The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 11

Unknown’s POV

*May Include some disturbing scenes such as violent language and descriptions.

Sore. Thats all I felt. The wooden splinters from my poorly made bed pierced my back and slowly tortured me every night. One person may ask ‘Why don’t you get a new bed?’ or ‘Just sleep on the floor’ but A)I don’t have a choice or the money and B)The floor was filthy and cold.

This is my life in Mexico. A long slow painful life full of hate, pain and lies. I get up off of my ‘bed’ and place my feet on the tiled floor. It was cold and dusty. Most of the tiles on the floor had cracked meaning their usual terracotta color was now more grey. My room was only small. I had my bed in the far right corner with a small set of wooden draws on the left and my cracked mirror. There was a couple of paintings I had pinned to the wall and a punching bag next to the door.

The colors were just grey or a dull terracotta orange making the room look almost abandoned and as the light shone through my broken windows you can see dust floating freely through the air.

I put on my red tank top and black ripped jeans with my black bomber jacket. They all had stains and were poorly washed. I look at myself in the mirror. Bruises cover my skin all over from previous fights but it was okay. I always won. My life was confusing and not even I knew how to explain it. This is just how things turned out and I would just have to except it.

‘Baja aquí ahora perezoso pedazo de mierda!’

(Get down here now!)

Great mum was awake. I look somewhat like my mum. I had her long auburn hair and tanned skin but I had golden yellow eyes. They are bold and bright, well were. Ever since dad left mum turned on me saying it was all my fault. I don’t know how. I don’t even remember my dad. Since he left all I remember is the beatings and my drunk mother. If it wasn’t for my fights we would be nothing.

I walk down our almost collapsed stairs and see my mother collapsed out on the ripped couch with an empty bottle of whisky dangling from her fingers. Her hair was greasy and mated and her skin was oily causing hair to stick to her forehead. Her eyes were bloodshot and black bags hung helplessly from her eyes. She was a mess.

‘otra botella ’

(Another bottle)

I stand there not moving. She groaned aggressively and turned to me. Her dark brown eyes connecting with mine and burning into them. Her forehead crinkled as if shocked at my response.


She throws the empty bottle at me hitting my chest. Shards of glass cut my feet and face and I feel blood drip slowly down my face. I don't cry though. I know she would be beating me later today and this was just normal. I walk into the kitchen which is now filled with whisky, tequila, vodka you name it its there. I pick up a tequila bottle and put it by my mum leaving immediately.

I slip on some converse(fake) and jump on my dirt bike. Riding to school was the best. It was my escape away from mum and my illegal fights. The wind blew against my hair and refreshed my skin. This is what I loved.

School was boring in my opinion. Completely pointless and a waste of 13 years. It was my last year being 18 and the only thing I loved was getting away from mum.

I park my bike looking up at the school. It was like any normal school. It didn't look poor or over the top rich. Just....normal. I walk in all eyes on me. I was the bad girl of the school. Not my fault I just seemed to get into all the fights. If I get money I'm in.

I reach my locker moving people in my way. I take out my English book and go to the art room to chill out before class. It was still early and my boyfriend Julian wasn't in yet so art was the only thing I found actually useful.

I walk in and surprise! Talking of Julian he's here pinning a girl up against the wall sucking her mouth off. Oh and not any girl just the schools cheerleader captain Marissa.

Trust was a big thing for me. I had a huge boarder around me and I don't usually let people cross it and this is why.


He turns to me immediately shocked and guilty. I growl at him almost animal like which scares me.

'I'm not surprised. You weren't giving him what he wanted' Marissa didn't have to but in. She was dead. He was dead. They were both dead.

'He wasn't mate anyway'

'Uhh what was that'

'Don't speak out loud. I'm here in your head. Mate is coming'

'What? Who is this? What is this?'

'.....Hello Puta you hear me. This is why he cheated shes literally crazy'

I turn back to Marissa and before thinking I punch her round the face. She falls to the floor knocked out cold and bleeding out of her nose.

I look up at Julian he now has a smug look on his face making me more mad. The bell rings on cue and I run to English. I sit in my chair at the back with my feet on the table. I'm breathing deeply to control my anger but I can't. He betrayed me. He betrayed my trust. I couldn't take it any more. My body trembled and I fell to my knees on the floor. I screamed but then the unexpected happened.

I scream didn't come out my mouth.

A loud, deadly roar did.

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