The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 12

Donovan's POV

I was walking down the street in a dark hoodie covering my face. I could never see myself in this situation. I thought I could just carry on with my boxing career with my mum at my side. She taught me how to box and I have followed her footsteps well. It was something I used to do until I had to get a job to pay for the house. Mum lost her job and dad left years back. Mum never talks about him so my dad is practically a stranger, to me he never existed.

I walked into the library and into the history section. Nothing I was looking for. Next the fantasy section. Nothing. I go to turn around when I bump into someone.

'Found it'

'Adela you should really stop creeping up on me'

Oh I forgot to mention. The girl who saved me is called Adela and her mate Orthorion. They both knew about supernaturals but they had no idea they were half god like me. Apparently we were apart of The Change and our job is to find everyone. I also found out that we are all different animals which makes this even cooler.

'You mean like this'

Othorion had crept up behind me and I jumped turning around and playfully hitting his arm.

'Not cool man!'

They just laughed earning a glare from the librarian in the distance.

The book Adela had found was quite new and seemed unread. The title was 'Mythical Wars' and was considered fantasy to the humans. There was pages upon pages of words and Adela flicked through them quickly. I still understood due to the pictures and by the looks of it this war was ultimately awful. I was shocked as I see all kinds of animals sinking their teeth and claws into each other pure anger in their eyes. It was as if-


Adela pointed down at a page it had a picture of 6 silhouettes standing together on top of bloodied bodies. It read underneath:

The Gods of the supernatural beasts come together sharing their lose. Till this day nobody knows what their lose was of. Their people? You would think, but no. Ancient friends of the gods know that the Gods love their people but where were their children?

It is thought that each child will come together and bring the supernatural world back together and awaken the Gods lost possession. If they don't succeed supernaturals may just become....naturals.


'I know. Cratus is dad really a god.'

'Yes. He's the God of our people'

Our people. It sounded weird. It has only been 3 days since I had found out I was a supernatural bear and half god. Yeah a lot to take in! But it just felt right, Adela and Othorion were siblings to me and I couldn't wait to meet my so called mate.


'Oh yeah....sorry'

'Yeah you zoned out there me and Adela were about to leave. We know where another supernatural is.'


He hands me a newspaper. And I gasp at the front cover.

Pack of leopards attack high school in Mexico!

Nobody even knew where they came from. They just ran inside taking a student with them. Her name was Romana Garcia, 19, and is being searched for by the police currently. What we are really wondering is why take just Romana? More updates coming soon.

They were right this didn't look normal. These were definitely supernaturals and finding them meant more would be near by.

'Lets get going then.'

And here I go again. I could never believe myself if I was told I was half bear and travelling to Mexico to find my soulmate and two other half animal gods. Literally this was crazy. But it was my life and my destiny.




'You just started purring like a kitten!'

'Lets just wait and see. As soon as you see her I will be laughing at you!'


I thought about it for a second. What would my mate look like? Would I really be affected by her? Would she like me back? Would we even find her? And wha-


Adela and Otho had screamed at me hitting the back of my head.

'OW! Okay I'm sorry!'

They laughed as I grabbed the back of my head in pain.

'Come on lover boy. Stop drooling over a mate you haven't even seen and lets go!'

Thats when I realize I'm drooling. I wipe it away glaring at Adela. My mate was already affecting me and I hadn't even seen her. I was always so calm around everyone but I knew that this girl was going to drive me insane. This was all knew to me but I couldn't wait to enter this new territory.

Mexico here we come!

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