry I want mate'

'I know but I can't just leave mum without a goodbye'


I continued walking and reached the hospital whilst listening to the mumbling bear in the back of my head going on about our mate and how we were "wasting time"

I just shut him out. My mum was never a waste of time and so far was the only real person I love. She didn't deserve that attack and I told myself i would find whoever made her go through such pain.

I walked through the glass automatic doors heading for the desk when a hand fell on my shoulder. I turn around to see Adela.

'Let me. Whats your mum's name?'

'Alexia Hollow, say you are her sister Madeline'

I know mum had a sister but she went missing ages ago. We just told everyone she went for business reasons and that she went to follow her dream.

I watched from afar as I see Adela and Otho chat with the receptionist. They start to walk away and signal for me to come. Thank God it worked. We walked down the halls till we reached her room and I knock opening the door. I peer inside being greeted with her hazel eyes and pearly white smile.

'Hey honey. We need to talk.'

Her skin had more color and the bruises and scars were fading. But she still had a cast on right arm and leg which rested nicely on the pail blue covers. I walk over to a chair by her bed and lean in kissing her forehead.

'I hope its okay if we have guests as well'

Adela and Otho stand in the doorway awkwardly smiling at my mum.

'Oh yes of course'

We all take a seat around mum's bed and get ready for the news that would be exchanged. How am I meant to start? Well I didn't have to worry about that as my mum beat me to it.

'I am just going to be straight forward with you. I know who your father is and I know what you kids have been told to do. I know what you are dear and I am telling you now that you need to do what your father has planned.'

WHAT? I was so confused. My mum knew about everything. But how?

'Don't ask me questions Don. Your father is just the same. You remind me of him so much. He left because it was all part of this plan. He was always watching though and sometimes meeting me through links. Go and follow the paths that have been placed out and complete the plan because it is going to change everything. I love you.'

Romana's POV

This is crazy. I pack of leopards had just stormed through the school and next thing I know I was knocked round the head. I just wanted to wake up but I was trapped. I was trapped in endless pools of nothing. I couldn't move anything and I started to believe that i was dead and honestly I was glad I didn't have to suffer any more.

I heard voices. Then I felt my hands gain strength then my legs. I was waking up and soon the voices became clearer.

'...are you sure its her Alpha. What if we made a mist-..'

'I would never make a mistake. He told me it was her himself.'

Who told him what? What were they going to do to me? Where was I?

I had even more questions pour in my head but what took over the most was the voice from earlier.

'Hello again'

'Who are you and how are you in my head?'

'I am Fides and I am a leopard. You Romana will have to speak to them to find out whats going on.'

'Why? And What the hell do you mean leopard?'

'Fathers orders. Talk to them.'

Her presence left me alone once more. I only had one option so I opened my eyes finding a crowd of people surround me all staring with awe. They instantly started whispering and gossiping. Great.

I stand even though I feel sore and notice two figures appear from the crowd. Two men, must have been the ones I heard talking earlier. They were the ones who would give me answers. I crossed my arms over my chest and walked over to the two men.

They both had blonde hair but one had brown eyes whilst the other had green. I could tell the green eyed one was the leader by....well...I dunno. It may sound weird but just by smelling him he was dominant.

I look at him observing him. He seems to do the same and before he can speak I get straight to the point.

'What the bloody hell is going on? And how do you know my father?'

Yep I had some attitude. But I was annoyed. I just got kidnapped by people who knew my dad who ran away ages ago with my abusive mum, my boyfriend had just cheated on me and one of my favorite outfits was covered in dust and dirt.

'Well this is not how I planned to meet the Dragon's savior. Come with me Ms Garcia.'

Wait...did he say Dragon?

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